Paulo DYBALA substituted off injured for Juventus

Paulo Dybala Juventus

Paulo DYBALA was substituted off injured for Juventus.

The shinning jewel of Juventus appears to have suffered a thigh injury and was taken off for Juventus in their match against Sampdoria. Concern has to be the feeling for the Argentina National Team as they have World Cup Qualifiers coming up this week.

Everyone has been looking forward to seeing how both Lionel MESSI and Paulo DYBALA would link up together with the National Team as the only time they have done that, DYBALA was sent off. DYBALA has only played 5 matches for the Argentina National Team. A 0-0 draw against Paraguay (no Lionel MESSI), a 1-1 draw against Brazil (no Lionel MESSI), a 1-0 win against Colombia (no Lionel MESSI), a 1-0 win against Uruguay (with Lionel MESSI but DYBALA was sent off in the first half) and a 2-2 draw against Peru (no Lionel MESSI).

Paulo Dybala Juventus

Paulo Dybala walks off injured for Juventus.

Per early reports, DYBALA was substituted off as a precaution. According to Sky Italia, DYBALA assured the bench that his injury is not a serious one.


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  2. NoHateOnlyLove

    Enzo Perez was having a solid game until he made what was an unforced error tackle on Neymar. This is a problem I have with Argentina CB/ DM players, always going on the floor in sensitive area on the pitch. Enzo Perez was shoulder to shoulder with Neymar he had no reason to make that tackle given he was just one yellow away from a red card. Anyways, good game from Messi (great game), Masche, Enzo and Garay.

  3. Antonio Montana

    I don’t know if you guys have argentinean blood or not but if you do you would know the passion that an argentinean has for the albiceleste . Don’t ever question us with words like traitor or lack of integrity. If he can play and contribute, he will and without hestitation. Let’s just hope Messi gets through the Valencia game unhurt !!

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  5. Gonzalo

    Lucas Castro scored for Chievo.

  6. Gonzalo

    Alejandro Gomez involved in every Atalanta goal today. Scored two with one assist.

  7. Aslam

    “According to Sky Italia (via ilbianconero) Dybala has told his Juventus’ teammates and the technical staff that his injury is not serious although the former Palermo star will need to undergo the medical test to know his real physical conditions.”

    1. Csabalala

      Not serious, so he’ll play against Barcelona, but not in WCQ, always the same story, mental block or simply a traitor.

      1. Aslam

        Why you hate him so much ?

        1. Dfox1942

          I doubt he hates him, he is just reacting to the current situation as we have seen it happen so many times.

          If he is hurt, then he is hurt but if he magically recovers to play Barcelona or if his injury is downgraded to not serious the night ARG plays the F***ING Chileans then we know its all bullshit.

  8. fouad-daman

    Odds are low though that he will play this week

  9. Dfox1942

    I could easily find something sarcastic to say about the injury and our luck but what’s the point!

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