MARADONA – My Invitation Got Lost Somewhere

Diego MARADONA congratulated Lionel MESSI on his marriage to Antonela ROCUZZO, despite not being invited for the occasion.

“My congratulations, I hope that he has many healthy children, he knows that I love him very much.”

MARADONA said the invitation to the wedding probably got lost somewhere, but that does not change his opinion about MESSI.

He described MESSI as “a good athlete and an excellent person”.


  1. Istiaque

    I guess Diego literally hates leo nowadays. I mean he lost his invitation card? really man?

  2. vimaldass

    Hope he gets lost for good too.

  3. miskan

    I hope messi win WC..and i want see el diego “lost” his mind

  4. MMH

    It hurts! Doesn’t it Diego?

  5. Dfox1942

    GOOD ATHLETE!? lol

  6. pablo dennison

    I think its called “karma” that d/m did not receive one at all.

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