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Sergio AGUERO breaks EPL record, CERVI, BIGLIA score

Sergio Aguero breaks EPL record Manchester City

Sergio AGUERO breaks EPL record by scoring four goals with Franco CERVI and Lucas BIGLIA also scoring on Saturday. It’s been an impressive 2017-2018 season for Sergio AGUERO and his numbers continue to impress. In an English Premier League record,…
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Diego MARADONA comments on Lionel MESSI, attacks DI MARIA, BIGLIA

Diego Maradona comments on Lionel Messi Argentina

Diego MARADONA comments on Lionel MESSI while attacking the likes of Angel DI MARIA and Lucas BIGLIA. Speaking with Diario Popular in Dubai, Diego MARADONA had strong words to say about coach Jorge SAMPAOLI, while heaping praise on Lionel MESSI,…
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