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Posted by Roy Nemer Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Go To Comments

Javier PASTORE's goal and assist

Javier PASTORE had a goal and an assist for PSG.

Javier PASTORE scored a goal and had a great assist for PSG. Javier PASTORE was the star for PSG in their match against Bordeaux.


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(Puerto Rico)
Posted on 1/24/2014 at 3:39 PM
Aoyagi's plans were inadvertently disclosed at State Executive Isiah Leggett 's news conference the other day to

flesh out his reorganization of federal government departments and agencies.
“In a way, the army was for me like one more education, ” Urbonas says. Clemens was exquisitely fragile and didn't seem effective at half Valentine's range; one (male) TV critic referred to as her "pellucid and daisy-fresh" – which strikes its Edwardian note.
5m Italian wedding. At an emotional news conference, Anzor and Zubeidat Tsarnaev made accusations of your conspiracy theory and refused to accept the chance that their children committed a bombing. With a turnover of £16m and 170 personnel, Tinsley sells 70% of its goods to continental Europe as well as the US – one of its blades was accustomed to help seal the leaking BP oil rig in the Gulf coast of florida. The situation is even worse in Birmingham, with almost a quarter of children starting primary school and on the third of year six children overweight or perhaps obese. From this simple observation much good will come.
Probably too sparkly for the PlayStation 3 in order to accurately render, what with it's attention being spent mainly on sand and stuff, which

explains the cloaks in that online game probably.
One reason for the discrepancy in the Italy match might be that it was an altogether more dislocated extramarital relationship.
KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian mourners carried single red carnations and flickering candles throughout a solemn ceremony early Wednesday to remember the particular 1986 Chernobyl explosion, an event that continues to scar this ex-Soviet republic two decades later. Doesn't alignment to a group come by having an added pressure to pursue and conform for an agreed agenda, potentially sidelining your institution's interests and issues.
Photographer Daniel Martinez Bazaldua had recently been hired to pay social events for Vanguardia, the paper said in a story inside its online edition. And it works.
The findings, from a team led by civil manufacture and materials scientist Markus Buehler, are published this

week in the log Nature Communications. But then you wouldn't be seeing the complete band. • Stuart Clark is the author with the Day Without Yesterday (Polygon)Curiosity roverMarsNasaSpaceAstronomyRobotsStuart Clarkguardian. It's thought that if rainfall patterns impact how rivers cut into rock, over time, the cumulative erosion and its effects about rock deformation can ultimately control how complete mountain ranges take shape.

stores necessarily are located in the identical neighborhoods and business centers as those

in our foreign competitors.
It ends nearly 30 years in Wapping for that group after Murdoch first moved the games and printing operation there in early 1986 amid a bitter dispute with all the Fleet trademiner review unions. government debt for an eighth straight 30 days in January. No one should be excluded from science if they would like to do it, be excited about it or read about this.
Last week, the soft-featured young man came back right here to bury his father, one of at least 50 people killed whenever a truck packed with explosives detonated in the particular family's mainly Shiite neighborhood. “I think we can start making a myriad of different aggregates that depend on flow problems, ” Alexander-Katz says. Of particular note was the early “Odyssey” group of vehicles, which had a torpedo shape with a streamlined horizontal axis created for efficient cruising.
The decision my husband, Phil, and I made last year -- to market our high-rise condo in a friendly and lively part of North Bethesda and move to a retirement community -- was some of those instances.
"'He was said to have become verbally abusive before an adult policeman grabbed him by his jacket, which ripped. Wade is overturned at the federal degree.
"Nothing is safe, " writes Freeman, "once your Glass has been hacked. The team had developed a simulation testbed in order to gauge the rover's trajectory, and the engineers ran the simulation just in front of the
actual rover, in an attempt to predict a prosperous landing. Bush Presidential Library and Museum on the particular campus of Southern Methodist University, there was no mention of Iraq, no talk of Hurricane Katrina, no reference to the financial collapse which marked his last

months in office.
In response, the U. Jonathan Buckley's Nostalgia is a fine addition towards the list. Forren was Southampton's only signing during the January window – on the three-and-a-half-year deal.
Meanwhile, chief executive Stephen Hester trumpets the "psychological" benefit for
your nation and his employees if RBS isn't any longer routinely described as a ward associated with state.
Samsung Electronics has made it clear that it's making a wristwatch, even as Apple is rumored to be

