CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers – Standings

Mauro Icardi Gabriel Mercado

The CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers are nearing the end and Argentina need points.

Following last night’s round of South American Qualifiers, there was one match which busted the table wide open. Paraguay’s unexpected 0-3 win away to Chile blew the door wide open for many nations with only three matches remaining. Here were last night’s results:

Venezuela 0 – 0 Colombia
Chile 0 – 3 Paraguay
Uruguay 0 – 0 Argentina
Brazil 2 – 0 Ecuador
Peru 2 – 1 Bolivia


Only four points differentiate second place and seventh place (already sixth place means you don’t even make the playoffs) in the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers, that’s how tight things are at the moment. Here are the matches for Tuesday:

CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers Matchday 16 fixtures

Bolivia vs. Chile
Colombia vs. Brazil
Ecuador vs. Peru
Argentina vs. Venezuela
Paraguay vs. Uruguay

Argentina arguably has not only the easiest match of the round but even the easiests set of fixtures left in the qualifiers (Venezuela home, Peru home and Ecuador away). If history and current form is anything to go by, this round of qualifiers can be a major boost for Jorge SAMPAOLI’s men. For one, Brazil are absolutely flying while Colombia were only able to pick up a point away to Venezuela. Chile, coming off a huge 0-3 loss at home, have to travel to La Paz to play Bolivia. And Uruguay travel to Paraguay, a fixture where the Uruguayans have NEVER picked up a win away to Paraguay.

If (and this is a major if because things in South America never go as planned) Chile, Uruguay and Colombia all drop points with Argentina winning, Argentina could potentially be in second place by the end of the next round.

Obviously there are many different scenarios which can occur but there is a website which allows you to put in your predictions and it will automatically give you the updated standings. I submited mine (put in my predictions until the very last match) and these were my final standings:

Brazil (41 points)
Uruguay (30 points)
Argentina (30 points)
Colombia (28 points)
Paraguay (28 points)

I’ve been saying it since March that I feel as if Chile will miss out on the World Cup and following my fixture predictions, I would be right. Click on this link, put in your predictions (don’t forget to update last night’s results), submit yours and share them with us!


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  41. MMH

    I am kinda scared now. However we still on 5th position and 4th Peru only hope is that.


    Dropping macherano and bringing in pizzaro is the biggest joke which sampaoli did.these type of double pivots are killing us so many times.the changes to the squad made by sampaoli helped him from a serious scrutiny…
    My line up
    Bustos otamendi macherano pinola
    Paredes biglia
    Messi banega dimaria

  43. Whizzard

    you guys on here are all start bashing Icardi for no reason.
    He had no kind of support or distribution coming from the midfielders.
    Argentina’s biggest problem is the fact they scared to attack inside, they keep moving the ball on the wing. in order for the attack to be effective they need to pass the ball to Icardi who can hold off his defenders off. two DMs are wrong for the setup also

    1. Gonzalo

      I agree. No reason to bash Icardi. He is type of poker. Needs good passes. Now if Sampaoli just started with the attacking trio he should continue. Icardi and Dybal needs more chances. But I still believe Benedetto would be better choice at least for opponent like Uruguay.

  44. Istiaque

    IMO if Chile loses to Brazil, we are all but qualified, considering we win against Peru and Venezuela. That’s the match – Chile-Brazil which could make the qualifying really interesting. Otherwise, we should qualify comfortably. i don’t think Peru with their attacking-pressing philosophy will be able to do much against us.

    And we will win big against Venezuela.

  45. Nukleuz

    First of all to the people who blame Di Maria for lack of crosses and delivery, I really understand your frustrations. In my opinion, dropping Di Maria at this point would make Argentina more difficult. As you can see the team play is only visible from Messi and Di Maria. Icardi in Uruguay is no different from Higuain in other day. Dybala is not threaten in offense. No one is playing attacking football with us. It is quite frustrating to watch. You guys name whoever fresh blood, they cant even come effective on the field. You can clearly see Acuna on right side and Pizzaro in middle. There is no channel run from right wing and from attacker. And there is noone except Icadi in 18 yard box when our wing trying to cross. Life is so much difficult for our player. I hope you guys to wait some time before bashing individually. They are playing for us with their heart.

