Argentina’s black away kit for World Cup leaked

Argentina's black away kit

Argentina’s black away kit for the 2018 FIFA World Cup has leaked.

With the World Cup coming up, we’ve already seen the Argentina National Team wear the home kit which they’ll be using at the World Cup. Lionel MESSI, Angel DI MARIA and even goalkeeper Geronimo RULLI were modeling the new home kit (as they’re all signed with Adidas which makes the shirts).

The new shirts were used for the 1-0 win against Russia as well as the 4-2 loss to Nigeria. However, the away kit has not yet been released. Different variations of the shirt have been leaked but according to the reliable Todo Sobre Camisetas, the rumored Argentina black shirt for the World Cup has been leaked.

Adidas used the same type of template for this Argentina shirt as they did with Colombia’s home kit.

Argentina away kit World Cup

Argentina’s black away kit rumored for the World Cup.

Colombia home kit

Colombia’s home kit for the World Cup.

What do you think of the shirt?


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  2. Mik

    Well its a Change, Once in a while its good to have change, Lets hope this change brings some luck for us in WC, If i m not wrong i haven’t seen Argentina in Black T Shirts till now, By the way the Design is not good.

  3. pablo dennison

    I don’t get the arm pit stripes at all grrrrrrrrrrrrrr as its ruins it

    1. vis

      Yes. Agree 100 %

  4. Debasish Duttaroy

    The old 80s fashion is coming back. So you will see this. I am not surprised. The shirts this time will be like how it was in 90s world cup. Check those out, the zig zag patterns are back. Check with all the club kits this year. The fashion is back.

  5. msi75

    Well that has to be one of the worst ever imo…

  6. EnganChe


  7. Dfox1942

    Whats this crap around the armpit area??

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