taking care of a smart watch itself. "[The makers of Star Wars] have been hugely lucky to obtain in ahead of everyone else, " Dunleavy said.
This second-year graduate student, who says she has always “enjoyed problem-solving, critical thinking and mechanical things, ” arrived at MIT as a freshman inside 2007 restless to explore new domains.
Money follows confidence.
LeBron James won the game, extended the Heat's winning streak to 12 games and, oh yeah, along the way turned Jason Terry directly into Brandon Knight 2. The win was Cuba's first in several WBC games against Japan. The Hull Truck theatre's pint, a pie and a play nights tend to

be popular. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury tinnitus-miracle saves in his NHL-leading 16th win from the season.
Music and theater arts lecturer Mark Harvey as well as his Aardvark Jazz Orchestra will celebrate the scheduled completion from the Big Dig with the premiere of Harvey's "Dig, Dug, Done, " on Wednesday, Feb.
It could be used to remove pollutants from water, which could make shale-oil extraction much a lot more practical, since one of that process's major drawbacks may be the risks it poses to local water products. That's why they called him the Competition. In other words, somebody received an email and either clicked over a link or opened a file that they weren't designed to.
Instead of breaking into a bank, these robbers are going to break in to someone's mind.

always-tense relations between North Korea and South Korea hit a minimal this week.
But, six days after that debilitating defeat in order to Toulon, it was a quietly impressive effort and has been more than that, had they managed to build on any comfortably dominant first 25 minutes.
"Rosler's production, originally designed with director Gotz Friedrich, opens with a landscape of medieval Nuremberg superimposed to a photograph of the ruins of the town in 1945. "Bill Dodwell, head of tax policy at Deloitte, said: "We do not believe that there has have you been any conflict of interest but may wish to help ensure that there is no notion of conflict. Indeed, Murray's transformation from talented and gangly hopeful to world-beater continues to be so tortuous it has sometimes seemed like the 77-year gestation could fit

comfortably inside of his playing career.
" Poor Zelda.
Some end up with months of aftercare for lesions on their skin as a result of tape. In one amazing possible future, this newspaper's website would know, thanks to your aggregated personal data, whether you are already a fan of  Jeff Jarvis and Clay Shirky: if so, it would then serve to you an alternative solution version of this review that scolded Evgeny Morozov with regard to his curmudgeonly hatred of inevitable progress. This was the serendipitous event – other babies could have been treated the same way but stick to the drugs, so it is impossible to know whether or not they are HIV-free or their HIV is simply drug-suppressed.
Those factors include things like the quantity of call partners with whom a cellphone user can become sharing a cell tower, instances of colocation with other users associated with location-tracking social-networking services like Foursquare, and the contagion rates of diseases handed only by intimate physical contact. 30, 1995, NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) premiered into orbit on a mission to notice and study X-ray sources in space. The 15 will also aquaponics 4 you pdf listing of finalists for the William V. World temperature map since 1880Last year was among the top 10 hottest on record. Turning genes off and onAfter observing the particular changing methylation patterns, the MIT team identified many proteins that have a tendency to bind to the DNA sites where those changes happen. As soon as a child divulges some thing
about themselves, use it to develop a relationship. The NSA, the entry reveals, has even automated the sharing of areas of Prism, using software that "enables our partners to determine which selectors [search terms] the National Protection Agency has tasked to Prism".
Our panel of science and innovation policy experts digest the important points of George Osborne's spending reviewVince Cable's determination to keep his ground against George Osborne fuelled plenty of speculation about science and innovation spending in front of today's spending review. “Because it's so hard to observe the
particular Southern Ocean, we're still in the

process of studying things, ” says Sarmiento, who was not involved with this investigation.
Sprint and its new owner, SoftBank, hit the ground running on Thursday

