Lionel MESSI hat trick as Argentina qualify for World Cup

Lionel Messi Ecuador Argentina

It’s a great day to be an Argentina fan as Lionel Messi has scored a hattrick and Argentina have qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

Incredible scenes in Quito. Absolutely incredible. A nightmare start for Argentina had Ecuador ahead as they scored 42 seconds into the match. The team was in shock for the first few minutes but quickly recovered and looked to settle in. After that, it was the Lionel MESSI show.

Not one, not two but three goals by the best player in the world sealed qualification for his country. Dario BENEDETTO flicked the ball to Angel DI MARIA who slid in a low pass into the area as MESSI toe poked the ball into the net to draw level.

The second goal involved the same three players. BENEDETTO to DI MARIA who’s pass found an Ecuadorian player but MESSI was quick to win it and his shot found the back of the net.

The third was a piece of magic. He received the ball, ran into the Ecuadorian area and chipped the goalkeeper while falling backwards as he ran celebrating into the Argentina bench.

Lionel MESSI finished the World Cup Qualifying with 7 goals as he tied Luis SUAREZ all time with 21 goals.

Lionel MESSI first goal:

Lionel MESSI second goal:

Lionel MESSI third goal:

Argentina celebration:


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  4. Lester Brisco

    I for one do not hope Iceland or some other down laying, buss parking small countries to our group in WC. Bring on the countries who have quality and who attack and want the ball. With the likes of Belgium we will be strong and destroy their defences.. with the likes of Iceland it will be possession and 0-0 draws..

    Oh, and it must be said again: whatta game from Leo! We must never forget this! Vamos Argentina!

  5. Julker9

    Wow! This is the first time in my life, i intentionally(I failed to sleep whole night though) missed a very crucial Argentina game. Not because of fear factor, but because of the earlier experiences(3 final loss in 3 years). Btw, it pays off! Argentina qualify to Russia World Cup!! 🙂

    Vamos Argentina! Thanks God for everything!!

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  7. ClacKamas

    I couldnt do a damn thing last few day!! I was just going to work and coming home like a Zombie!! I stop watching sports news..And I have this thing..that maybe if stay out of my TV room and computer for few days maybe some curse i am causing will despair. Today I walk so many miles without PHONE or anything roaming at Acme store…Target just to kill time…and then I came back after the match was over!! Open my computer and saw the result….couldn’t keep my tears…i was just crying ….and then I became a crying baby when i saw Messi did all those goals

    1. Julker9

      Same here! 😉

    2. vimaldass

      I feel you brother. I was away from most medias for almost 2 days till i watched this game and i almost couldn’t after the 1st goal by ecuador. We triumphed and that’s all that matters now. We have a lot more to departments to be rectified but im sure the defiantly hardworking but considerably unlucky Sampaoli will slog and toil incessantly to make the BEST out of this talented team.
      My greatest reverence after today is none other than our captain Messi who literally went mental today!

      I said it once but im saying it again. Beware all you haters especially the ones who mocked us all the way, we are gonna arrive in Russia at full force with the best players from our squad. Im sure Matias Manna and Sampaoli would’ve studied and figured all our weaknesses and will be having many plans up their sleeves.

      Vamos Argentina !

  8. vimaldass

    Woohooo guys we have qualified all thanks to the greatest ever footballer! I was almost in tears watching their celebration after our 3rd goal. Watch out you haters cause the albicelestes are gonna fucking destroy you guys in the wc !
    In sampaoli we trust !

  9. SulaV

    Sampaoli has to make Icardi Dybala and Messi combination work…. and also get some decent full backs.. god our fullbacks are awful!! we need better wingers .. dimaria can’t be trusted and most of all we need a Enganche.. we need a playmaker…. seriouly we don’t have a better playmaker than Banega???

  10. EnganChe

    Messi our saviour once again. Apart from a ridiculously early conceded goal we played well. Benedetto played well without the ball, Salvio worked hard in defence, Enzo was good too, Di Maria with an assist, all in all we are where we belong and Chile are out which is icing on the cake.

  11. Maxilopez830




  12. Moby

    We did it guys!!!!! We are going to Russia! Ecuador scoring 40 secs into the match made everyone lose hope but luckily, Leo had other plans of his. This has to go down as one of his most iconic performances. Ronaldo won the ballon d’or for doing exactly the same thing in 2013. Messi is now joint top scorer in highest ever goal scorers in south America world cup qualifiers with Luis Suarez. Both on 21. This guy has given Argentina a lot. Yet, they call him pecho frío. Argentina need to start respecting Messi a little more.

    Our next aim is to finally win that goddamn world cup that has eluded us. Sampaoli has 8 months to make the squad gel and grow team chemistry. Honestly, he has done quite well cos the team is already playing better. It’s just that the goals were not just coming against Peru and Venezuela. Vamos Argentina!! A ganar la mundial!!

  13. niklucky02

    So happy Argentina qualified .. Chile lost .Wow just Wow !

  14. MMH

    Bytheway Chile made an advert to mocking us and Brazil were media were showing it. Now Chile got what they deserve lol

  15. santanu mallick

    What a game…… thank you lionel thank you for the show….. a world class hattrick from the best player in the world…. once again thank you lionel… Guys we are in the world cup finals… Next mission is to win the bloody World Cup and end the legacy…. congrats guyssss

  16. karl

    Now, let’s talk about group stage draw. I hope we will play with Panama, Iceland, and Egypt.

    1. Dadir10

      I have the same feeling that Iceland will be in our group.😀

  17. miskan

    I still cry now…chili no made it…😫😫😫

  18. KidultHood

    USA out of the 2018 World Cup. 😱

    1. MMH

      Noo. How. I thought they playing someone easy lol

      1. Leandro

        They suck. A study was done showing the vast majority of players playing came from wealthy family > academy > ivy university. They are neglecting a ton of talent.

  19. fanOFargentina

    Enzo perez was excellent today, why Sabella took Enzo ahead of Banega , I hope we all understand by now

    1. MMH

      Yeah. Enzo was solid. We need another good box to box midfielder

  20. MMH

    We didn’t only qualified. We are the direct seeded team as well. So we are one of the top team from 8. It will be easier opponents most likely. Now just wait 1st December guys. DRAW

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