Pablo ZABALETA injured, will miss Argentina’s Qualifiers

Pablo Zabaleta Manchester City

Pablo ZABALETA is injured and expected to miss Argentina’s upcoming matches.

As per every World Cup Qualifying round for Argentina, the injuries always hit. Manchester City’s Pablo ZABALETA has a muscular injury and is expected to miss Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying matches this week, this according to journalist Martin AREVALO.

The injuries:

First Paulo DYBALA out injured and now Pablo ZABALETA.


  1. Richard

    Many players (including Messi) arrive on Tuesday. That means that have little practice time together. Hardly any time to train team tactics, running lines, position play etc. Chile has the same issue of course. That is probably a reason Bauza is not integrating new players because there simply is no time to get them to train together. Relying on the old guard can be dangerous too.

  2. Cleanball

    Only injured players will give a chance for Bauza to bring new young blood; otherwise it will be the same old pattern and scheme…despite the win or lose

  3. niklucky02

    I have booked the ticket for our match vs Brazil at MCG (9th June)
    Has anyone booked from our group?

    1. pablo dennison

      im still thinking about it as its not been announced if its full strength teams or not. if it is im their.

      1. niklucky02

        Yes, Pablo I was thinking the same as its only a month that I got a job in Oz but I wasn’t sure when I will get another opportunity to watch my beloved albiceleste wearing blue and white 🙂
        I’m traveling from Sydney to Melbourne.

  4. vimaldass

    Pastore should seriously be considered to be integrated back again into our national team. He may be the creative spark Argentina has been missing all this while. Moreover his form has been really good since his return

  5. Dfox1942

    OOkaayy, Barcelona game over and the kid is still in one piece with extra free time to after the international break.

  6. Gonzalo

    Messi, Mascherano with assist, Pastore 2 assist as far

  7. Gonzalo
    1. EnganChe

      Paredes is working hard to change your opinion about him 😉

      1. Gonzalo

        looks like. I’ve said he has not goals and we see something start happens

  8. Gonzalo

    Simeone vs Sampaoli 3:1

    but Joaquin Correa with goal. Who said our youngsters are nowhere in Europe?

  9. Gonzalo

    Another of our No.10 – after Lanzini and Alejandro Gomez – De Paul with goal. He had very good game for Udinese.

  10. Gonzalo

    Bauza is going to take Jose Luis Gomez instead. That’s for sure.

    1. EnganChe

      Best case scenario Buffarini will be allowed to play…but more likely Mercado at right back

      1. Gonzalo

        I just watch Godoy Cruz – San Lorenzo and see LB Angileri of Godoy. Interesting player. Really attacking LB.

        1. saant

          What about Reynoso of Talleres.

    2. Istiaque

      Really? You think Bozo going to call a 19 year old?

      1. Gonzalo

        Angileri? It’s not that, I didn’t meant in NT context. Just impressed by him as LB. Maybe future prospect.

        1. Gonzalo

          Angileri is ’94

          The comment about Gomez it’s just joke. I know it’s imposssible. Gomez is ’93

          1. Istiaque

            Ya, thats what I thought. I wish we had a sarcasm font here lol

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