by announcing service plans that may include guaranteed talk, text and data for life. It's freemium, with an in-app store selling virtual coins and crystals in amounts as much as £39. In the new e-book “A World regarding Hurt: Fixing Pain Medicine's Biggest Mistake, ” the New York Times reporter Barry Meier makes a solid case that opioid drugs used to deal with chronic pain, like OxyContin, not only are addictive and deadly but often don't work for most people who use them and lead to a selection of additional health problems. "I don't know why in this time something like this, a film that's using sex not for titillation but to speak about being human, is being banned, " Franco said in his YouTube attractiveness, which was posted on Monday. "The Tiger spoke to everything around him similar to this, as if he was in a perform, but he never said any of it aloud.
It makes respectability and adulthood in the shape of the young, would-be medical student's ambitious, suit-wearing doctor father look rather attractive. Another algorithm can help determine whether an attribute that the robot sees now is certainly the same one it saw in days gone by. During the VRC, the MIT team successfully operated a robot through many different maneuvers inside DARPA's virtual simulator, such as walking across muddy, uneven terrain; dragging a fire hose and connecting it to some spigot; and opening a wall-mounted valve. Scientists solve a mystery that perplexed Darwin In 2004, a trio of researchers at Columbia University began an online experiment in social-media marketing, creating nine versions vitiligo treatment music-download site that presented the same group of unknown songs in different ways.
In Sweden, where women make up 43% of vice-chancellors, Morley says "the appointments system has made an improvement [with] more accountability and vice-chancellors appointed from the state, rather than by individual universities. This week at a conference in the little Italian ski resort of La Thuile, the experiments at the Large Hadron

Collider LHC have reported new link between their quest for supersymmetry.
What was that like. They're not even edible. It was 2001, so the bubble had crashed and no-one was hiring. The particular goal, Henann says, is to provide manufacturers with a tool to create more efficient silos and other grain-handling gear. A listing of films releasing this summer time. Four years later, in 1997, they launched a unique program: the Thai Family Research Project, a series of annual and monthly surveys which have generated rich data about household finance inside the developing world. Story prepared by MIT SHASS Communications Content and Design Director: Emily HiestandSenior Writer: Kathryn O'Neil "Hello Lamp Post runs throughout Bristol through 19 July to 8 September.
Because the opportunities for alternative low-carbon energies for instance solar, wind and hydro are limited, Chen conducted an economy-wide analysis

that explored alternative methods to reduce carbon emissions: nuclear power, a carbon tax, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) engineering. German researchers have unveiled evidence suggesting which EU claims, according to which locally-produced rapeseed biodiesel  cut back at least 38% of greenhouse gases (GHG) weighed against fossil fuels,   are unfounded. “You can't even do one pull-up, you sausage. " - "It appears that one local grower developed a strain sold underneath the 'Purple Urkle' label. To its impatient owner, "It's a piece of junk. Getting fit for next

season is the actual priority for Hatem now because he's been a massive miss for us. He is also due to appear within the Jackie Robinson biopic 42, the thriller Paranoia and another science hype piece, the Orson Scott Card adaptation, Ender's Game. The Robert H.
One of the things he told me was that my need to be liked by everyone would hold me again.
At 35, Quinto is not quite a household title but his subtle, psychologically complex portrayal of Spock in this year's Star Trek film

was highly acclaimed and also the movie generated almost £250m worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of the complete Trek franchise and winning it an Oscar (regarding best makeup). The risk of sliding down the global 'premier league' of scientific nations isn't simply one of pride, but of real economic cost in losing the 'spillover' advantages of competing with the big guns.
It won a forex growth bot and can be a mainstay of literature studies in high colleges and universities across America.
At least 291 people were killed previous month, and more than 1, 786 so far this year.

3bn) share buyback, the company is expected to take a less radical development route by concentrating on a cheaper, rather than larger, iPhone.
You can't buy them at this level. And instead of the traditional macho pilots because played by Charlton Heston and Dean Martin, one of them is bisexual but happily married as well as the lover of the chief steward, while the other is an unhappy heterosexual who once fellated the principle pilot to see whether the experience had been enjoyable.
To date, that remains an open question, " he concludes. ' The point I had made in my presentation was that

in the end our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are alive and will suffer from the consequences of our economic actions. "But this will be a coherent collection, " stressed Farmer.
The initial response to “Rewire”

has recently been positive; a review in Bookforum called it a “patient and thoughtful” assessment with the Internet's realities and potential. "TeachingSchoolsTrade unionsEducation policyPublic sector payPublic sector pensionsguardian. Hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium, the leading fuel candidates, ionize into a plasma when heated; their fusion creates a helium isotope

plus a neutron, while releasing nuclear energy. As Simon Goldhill, director of the Cambridge Centre for Research inside the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) says, "we have people who know more plus more about less and less. 6 billion project ultimately involved 650 scientists from a lot more than 50 universities and agencies in 16 nations. • Secret program launched by Bush continuing

