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Posted by John Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Go To Comments

Argentina Tops Group With Perfect Record

Sorry for the late post match article, so here is my take on this game.

Even before the kick off I knew this game is going to have extravaganza feel as while the players were lining up inside before walking into the field, you could hear the loud chant “Ole Ole Argentina” coming from the fans who made the trip.

That itself is an indication that Porto Alegre has been transformed into Porto Argentino!

Whether you’re a fan of Argentina or Nigeria or just a neutral who is just watching the game; you couldn’t have ask for better start with 2 goals in a space of a minute.

Angel DI MARIA unleashed a shot that hit the post which rebounded back and forth at Nigeria’s goalkeeper Vincent ENYEAMA before bouncing right into the path of Lionel MESSI, who perfectly drive it with his left foot to give Argentina the lead.

Guess what, MESSI scoring his 3rd goal in 3 matches in the 3rd minute, 333?

But the lead didn’t last long as Ahmed MUSA responded with a beautiful curling shot that stretch beyond Sergio ROMERO to level the score.

Kun AGUERO didn’t last long as he had pulled something and had to be replaced with Ezequiel LAVEZZI. I must say that I felt we became a bit livelier after this replacement.

Argentine kept the pressure on Nigeria but just like in the previous meeting, ENYEAMA was up to the task to stop any attempt at goal including a MESSI free kick just before the break.

But shortly after that another free kick, and once again MESSI stepped up to take with ENYEAMA standing his way but this time the ball just gracefully went it to ensure Argentina go into half time with a 2-1 lead.

That didn’t hamper the Nigerians spirit as they quickly responded right after the break. Emmanuel EMENIKE providing a defense splitting pass to whom else but Ahmed MUSA who again brilliantly scores his second goal of the game.

But Argentina did have answer as moment later, LAVEZZI took a corner from which Ezequiel GARAY flicked it to Marcos ROJO who scored off his thigh from close range. The result remain as it is until the final whistle.

But in the end, with Bosnia leading at Iran in the other match; means both teams progress through to the round of 16.

Now waiting for us, will be Switzerland but we will discuss about them later as we celebrate our 100% record win from this group.



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(Hong Kong)
Posted on 6/26/2014 at 12:50 PM
30 mins into the Germany v USA match. The Germans after a frenetic start look tired! The USA are passing the ball around and making them chase. There's no way the can keep up in this heat. They spent unnecessary energy in the opener against Portugal, especially against 10 men.

We should be happy we had a relatively lethargic start and still have 9 points. Just sayin. Lavezzi and Palacio for sure will be needed as will Ricky , Biglia and Perez. If we can just start to turn up a notch next game, we are primed for the final few where it counts - well at least physically. Even better if The real Higuain can come back match fit. Now that the group stages is over, Sabella needs to evaluate if he can afford to continue to let Higuain use the WC matches as tune ups! The only problem with Palacio is that he's not much of a goal threat in the way Sabella makes him play. If it were up to me, I'd start Higuain, tell him to run like a mad man and sub him after 60mins.

It is a real pity Aguero was carrying an injury. I'm sure he knew it too. But like many of us has said, this could bring us the balance we need.

(United Kingdom)
Posted on 6/26/2014 at 9:05 AM
we dont need to change formation just stop the mistakes...

lavezzi can help defend wide like a 442 we can still line up 433 and easily move into 442 4231 4222

lavezzi has some great ideas and movement and speed him and dimaria both on the pitch is dangerous and fast

kun is world class and could have been this world cups ramario but he seems to keep getting these pulls

can higuain get form soon i really hope so if not then play palacio,gago wont make a mistake like that again

are only weak spot is fernandez he is too basic yes strong yes tall yes can tackle BUT NO BRAIN

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 7:33 AM
*** Messi oh, Messi. Defense? God forbid, so that nothing bad will happen. Levezzi Di Maria Encouraging. I expect Lavezzi to be in starting 11 in the next match.
I really love the form and mood that Messi is in. He is so relaxed and happy.That is the main thing that keeps my faith alive Vamos Argentina!!!

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 7:31 AM
*** Messi oh, Messi. Defense? God forbid, so that nothing bad will happen. Levezzi Di Maria Encouraging. I expect Lavezzi to be in starting 11 in the next match.
I really yhe form and mood that Messi is in. He is so relaxed and happy.That is the main thing that keeps my faith alive Vamos Argentina!!!

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 5:59 AM
Like i said Argentina is improving match after match.