  46. Dfox1942

    …and Di Maria is not going anywhere, transfer to Barcelona failed.

  47. dollon biswas

    Now I am confident about World Cup place..If we finished one win and two draw that would be enough…we only need at least four goal+ to win against Vanuzuala..and two goal less draw.. if it happened something like this…we need to get more goal remain one home game thatwou be enough goal deference..

  48. arg2018

    Good news for Argentina but no so for Barca, Di Maria is about to become Barcelona player, hopefully this will help him make less inconsistent(due to barcelona pressure) and have better connection with Messi which will help arg NT if Angel do not get injured on crucial times. Hopefully.

    1. MMH

      He will probably gets injured on before CL final

  49. Dfox1942

    I honestly do not care where ARGENTINA finishes as long as they qualify!
    The time for looking pretty in these here qualifiers has passed a long time ago

    It started bad, got worse and lets hope it ends happily and that is the only thing that matters and then Sampoali will have less than a year to whip ’em into shape.

  50. MMH

    I have same feeling too that Argentina might end up in second place after next round. But Sampaoli needs a plan for unlocking the defence. Venezuelan will do same thing like Uruguay. Defend with 10 players and giving little space. For these situation we need more runner in flanks and players that run in spaces. I am sure Sampaoli already started to analyse.

  51. fanOFargentina

    Argentina need at least a player like Busquets, kroos or modric…in midfield..

    1. MMH

      Believe me we have the quality of these players. But we didn’t utilise it now it’s time to use them. Be patient my friend. 3 practice doesn’t makes a team world beater

      1. fanOFargentina

        I agree and am patient for 32 years after 1986 to see argentina lift world cup next year…that would be the best gift of my life..

        1. MMH

          We are all frustrated fans of one NT that has so much potential but never delivered. Well it was almost in last 3 years…but rest are again frustration. Next game should define at least little bit of our future. Again i am not expecting much from only handful of practice though & Di-Maria lol

      2. nuli

        We have talented players in the level of Kroos and modric are you for real man?

        1. MMH

          Sorry for not putting smiley face. I wasn’t for real i guess.

  52. KidultHood

    1st – Brazil 40 Points (Tie with Colombia away, Lose at Altitude to Bolivia and win at Home against Chile)

    2nd – Argentina 32 Points (Win at home against both Venezuela and Peru and win away to Ecuador who will be eliminated by the time the final round of games arrives)

    3rd – Paraguay 28 Points (win at home against Uruguay, tie away to Colombia and win at home against Venezuela).

    4th – Colombia 27 Points (draw at home to Brazil and Paraguay and lose away to Peru)

    5th- Uruguay 27 Points (lose away to Paraguay, lose away in Venezuela and win at home against Bolivia).

    5th – Peru 27 Points (win away to Ecuador, lose to Argentina and win at home against Colombia)

    6th – Chile 24 Points (lose away at altitude to Bolivia, tie at home with Ecuador and, lose away to Brazil).

    7th – Ecuador 21 Points (lose at home to Peru, tie away with Chile and lose at home to Argentina)

    Both Chile and Ecuador miss out while the playoff spot will come down to goal difference between Uruguay and Peru. While Colombia is also on 27 points, they will have a superior goal difference to both Peru and Uruguay after the final rounds of games.

  53. Debasish Duttaroy

    Purely from a points view, it looks like 29 points could be safe. Argentina basically need to win the 2 home games. They could be very safe going to Ecuador.
    This is what I am getting

    1. Brazil – 45
    2. Uruguay – 31
    3. Argentina – 30
    4. Chile – 29
    5. Colombia – 28

    There is a good chance that Ecuador could be already out by the time they play Argentina and that could be dead rubber. In that case Argentina may also win.

  54. Arjunanmessi

    argentina will finish second….. they will win remaining two home game and one away agaist equadar….

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