'until 2011'• Fisa court renewed collection

buy every 90 days• Current NSA programs still mine US internet metadataThe National government for more than two years permitted the National Security Agency to carry on collecting vast amounts of records detailing the e-mail and internet usage of Americans, according to secret documents obtained by

the actual Guardian.
But do these simple features suggest that we're going to enter

an era of eye-controlled games. And what might that say about the management structure setup by Godolphin's founder, who is a famously hands-on boss. They're all opposites. "The headmistress and four other teachers got notice to leave, clearly because of their sympathy with the particular suffrage campaign … A term of total disorder followed.
“Terms and Conditions May Apply” examines the repercussions of hitting the “Agree” button on

those dense (and also typically unread) online user contracts.
The review also pointed out that under 3, 000 of its 120, 000 student members vote in the union's university-wide elections. "Fundamentally, everyone wants their clubhouse.

(Puerto Rico)
Posted on 1/24/2014 at 1:14 PM
"If that happened you might get any pandemic variant that spreads easily, and that would be a major issue. In his current capacity as director with the NSF, Subra Suresh, the Vannevar Bush Professor of Engineering from MIT, serves as an ex officio member with the Board. And while Kimye, Brangelina or Speidi they aren't, their nuptials were still marred by several very celebrity bubble activities. But it does happen. But Disconnect knows how much worse things are actually. I bet the chemists know…(For in the same way odd speculations on scale, have a look at Wikipedia's List of funny units of measurement). ” Indeed, Picard says, the researchers actually lost five of their own homemade sensors because hospital cleaning staff observed what they thought were ratty sweatbands lying around recently vacated rooms and just threw them out. Only 38 percent of Americans believe the Iraq War was "worth it. “That was the coolest part. And although I know about Brand's link with Kesey, I didn't know he was in that. But shale gas is far from clear. “You have a bunch of neurons that can be recruited for very much different things, and what they do just changes with regards to the task demands, ” he says. When high-fat foods were blamed for creating us overweight, manufacturers tumbled over each other to generate low-fat products.
Despite being far from

an undisputed typical for Juventus, the diminutive wide man has won a couple of Scudetti and established himself in Cesare Prandelli's national side during his 2 yrs in Turin. Muammar el-Qaddafi's stockpile are making their solution to antigovernment forces in Syria, financed largely by Qatar, which has strong ties with Libyan digital rebel groups. But everybody will need to make their particular assessment before going ahead. A weekly capsule of events around the planet curated by our writers and editors. Steve Carell may be known as the particular nicest man in Hollywood, but his reprise of Gru, the bald-headed villain in Despicable Me two, is just a warmup for the baddies the actor is approximately to unleashSteve Carell has, tinnitus miracle review one despicable thought every six months.
Do Diane find happiness. ”The researchers are also experimenting with additional syntactic and semantic features that may help with word disambiguation and with phrase associations established by NIH's Medical Subject Titles paper-classification scheme. "It adds that the department has improved the information it uses to pick funding allocations, but currently does not know enough about how precisely councils are using the funding these have received. I wish it could all happen a lot faster, but I believe it is inevitable and that soon enough you will see colonies throughout our solar system and people in route to other stars.
I think we need to learn the way to engage with it, how to work with it and how you can metabolise it as a society because I think it's in many of us – the fear of being different, the fear of being unknown, the fear of judgment. Her sacking is completely unjustAt 11: 30pm on 17 February the normally relaxing St Hilda's College library in Oxford was transformed right into a cacophony of colour and dancing. It's a shaky little building, on its knees. Charles Chafer, chief executive of Space Services Holdings, said he first met Clarke in 1982 in the UN conference in Vienna on outer room. The course also includes a forum which will support interaction between the enrolled learners, allowing them to support one another and receive some support in the instructional team. I don't think he ever meant it just how you're taking it now. "How old are you.
But every third weekend. But four  workers were understood to be involved inside the sabotage attempt.
Video: See 10 years of continuous monitoring coming from RXTE Cyclist deaths rose 10% during 2012, with serious injuries up by 4%, the latter increasing for an eighth consecutive 12 months. ”Jing Shi, a professor of physics at the School of California at Riverside, points out that giant magnetoresistance, the physical phenomenon discovered in 1988 this is the basis for most modern data-storage devices, won its discoverers aquaponics-4-you Nobel Reward in physics.
Bakhtin emphasised the subjectivity of the personal: Dostoyevsky's fictional world is, to Bakhtin, the world of the individual. ” He adds that some global-modeling studies predict higher dust concentrations later on due to desertification, land-use change and changing rainfall patterns because of human-induced climate effects. He was a Sounder from 1994-96, long before the city joined MLS. And so I  stayed in that warm hotel bed, paid for another hour's worth of Wi-Fi as well as ordered

