Sergio ROMERO, four more Devil years!

Sergio Romero Manchester United

Sergio ROMERO will stay with Manchester United for another four years after signing a contract extension until 2021. This extension comes at a time where once again, rumours about Real Madrid bidding for the club’s first choice keeper David DE GEA has been resurfacing again.

ROMERO played a crucial part in the United’s Europa League campaign last season which the club won after defeating Ajax Amsterdam in the Final back in May.


  1. pablo dennison

    id d/g leaves then this is good but if does not then with the w/c a year away this is not good.

    1. Debasish Duttaroy

      Really does not matter if De Gea stays or leaves. Romero is not going to be the number one GK for a team like Man Utd. If DeGea leaves, they will have someone else and Romero will continue to be No. 2

    2. Istiaque

      I’m not too worried to be honest. Now we have a coach that will not tolerate slouching. So his position is not fixed and he knows he needs to earn his place!

      1. Debasish Duttaroy

        Cannot agree more!

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