Vamos Argentina

(United Kingdom)
Posted on 6/26/2014 at 4:21 AM

- zaba - garay - basanta - rojo

----enzo--masherano--di maria


lavezzi is good defending and can cover zaba better

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 3:15 AM
i think sabella should move to 4-4-2 frmation gago/alvarez,dimaria,perez,mascherano/biglia will be more than enough to create spaces for messi and higs/palcio will draw some defenders as well you cant risk scoring plenty against u stronger opponent will surely capitalize that weakness

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 3:09 AM
argentina all of a sudden playing shit in defence that is a big concern if sabella has any brain he will try to fix this by playing double pivot means 2 defensive midfielders and mayb basanta/demichelis for fernandez 1 mistake can cost us in the ko stages and zabaleta also playing poorly every attack is coming from that side gago helping him or not he should perform better now aguero is out its kind of blessing in disguise as he was unfit and playing poorly lavezzi/palacio will give width to the attack and also defensively they are good with good workrates also i feel mascherano not performing as upto expectation he need to be careful not to advance much we need him more in defensive third rather as a creative player we have many options there here i think perez can be used he is great in defensive duties also great in creative duties also

(United States)
Posted on 6/26/2014 at 3:08 AM

I don't think we have to play with 4-4-2 if we drop the fab 4 .. We can still play with 4-3-3 by pushing Di Maria upfront with Messi and Pipita and play with 3 midfields Masche, Biglia or Enzo and Gago. That will give Gago more freedom and less defensive work, while Biglia or Enzo can help Masche cover the weak back line we have.

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 2:18 AM
Baker gago did play well but like u said hes not helping zaba sabella has to fix this or play biglia a solid defensive player. This may complicate us and force us to play more on the left side than we usually do. Its a complicated situation.

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 2:15 AM
Mundo and all the Gago haters! I lost hatred for them, now whats left is pity.

The thing I was moaning about while watching the team play was the complete lack of understanding at the back. The hesitancy for who'se gonna clear a low ball looked absolutely comical at that time. It didn't look like a defense partnership which is built in two and a half freaking years! They need to sit down and have a pep talk about who and how they are going to clear those low balls!

One thing that refreshes me that, last night I was never concerned of losing or drawing. When Nigeria was equalizing (twice in this case), I was almost sure that we would get ahead shortly. I think this confidence was down to the form shown by our dwarf and Di maria. Also there were some movements from pipita last night, which also helped I guess.

Bring on Switzerland! Vamos Vamos Argentina!!

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 1:06 AM
Guys you know what is the problem with Argentine fans we need complete dominant victory in all the matches , other wise we wont get satisfied.

Guys for winning any tournament we just have to be better team than the opponent , For against nigeria we have to be better than nigeria , against germany we have to be better than germany. One opponent at a time and improve the weakness and go on.

and about the match , we improved , but we have to improve more.

let me start with Negatives

1: even tough individually our defenders were fine , but there was always some confusion between them in our penalty box , which is absolutely not a good sign.

2: As many already mentioned , in the right wing zaba is not getting much support from gago . This is the exact reason for our first goal.

3: Before WC , i thought kun will be our leading scorer , but things are turning around for us. We have to use lavezzi in place of him.


1: Our offense got more fluidity than the last 2 matches , the major reason is dimaria finally got his rhythm. i wished if kun and pipita was in form then there will be a goal rain.

2: i dont know what is the hatred against gago , but that guy played really well , he linked up good with masch and messi.

And i dont like the idea of dropping the fab4 strategy , the main reason is if we switch back to 4-4-2 , messi again have to work in tight spaces. i think we should use lavezzi in the place of kun .

i think swiss will play open game , there are good in counters.
vamos vamos argentina

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 12:46 AM
Fedrico fernandez is the weakest link in the Argentina's defense lineup. he is too slow, doesn't read the game properly. I hope he improves in the coming matches.
Now We are in next round I hope sabella goes with two defensive midfield Masche and Biglia or Enzo (Enzo for me) formation should be
Zaba fernandez Garay Rojo
masche Biglia or Enzo
gago dimaria
Higuian or Aguero

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 12:12 AM
Neel yes. I believe fernandez made the bad pass basically assisting the nigerian.

Posted on 6/26/2014 at 12:02 AM
But Higuain was far from looking convincing, he akways looked a notch or two slower than everyone around him...he had his chance to be on scoresheet. Playing the full 90 mins, I guess he would hv burnt some fat to be faster and more decisive against Swiss. Team played briiliantly. However didnt an Argentine nudge the ball on the path of Musa for Nigeria's second?

Posted on 6/25/2014 at 11:48 PM
Kun will be fine.

(United States)
Posted on 6/25/2014 at 11:22 PM
Well that may help us get rid off 4-3-3 , wish kun recovery we may need him if higs is misfiring

(United States)
Posted on 6/25/2014 at 11:19 PM
It looks like Kun will miss the rest of the tournament.

(United States)
Posted on 6/25/2014 at 11:00 PM
One thing that the team improved is we become dangerous when it comes to setpieces thanks to the giants we have at the back , we also deal with crosses well
    On this day in 2006, Lionel MESSI scored his first ever goal for the Argentina National Team. MESSI scored his first goal for Argentina on March 1, 2006 in a friendly match against Croatia. A match which ended 3-2 in Croatia's favor. 
    The media in Argentina has been reporting that the AFA has not paid Tata MARTINO or his coaching staff since October. 
    On this day in 2012, Lionel Messi scored his first ever hattrick for the Argentina National Team vs. Switzerland. February 29, 2012 marked the day Lionel MESSI scored his first hattrick for the National Team in a 3-1 win against Switzerland.

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