a batch of modafinil online. To order a copy for £13.
Every few days, Salazar would stroll over to JPL's Mars Science Laboratory to check through the big glass windows into the space where the Curiosity rover was under design.
For example, Edgerton designed a camera he called a good “interruption camera, ” which functioned when a passing ocean creature interrupted a light beam, triggering the camera shutter and its quick flash.
The latest omen was the shining touch-screen with the iPad. And poor people around the world dropped a champion, " he said in a statement for
the Hollywood Reporter. 5 million lane-miles making up the You.
Live Q&AManagement, admin and servicesFundingFinanceInnovationCommunications and marketingInfrastructureStudent experiencePartnershipsEngaging businessEmployabilityPrivate providersHigher educationClaire Shawguardian.
Certainly, I've come to wonder if the term "bipolar" has turned into a trigger for automatic compassion

fatigue. “Many architects and

engineers today marvel in the construction of Guastavino vaults, but few really understand how they were come up with, ” says Ochsendorf, an associate professor of civil and enviromentally friendly engineering and architecture.
And yet, and yet … are the diurnal dying threats of boyband fans truly indicative regarding some psychological cataclysm. ”For the past several years, the MIT and CWRU team has been attempting to develop a spectroscopic technique that can analyze the tissue the radiologist is about to biopsy — exposing, in a matter of seconds, whether that tissue actually contains microcalcifications. That sounds very intense. More older Americans are planning to leave the workplace in planned communities that organize group meals and activities and welcome residents of ages.
The 31-year-old Paraguay international helped trademiner download the quarter-finals with the Champions League. Concentrations of 50 to 100 are typical of modern tools, and higher concentrations bring higher operating efficiencies. One student commented on the value of studying writers with whom there isn't any immediate sense of identification or shared opinion. "Deborah K.
The most thorough and useful review We have seen is by Tim Stevens of Engadget. But when a dictator falls and the particular dust settles, technology can't replace the need for genuine leaders and functioning institutions, both of which take many years to be able to emerge and evolve. )#) "Fear of masturbation became close to some national obsession.
Quiz: The UN has decreed it International Happiness Day - so here is a literary quiz about happy endings to put a smile in your face The concern being that digital fun is actually cannibalising real-world learning and physical play. Most of the Bedlam dead will wind up reburied, with a Christian memorial service, in Canvey Island in the Thames estuary.
Youth Assembly on her 16th birthday upon Friday. SchoolsParents and parentingFamilyJessica Shepherdguardian.
American distillers find that they can generate new whiskey drinkers, especially among women, by adding flavors of honey, fruit or maple syrup.
These ring-shaped molecules, in turn, are arranged in a hexagonal pattern around the spherical photosynthetic membrane of purple bacteria, Cao

From the data, they determined the size of

carbon dioxide snowfall particles in clouds, using measurements of the maximum buildup associated with surface snow at both poles. In a recent interview, Cumming alluded to the project, saying, "I'm doing another show on Broadway following the Good Wife season ends. Some of the President Obama's traditional allies argued that proposals within the newly released report could make it very costly for many Americans to buy a residence. ET on Wednesday, LinkedIn

posted an update on Twitter declaring, "We're aware the site is currently straight down, and our team is working on it at this time.

American and coalition forces continued air attacks and missile sorties against forces loyal to be able to Col. She's "named after a prison".
“If you really want to natural vitiligo treatment review reason why|exactly why

(Hong Kong)
Posted on 1/18/2014 at 12:01 PM
He's been playing much better with PSG since 1 month. But hard for him to play regularly as Blanc plays 4-3-3 with 3 hard working midfields usually. With Pastore, you need to have 2 very defensive midfields to cover him, unlike Banega who can play in a deeper position or unlike Ricky who is able to defend decently and able to play as winger as well. He is a pure 10 and we can only get the best of him if Sabella change his system into a 4-2-3-1, but it's very unlikely it'll happen.

