Pablo AIMAR presented as new U17 Argentina coach

Pablo Aimar Valencia

Pablo AIMAR has officially been presented as the new coach of the U17 Argentina National Team.

There appears to be many changes happening within the AFA and the structure of the teams. The latest being that former River Plate, Valencia, Real Zaragoza, Benfica and Argentina man Pablo AIMAR is now the new coach of the U17 Argentina team. From being a star in Jose PEKERMAN’s U20 Argentina team, El Payaso will be accompanied by Carlos DESIO (assistant coach) and Enrique CESANA (physical coach).

Pablo Aimar U17 World Cup

Pablo Aimar (number 11) with Jose Pekerman during the U17 World Cup in Ecuador

Now 37 years old, AIMAR took part in the U17 World Cup in 1995 which was held in Ecuador with Jose PEKERMAN as coach. He retired from being a professional player in 2015.


  1. Richard

    Great player in his day, but no experience as a coach.

    1. Istiaque

      TBF, it’s just an U17 coaching duty, which should be pretty basic stuff. It’s the perfect step for him to grow, and if he’s up for it, the U20 position would be his.

  2. chalz

    Champ Aimar is back… uh-hu

  3. Gonzalo

    Holan found better position for players like Tagliafico or Sanchez Mino and it works. I hope he will keep him on the position. We must wait and see.

  4. Rhaelyn

    Is it true that acuna joined sporting?

    1. Gonzalo


  5. Gonzalo

    Also Estudiantes won in Sudamericana against Nacional Potosi 1:0 in Bolivia. 4 U-20 players in starting line up. Foyth, Lucas Rodriguez (goal), Ascacibar and Cascini (called up by Sampaoli). I must to watch yet.

  6. Gonzalo

    Has anyone watched Copa Sudamericana Independiente – Deportes Iquique 4:2.

    How exciting is this current Independiente team.
    Sampaoli called up for postponed/cancelled friendlies almost whole defensive line of the team: RB Bustos, CB Franco and CB Tagliafico. Franco looks so similar to Foyth (category ’96). He scored and had assist. Another great young defender. No wonder Sampa called him up.

    But who impressed me a lot of the defensive block El Rojo was the only one didn’t called up by Sampaoli. LB (our deficit position in NT) Gaston Togni. Along with Barco finally he was not allowed by Independiente to go for last U-20 World CUp. Category ’97. He did so good and mature. I think pure talent. Impressive pace.

    Barco scored one. Rigoni – another player called up by Sampaoli had very solid game. Meza as well. While Leandro Fernandez MOTM, and Neri Dominguez always were among best on their positions in league (both rather still young). Fernandez just back after half of year injury. But yet before I considered him as one of the best strikers in league. To be honest I think he is much better than Alario and could easy scored the amount of goals that Alario had. I think only Benedetto is on Fernandez level (or higher) in the league.

    1. Gonzalo
    2. Csabalala

      But Gaston Togni real position is striker/winger, one of the best goalscorer of reserva among Messiniti, maybe Holan figure out a new position for him, but maybe he won’t be more as an LB as Acuna or Salvio RB (vs Singapore match) or even Sanchez Mino.

      1. Gonzalo

        Holan found better position for players like Tagliafico or Sanchez Mino and it works. I hope he will keep him on the position. We must wait and see.

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