Jorge SAMPAOLI met with Nicolas TAGLIAFICO of Ajax

Nicolas Tagliafico Ajax

Hey guys, the latest reports coming in our saying that Jorge SAMPAOLI has left to Amsterdam to meet personally with Nicolás TAGLIAFICO, a recent Ajax signing.

This wasn’t in the coach’s original plans but SAMPAOLI took it upon himself to visit the left back to most likely discuss the national team’s necesities and requirements in terms of the left back position. As we can recall, the left back was part of SAMPAOLI’S call-ups vs Brazil and Singapore. He was no longer called up after those two matches.

TAGLIAFICO still hasn’t made his official debut for Ajax, but if he manages to challenge for a starting spot on the team, SAMPAOLI will most likely consider him for the friendly matches against Italy and Spain in March.

What do you guys think? What do you guys think SAMPAOLI is thinking? Maybe as a variable to be used in various formations? I personally think TAGLIAFICO is a good option to have.

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  2. Dfox1942

    Snowed in today, Correa Vs Correa and what a goal Correa scores lol

  3. Maya

    Hate to say that but we need a striker like Firmino. He reminds much of Saviola. Neither Aguero nor Higuain can be our saviour forwards if Sampaoli is adamant with his pressing game. Aguero’s poor work rate ( quite opposite to Firmino who is growing as a dangerous secret weapon for the yellows ) was also a crucial part for the defeat of city against liverpool. But why Sampaoli is such adamant with 3-4-3 is surprising and disappointing.

  4. Gonzalo.

    If he necessary needs to play 3-man defence then Tagliafico is best to that role. He is rather CB recently. So was in Copa Sudamericana. A bit like Ayala.

    So he is still in the rule despite some poeple giving up on him.

    1. EnganChe

      He played as a left-back in the most recent games including the final.

      1. Gonzalo.

        You are right. He has played the final as LB. But in semis as one game as CB in 4 man defence and the seconfd game as one of 3-man defence.

        I think he is best on the last configuration but on the other hand seems like 4-man defence is better choice for Argentina.

  5. Richard

    New Ajax coach is satisfied with what he saw at the training ground from his Argentinian pitbull. 😀

    If he performs well he should be our leftback at the WC. Rojo is not doing well at ManU. Actually Otamendi and Garay are the only defenders doing well in Europe the past few weeks. Funes Mori is expected back in April. He will play few games before WC.

    In other areas the performances of many players are not outstanding. Papu Gomez and Messi are exceptions. Aguero is scoring many goals but not playing well and losing almost all duels. I would not be surprised if Sampaoli goes for a 4 4 2 like Valverde’s Barca with Messi and Icardi upfront.

  6. Richard

    I wish I knew in which hotel Sampaoli was staying. I work in Amsterdam and would love to have a short chat with him. Sigh…

  7. VaingloGahZV

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  8. AndrewenandQK

    I’ve seen something very similar in another thread. You will probably find certain parts of that post useful, not everything of course, but I think it is worth looking into.

  9. Mik

    I think between Rojo/Mori/Tagliafico 2 should be selected if all r fit. They all can play either as Left Back in 4 Man defense or as a Left side Centre back in a 3 Man defense which Sampaoli is so obsessed with. Similarly Bustos/Mammana/Mercado on Right side, these type of players can be useful in Multiple formations.

  10. EnganChe

    By the way, Tagliafico is one the most admired and respected players in Argentina, among the fans and pundits alike and not only of Independiente.

  11. EnganChe

    Always liked Tagliafico, I think if Sampaoli considers back four at all, there are few better (if any) than him for the left-back position…He did no start for Ajax yet because I think have a long break and the next game is not until January 21st vs Feyenoord.

    1. Richard

      Correct. There is a winter break in the Dutch league. The first match will be the Dutch classico between Ajax and Feyenoord.

  12. fouad-daman

    Anyone knows if the Spain friendly has been cancelled?
    Soccer Schedule website is mentioning Spain vs Netherlands on march 27.
    Can anyone please confirm? Just to see if I should book the time off this day from work.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Richard

      The Spanish federation wants to play Argentina and are in talks with the Dutch federation to cancel the friendly.

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