(Trinidad And Tobago)
Posted on 1/17/2014 at 8:15 PM
Hey guys, can someone tell me where the friendly against Trinidad and Tobago on June 4th will be?

(United States)
Posted on 1/16/2014 at 3:26 AM
Inter milan is a pain in the ass to watch, they have left me disappointed for countless times. Now i almost want to root against them just cuz i hate walter mazzari so damn much.

el principe
(United States)
Posted on 1/15/2014 at 6:57 AM
Honestly Sosa has a lot bigger chance to make the Sabella's squad than Pastore. That does not mean that Sabella is bad though.

Pastore is naturally talented. One of the most talented in the world among midfielders his age. The problem, just like Lamela, is his mentality. He needs to be more selfish and emphasize on "direct football" more than "beautiful football". The mentality of Messi or CR7 is perfect as an athlete. I compare Messi's mentality to Michael Jordan. CR7 mentality to Kobe Bryant.

(United States)
Posted on 1/15/2014 at 5:50 AM
He had a great game !

Posted on 1/15/2014 at 3:40 AM
Good play by Pastore, unfortunately at this moment Sabella will prefer Ricky and even Lamela over Pastore.

Posted on 1/15/2014 at 3:17 AM
The third one was also Pastore's assist I guess, though it looks like Cavani touched the ball before it got to Mattuidi. But Mattuidi appreciated Pastore after that goal.

Posted on 1/15/2014 at 2:04 AM
he is been poor so far this season , and one good game is not enough to get a call from sabella.

and for ricky , he is being a silent assassin for inter in this season , infact in last match ricky made a good assist for the winning goal.

i still beleive ricky is a good choice

Posted on 1/15/2014 at 1:54 AM
Great assist!!!

Posted on 1/15/2014 at 1:19 AM
lovely goal and passes.

Posted on 1/14/2014 at 10:37 PM
Pastore!!! Pastore!!! Pastore!!! I wish it's him instead of Banega and Biglia, but maybe this is all too late for him.

Di Pastore
(United States)
Posted on 1/14/2014 at 9:23 PM
finaly! He scored. This has been a long time coming. I hope this game gives him confidence going forward because tht was the only thing lacking. One good thing from this slump for pastore is that how important it is to help out defensively. I think he has gotten better defensively through this horrific time he went through. I hope he continues this form and i am still hopeful for a call up by may or maybe in upcoming friendlies. Pastore is no joke man, i think skill wise he is our best attacking midfielder. I basically have been enjoying the last 20 mins he plays in most of the games. He us just so clever with his through balls, his flicks, crosses and just touches are like an art. It will be a shame if we cant see this talent at wc. But oh well, if not wc i wiil have to wait for the next season to see him play.

Shaune Kidulthood Whellington
(United States)
Posted on 1/14/2014 at 8:53 PM
Pastore needed this goal..This could be the turn around we all have been waiting for..Lets just hope though.

(United States)
Posted on 1/14/2014 at 8:48 PM
Watched the game and he did play well.
He looks 100 times better with short hair.

Shaune Kidulthood Whellington
(United States)
Posted on 1/14/2014 at 8:27 PM
If Pastore can keep this up, then Sabella should give him another look..Pastore is way better than Ricky Alvarez when on form..

Posted on 1/14/2014 at 8:26 PM
Dang great player i wish he would improve defensively

(United States)
Posted on 1/14/2014 at 8:20 PM
That was a VERY nice assist.

Didn't think he was making a mistake when he transferred here but since then it's shown to be a very costly decision for him, possibly costing him a spot in Brazil 2014 this year. I was really rooting for him to come out guns blazing. I know he had some issues with Ancelotti back then.
    On this day in 2006, Lionel MESSI scored his first ever goal for the Argentina National Team. MESSI scored his first goal for Argentina on March 1, 2006 in a friendly match against Croatia. A match which ended 3-2 in Croatia's favor. 
    The media in Argentina has been reporting that the AFA has not paid Tata MARTINO or his coaching staff since October. 
    On this day in 2012, Lionel Messi scored his first ever hattrick for the Argentina National Team vs. Switzerland. February 29, 2012 marked the day Lionel MESSI scored his first hattrick for the National Team in a 3-1 win against Switzerland.

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