Argentina starting lineup against Venezuela confirmed

Argentina training

Hey everyone, the starting lineup for tomorrow’s match World Cup Qualifying match against Venezuela has been released.

As we mentioned earlier today, SAMPAOLI tried out different scenarios in training and has ultimately decided on one of them. The following is the confirmed starting eleven for the match against Venezuela:

Argentina starting eleven against Venezuela


or (different formation)


Lautaro ACOSTA of Lanus comes in replacing Marcos ACUNA and Ever BANEGA (who was suspended for the match against Uruguay) will replace Lucas BIGLIA. Javier MASCHERANO returns to the Argentina line-up and plays his first match under Jorge SAMPAOLI as he starts as a defender in place of Gabriel MERCADO who is suspended. Hopefully this gives us more creativity in the midfield which was desperately needed in our last match vs Uruguay.

Argentine newspaper Ole speculations that this could be the formation used by SAMPAOLI:

Argentina lineup Venezuela

Possible Argentina formation vs. Venezuela (photo courtesy of Ole)

Any opinions? What do you guys think? I like that BANEGA is coming as he will be the attacking midfielder we desperately need. I also think that ACOSTA’S speed will give us a different look as well.



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  3. Rich

    i like the slight adjustment, get you 2 fastest on the ball in messi and dybala behind the front line , since we know teams will all out defend like uruguay, time to attack the gaps to create for icardi , or finish themselves. have to play faster in general, dont let teams set up defense , and have to dribble into gaps to create oppurtunities. hopefully banega can find dybal and messi between the line and they can create


    hi every one… where is captain of valencia (parejo) in this team ?
    he is the best player in middle … he can join our team to messi

    1. miskan


  5. dollon biswas

    Right now Pizzaro is best Crntral Defender of our side..I saw Savila’s few match this year..he was surprised NGonze’s performance..His place of savila’s 11 comfram this year…it would be great for Argentine team of next year World Cup …we need Centre Midfielder something like pizzaro..he is a monster,,his is 187 c.m tall and very good in the air also very good tackler and wel intercepter with beast quality….he can filled our new Rondon …

  6. Manuel

    i still would try to find a leftback….maybe ansaldi…a back 3 without flank Support is very risky….


  7. Sayan Mukherjee

    With the midfield pivoted around Messi (as withdrawl forward or attacking mideo), flanked by agile Dybala, I believe it should create more space for the wingers and Icardi as the opponent will be more focused on the ball player. Dybala and Bangea can capitalise this opportunity push forward to the oppponent box. Looks like a very clever and creative formation to me.

  8. Lucho

    Pizarro and Banega looks a better mix than Banega and Biglia. Plus Pizarro and Banega are club teammates so it seems to make sense to build the midfield around them

  9. Fernando Wilson

    For those who asked if messi passed the ball to Icardi yes he did and this was the only time ICardi shoot on goal and saved by muslera

  10. Budi Susatyo

    Sorry if this is little bit out of topic. Some friend of mine said that Messi didn’t pass the ball to Icardi. Was it true? I didn’t watch the game so I don’t what to say. Hopefully it wasn’t right.

    1. Dfox1942

      I watched the entire game and don’t recall Messi doing anything like that. Uruguay did a great job putting the clamps on the entire Argentine attack, where Icardi barely received the ball from any of his teammates.

      Messi is a professional, the nation’s Captain and BY far the Best player on the planet (Fuck YOU Christina) and he would pass the ball to Mickey Mouse if it helps ARGENTINA WIN.

      1. Budi Susatyo

        Thanks @Dfox1942 for the reply. Now I have something to say to my friends

  11. Dfox1942

    I was watching the U.S. Open earlier and Del Potro was losing badly so I decided to mow the lawn…… almost a couple of hours later, lawn all done, showered and come to find out that he came back BIG and WON…… plenty of heart!!!


  12. Antonio Montana

    I like sampas adjustments!! It is a 3-3-1-3 I like I reported earlier but it will be a 2-4-1-3 when In there half with possession as mascherano will join dybala, Messi and Acosta on the right flank… (attempting to be like Dani alves at Barca) Dybala could over lap behind Messi for shoots on goal going to paulos strong left foot. This brings more balance than before as the left was our main attacking side with dimaria who had been misfiring his crosses… excited As Fu#%!! 3-0, 4-0 vamanos hermanos!!!

  13. ClacKamas
  14. Rhaelyn

    Oh pizarro over biglia thats great.
    Two down one more to go

  15. MMH

    I like this one. Fazio and Pizzaro give us air support. Venezuela definitely will target Masche by high ball. Fazio & Otamendi two beast on hustling with CF. Rondon will definitely get hard time from both. I still enjoy the punch to Costa’s rib cage from Fazio. Nothing against Biglia but i think Pizzaro more mobile than Biglia,specially last game second half he made some good run by the line too. Our midfielder has to do something out of book. Let’s stick with this Sampa 🙂

  16. guled

    Pizarro over biglia is good choice.

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