Champions League Matchday 2: Preview

Sergio Aguero Manchester City Feyenoord

The UEFA Champions League Matchday 2 takes place this week!

After seeing Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO and Joaquin CORREA score in the first matchday, which Argentinian will score in matchday 2 of the competition? Here are the matches for this week:

Champions League Matchday 2

Tuesday, September 26:

Borussia Dortmund vs. Real Madrid

Sevilla (Ever BANEGA, Gabriel MERCADO, Guido PIZARRO, Joaquin CORREA, Nicolas PAREJA and Walter MONTOYA) vs. Maribor

Napoli vs. Feyenoord

APOEL (Agustin FARIAS and Facundo BERTOGLIO) vs. Tottenham Hotspur (Erik LAMELA, Juan FOYTH and Paulo GAZZANIGA)

Besiktas vs. RB Leipzig

Spartak Moscow vs. Liverpool

Manchester City (Nicolas OTAMENDI and Sergio AGUERO) vs. Shakhtar Donetsk (Facundo FERREYRA and Gustavo Blanco LESCHUK)

AS Monaco (Guido CARRILLO) vs. FC Porto

Wednesday, September 27:

Qarabag FK vs. AS Roma (Diego PEROTTI and Federico FAZIO)

CSKA Moscow vs. Manchester United (Marcos ROJO and Sergio ROMERO)

FC Basel vs. Benfica (Eduardo SALVIO, Franco CERVI and Lisandro LOPEZ

Anderlecht vs. Celtic

Juventus (Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Paulo DYBALA) vs. Olympiacos (Nicolas MARTINEZ)

PSG (Angel DI MARIA,Giovani LO CELSO and Javier PASTORE) vs. Bayern Munich

Atletico Madrid (Angel CORREA, Augusto FERNANDEZ, Axel WERNER, Nicolas GAITAN and Luciano VIETTO) vs. Chelsea (Willy CABALLERO)

Sporting Lisbon (Alan RUIZ, Jonathan SILVA, Marcos ACUNA and Rodrigo BATTAGLIA) vs. FC Barcelona (Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO)

As always, we will have highlights of the goals here on Mundo Albiceleste!


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  2. Rhaelyn

    J.correa with beautiful assist

  3. Gonzalo

    Look at Joaquin Correa today’s run in CL. And we still prefer Marias:

    1. Csabalala

      Good assist, but vs Maribor, i still don’t see any of our wingers can destroy Barcelona several times, or be UCL final MVP like Di Maria did etc, but the Correas have the potential. Tomorrow i will see with open eyes the Sporting-Barcelona match, Acuna has the chance to be like Di Maria, and Battaglia to be dominant against Barca midfield. Lose is a bad result at home.

      1. Gonzalo

        Di Maria didn’t destroy Barcelona alone. Besides, what are you talkng about? This is prehistory. Di Maria is nowhere near now to that level even on weak French league where most of teams is 2 levels below PSG. Let alone his games in NT recently. For people like you and this stupid logic some plaers are automatic starters just because of their famous, proud history.

        “Good assist, but vs Maribor”. To be briliant against weak teams – that’s speciatliry of Di Maria though. Not so long ago you were talking about J.Correa: who is Correa? just player of mediocree Sampdoria. Nowhere near to NT level. Or something like that. Now heis Sevilla player. Now he is scoring in CL, making driblings that only Messi may do. But you always find a fault:
        “Good assist, but vs Maribor”. Are you stupid? Somehow he had also goal against Liverpool 2 weeks ago. Is that also coincidence? No matter Liverpool or Maribor – ill will always makes blind for pluses.

        “Tomorrow i will see with open eyes the Sporting-Barcelona match, Acuna has the chance to be like Di Maria, and Battaglia to be dominant against Barca midfield. Lose is a bad result at home”.

        Hahaha. Do they (Acuna or Battaglia) have to win against Barcelona to prove they are worth to be called up? No. Everyone knows Barcelona is much better team. If you think you can make fool of someobdy because of this proposed logic, you are wrong. Make fool of yourself. Was Di Maria winning against Barcelona when playing for Benfica Lisbon? So stop with these stupid inadequate and arbitrary standards to devaluate young, promising players.

        This is the same what you doing with River wins. When they lost in Bolivia, you are celebrating. Then River won 8:0 and ooooohhhh. What you are doing? What is you strategy? To depreciate their win by talking something like: “I want to see them against Real Madrid?” No man, there’s no fool here – everyone knows not only River but every European club would lost to Real Madrid. And what? Is that mean there’s no good player behind Real Madrid?

        So, once again, stop with this childish strategy of depreciating Argentina potentiall all over the world. How old are you? 15?

        1. Csabalala

          Wow our Mr. Double Standard psychopath strikes again, same old story

          1. Gonzalo

            Was Di Maria winning against Barcelona when playing for Benfica Lisbon?

            Nothing to say. As you see above clearly double standards it’s your domain.

            By the way. I know you will watch Barcelona. Barcelona, Real, PSG, Bayern, Manchester City – that’s all your live football. The rest is on Whoscored. Isn’t it?

    2. Csabalala

      Imo still Angel Correa the way bigger talent, but Joaquin is much more discipline

  4. Dadir10

    Peruvians are afraid of their own shadow… Hahahaha. According to a report on Ole, they, the Peruvians, think that Sampaoli used spies to spy on them to gain more information about their tactics. When you see someone in a sotuation like this you can bet they will lose.

  5. vimaldass

    As desperate as i may sound, for now i just want and NEED Argentina to qualify. We can focus on tweaking our gameplay and picking better players once we’ve accomplished our primary objective which is to qualify.

    Good news is the number of players Peru wont be able to field due to suspensions. The players as follows ; Defender Christian Ramos,midfielder Paolo Hurtado and Christian Cueva and their striker André Carrillo.

    1. Dadir10

      All of them are first choice players?

      1. vimaldass

        Yup dadir. 3 of them are playing their trade in europe by the way.

        1. Dadir10

          That is good news, but you know we don’t need to depend on other team’s problems all the time though this time it’s not that bad. We need to build a team that depend on their firepower like Spain and Germany.

          1. vimaldass

            Yup indeed we dont need to but we’re undeniably in a desperate situation to win our next matches. These suspensions may just take some pressure away from us since we’ll be mentally convinced that we’ll be facing supposedly weaker players.

  6. Richard

    While our players prepare for another round of European football and league matches in the weekend, Peru has started training for the crucial game.

    To me, it is a bit unfair that one team has 10 days to prepare whilst the other only has 72 hours.

    1. Dadir10

      The bulk of Peruvian players play in their local leauge and their FA asked the players’ teams to release them early in order to have enough time for the game. Since almost Argentina’s players are based in Europre I think it’s very difficult for the AFA to convince those European teams to allow their players to go early for the national duty.

      1. Richard

        I know. AFA would not stand a chance against the powerful European clubs. Therefore I think Sampaoli should play the entire Boca team. It is their homeground, they train day in, day out and know each other very well. Have Messi, Dybala, Aguero and Icardi on the bench and bring 3 of them as soon as the Peruvians are tired.

        1. Dadir10

          I like this idea but it may seem a little bit weird for most of the fans here on Mundo loool

          1. pablo dennison

            oh how times have changed as in 86 their was only 3 players plying their trade in Europe, the rest were all local.

  7. Dadir10

    The local players haven’t been annouced yet. I think Sampaoli is analyzing so many things and wants to take some very good decisions on whom to pick from the local league. Is it possible to come out the list today or we have to wait for some more days although there is no enough time for Sampaoli to think more?

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