Angel DI MARIA hattrick eases PSG into quarter-finals

Angel Di Maria hattrick PSG

A rare Angel DI MARIA hattrick saw PSG blitz through Sochaux in a 4-1 win.

An Angel DI MARIA goal in under a minute saw the visitors grab an early lead in the French Cup. DI MARIA headed home from close range to open the scoring for the French league leaders. The home team drew level in the 13th minute but DI MARIA replied 13 minutes into the second half when his shot went over the goalkeeper and into the net. DI MARIA added a third from close range. The victory takes PSG into the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France.

Javier PASTORE came on as a substitute in the second half.

The hattrick is Angel DI MARIA’s first in the top 5 European Leagues in all competitions. An interesting statistic shows that DI MARIA has been lighting it up since the second part of December.

Angel DI MARIA hattrick


  1. kavindrs

    We should not compare Taglafico and Alba .Alba is good this season but earlier this season he was trouble at Barca he could not replicate Dani Alves and that cost Barca with Champion league and LA Liga loss.

  2. Gonzalo.

    Lautaro Martinez really near Inter. 27 mln?

    1. Dadir10

      He made a pre-contract agreement with Inter. If Martinez joins Inter the one thing we will expect is Icard’s departure and joining Madrid or Man Utd.

      1. Gonzalo.

        Right, Icardi will left Inter in this case

      2. Csabalala

        Or PSG due to the Neymar-Cavani affairs, maybe Chelsea

  3. Dadir10

    FIFA has increased preliminary list for the 2018 World Cup from 30 players to 35.

    Fighting for the places for the final 23 will be more fierce than ever before.

    1. miskan

      Theg should increas from 23 to 25 player

  4. Gonzalo.

    Tagliafico case is good example how we shouldn’t judge a young players after his first fails. Tagliafico’s first period in Europe (Segunda Division) was disappoiting.

  5. canadien royal

    Since he understood that Barca deal was over, he became another player. I think he did not do great last year because in his mind he didn’t know if he stayed in Paris or not. Now it’s very clear to him, he got to fight for his place.

    Now I wish the same thing for Pastore. But to be honest, I don’t think he can fit into the system of 4-3-3. As long as Lo Celso is used as the holding, Emery will put 2 box to box players able to defend and to create. Verratti and Rabiot are this kind of profile, but not Pastore. Besides he does not have the same tactical sense and strength as the other 2. Things change if a more defensive and powerful DM takes Lo Celso’s role, then yes, Pastore may have his chance. But won’t be easy as he will be in competition with Verratti and Lo Celso.

  6. Cleanball

    Hopefully all the players keep shining in June/July…free from injury and fit for the final

  7. mamoun elpipita

    competition is doing him alot of good, as it did when he was fighting for a place at RM, so maybe sampa shouldn’t just treat him like an automatic starter especially when there are players like perotti, correa and pavon who can give him alot of competition.

  8. Dadir10

    Tagliafico is really doing great at Ajax and he made two assists against Roda. He is on the right path to become like Jordi Alba.

    1. Dadir10
    2. shaha

      Thanks for keeing us updated

    3. Richard

      Reviews in Dutch newspapers are good. In an interview Nico stated that Zanetti and Lahm are his exanples.

    4. miskan

      Jordi is faster and more shifty…he is level with acuna or dimaria at fb style

      1. Gonzalo.

        Alba is not faster. But he has better technical skills, ball control and attacking instinct. Tagliafico better in defence

        1. Dadir10

          You are right, Gonzalo. Tagliafico is better at defending than Alba. He can also play as a CB which Alba can’t do.
          Nico is a hard worker and can reach Alba’s level in attacking and ball control if he continues his fine form.

          1. Gonzalo.

            Yup, very good also on 3 man defence

  9. Rhaelyn

    Argentines are killing this week

  10. Dfox1942

    My my, keep it up.

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