Cristian ANSALDI in, Mauro ICARDI and Marcos ACUNA out

Cristian Ansaldi Torino

Cristian ANSALDI has been called-up to the Argentina National Team.

The injury bug continues to plague the Argentina National Team with two more players being added onto the injury list. With Enzo PEREZ a doubt and Lucas BIGLIA out, Inter’s captain Mauro ICARDI and Sporting Lisbon’s Marcos ACUNA are the two latest players pulling out of the team.

The beneficiary to this is Cristian ANSALDI of Torino (on loan from Inter). The 31 year old defender is the second left back to be called-up due to injury after Emiliano INSUA of Stuttgart made the team following BIGLIA’s removal.

ANSALDI should still be familiar with Russia having played in the Russian Premier League for both Rubin Kazan and Zenit Saint Petersburg. Cristian played for Rubin from 2008 until 2013 and was signed to Zenit Saint Petersburg for 2013 until 2016, although he was on loan to a few teams during his stint at Zenit.

Cristian ANSALDI and the Argentina team

The Torino man has 5 caps to his name for Argentina with the latest coming in a 2-1 loss in 2014 against Portugal.

Here’s the full Argentina squad:

Argentina Goalkeepers:


Argentina Defenders:

Federico FAZIO
Emiliano INSUA
Cristian ANSALDI

Argentina Midfielders:

Eduardo SALVIO
Emiliano RIGONI
Aleandro GOMEZ
Giovani LO CELSO

Argentina Forwards:

Lionel MESSI
Cristian PAVON


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  2. kavindrs

    Emiliano and Ansaldi are good addition,fullback problems are solved I think.Argentina is going great only midfield concerns remain.

    1. DD

      I guess we have learned in the hard way that just names don’t mean much, unless they can gel well as a team. These guys should have been selected earlier & should have got a chance to play together with the rest of the folks to build a chemistry. A lot of teams like Brazil & Germany already have that. We are running against time to build a formidable unit that can go far in the WC. In Sampaoli, we have a proper coach for the first time after Sabella & let’s hope for the best!

  3. Akhthar Parvez

    Ansaldi & Lo Celso are two great additions. Just Pizarro and Mussachio more and we will have a WC winning squad.

    1. Akhthar Parvez

      Lautaro Martinez will also be good. He could be the Gotze of 2014 WC. A youngster forward who has no pressure and no such “high expectation”. He can become a useful sub.

  4. George Kun

    I really like Chanran’s team…I think this is the team that I will take us far in the World Cup…I hope some can tell Sampaoli that…this is it


    Vs Nigeria

    Mammana macherano pezzella
    Paredes kranevitter ansaldi
    Pavon dybala dimaria
    Subs:fazio/macherano 45
    Insua/ansaldi 45
    Banega/paredes 70
    Lo celso/dybala 45
    Rigoni/pavon 70
    Perrotti/dimaria 70
    Aguero/benedetto 70


    Ansaldi otamendi pezzella insua
    Enzo paredes
    Messi dybala perrotti
    Subs: mammana/otamendi 45
    Kranevitter/enzo 45
    Belluschi/paredes 70
    Benedetto/aguero 70
    Papu/perrotti 70

  7. Istiaque

    I love this guy. For some reason, mainly because of strange career choicess, he is not the starting LB for us.

    He had everything to be successful for us. But just when, in a club, he had a good season, he decided to move to another one in which he was benched.

    Let’s hope he has a few good training session and a great match against Russia.

  8. Dfox1942

    I thought Mercado was hurt as well!

    1. EnganChe

      He is, the list above still has him though. Also, Otamendi has been playing with an injured hand/wrist for ManCity lately so not sure if he is going to play in Russia friendlies.

      1. Istiaque

        Thats why Gomez didn’t know what to do on that match. To stay back or to be a midfielder.

        In todays game, fullbacks acts like a auxiliary midfielders in possession in most system. Whereas, wingbacks are auxiliary wingers in possession. Chelsea’s 3-4-3 has two wingbacks which is the perfect xmple of how they play.

        If they played a RB and a LB in the wingback position, that 3-4-3 would become a 5-2-3 in possession. It depends on who you are playing at that position.

        If we play Mercado and Ansaldi as wingbacks, along with 3 CBs, it will become a 5 men defense. Just like when Acuna was played as a LB it didn’t really become a 4 men defense.

      2. Istiaque

        Shoot…this was supposed to be a response to your comment below!

    2. MMH

      He is. He is not in the squad.

  9. Lucho

    I think Insua(left)and Ansaldi(right)will be the wingbacks in these 2 games. They seem the 2 most suited players for this position .

    1. Istiaque

      If you do that, then it becomes a 5 men defense. You don’t put fullbacks in wingback position unless you want it to be a five men defense.

      1. EnganChe

        Generally speaking yes, but sometimes in modern football the lines between fullback/wingbacks are a bit blurred. I guess it depends on a particular player. I remember how in Sampaoli’s first game in charge Di Maria (an attacker) was a left wing-back and Jose Luis Gomez (a defender) was on the right. Was that a four man defence? Or a back three?

  10. guled

    Finally a proper fullback.

  11. Mik

    He is comfortable in both wings & at ease at both feet, Thats the biggest advantage, Dont know what puzzle Sampa trying, Insua, Ansaldi, These are long forgotten players, Its great to have coach like this who is open minded. When we try then only we will know whether something is good or not.

    1. Istiaque


      I think he is trying to play a 4 men defense for real.

  12. Gonzalo

    He could be real reinforcement.

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