Sergio ROMERO of Manchester United linked to River Plate

Sergio Romero Manchester United

Manchester United’s Sergio ROMERO is being linked with River Plate.

The Argentinian giants are reportedly interested in signing the goalkeeper. Ever since Marcelo BAROVERO’s departure to Necaxa, River Plate’s goalkeeping situation has not been too stable. Both Augusto BATALLA and German LUX have made some mistakes which has reportedly made coach Marcelo GALLARDO look for a replacement in between the sticks.

It was announced on Fox Sports Argentina that River Plate are looking into signing ROMERO from Manchester United. It appears as though ROMERO is constantly being linked to a move in every transfer window but with Manchester United recently knocked out of the league cup, matches for the club’s number two goalkeeper will be hard to come by with David DE GEA far and ahead as the number 1 starter for Jose MOURINHO.

With the World Cup in June, it could be possible for ROMERO to make a move in an attempt to get regular playing time.


  1. Dfox1942

    ManU bid for Dybala was rejected at around 70 million but willing to negotiate at around 86, Barcelona should take note!!

    1. Dadir10

      I think Man Utd bid was 70m plus Mkhitaryan but Juve rejected, that’s right. Juve could’ve sold him for 130m at the beginning of the this season but nobody knew things will get bad between Dybala and Allegri to this extent.

      Juve is famous for cashing in on their star players and it seems for me their plan (before Dybala and Allegri fall out) was to sell Dybala after the WC for at least 150m.

  2. Dfox1942

    GREAT VIDEO, aside from all the god like nonsense, there is ONLY one GOD.

  3. Chintu paul

    Tagliafico is going to Ajax .

    1. EnganChe

      Yep, looks like a done deal. Ajax is a club with lots of pedigree and history but pretty modest nowadays. Could be a springboard to a bigger club cause Ajax tend to lose their stars players.

      1. Gonzalo.

        Interesting direstion for him.

      2. anuparno

        But the league is not competitive enough now he may not be selected for world cup now

  4. Dfox1942

    I hear Barcelona is close to signing Di Maria.

  5. Gonzalo.

    Real Betis offered 4mln for Tagliafico.

    1. EnganChe

      Their initial bid was rejected. Seems that Independiente want more money for their captain. Ajax, Freiburg and Borussia Monchengladbach are still in the run.

  6. Dfox1942

    Otamendi with a spectacular goal-clear to prevent a goal against Newcastle.

  7. anuparno

    Will Argentina national team sack sampaoli?? Leading up to the wc it will be disaster if true

    1. canadien royal

      Why will Argentina sack Sampaoli? I can see some progression during the last few games: He switched from Dybala-Messi to Di Maria-Messi in his 3-4-2-1 which worked better in the last qualifying game. After that he tried 3-3-3-1 which allowed to achieve very high possession rate with good balance. I don’t think many coach can do better than him in few games. Will be a disaster to change coach now and repeat the whole process again for the new coach.

      1. Dfox1942

        Where is all this nonsense talk about Firing Sampaoli coming from!??
        not to mention that his contract clearly states that he remains the manager until the conclusion of the 2018WC.

        1. EnganChe

          It’s probably because of Sampaoli’s allegedly drunken traffic incident. I don’t think it’s going to impact his job though.

  8. EnganChe

    Since there is no indication that anybody else would replace Romero in goal for us, a move to any team where he could be a starting goalie is a good thing.

    1. pablo dennison

      noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t do this to me id actually have to try to like him…sigh….

      1. EnganChe

        Amigo, think about it this way, he can’t possibly be worse than Lux and Batalla 😀

        1. pablo dennison

          si amigo but but but…I guess its called karma for all the things ive said about him.

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