Argentina starting line-up against Brazil

Jorge Sampaoli Argentina

Argentina’s starting line-up has been confirmed.

Jorge SAMPAOLI has announced his team for his first match in charge of the Argentina National Team. Here’s the eleven who will start the match.

Argentina line-up Brazil

Argentina’s starting line-up against Brazil


  1. vimaldass

    I think it was a real moral boosting win for us despite those scares in a few occasions during the second half. We were dominating and more composed overall in the centre compared to our arch rivals. Tbh we only lost our shape during the second half when some changes were made to the formation and the inclusion of some players.

    What really irked was the fact that maidana was still on the field for 90 mins when he was clearly a big weak link in our defence. He looked like a giant snail tbh. Hope sampaoli sorts this problem out.

    Anyway I congratulate this team and sampaoli. I’m confident we will gradually get better. Vamos argentina !

  2. Gonzalo

    And personally I don’t believe Di Maria will do much better even under Sampaoli. He was the same. THe only good he did in attack was cross pass before goal (fucked up almost all of rest his actions). But that goals will not happens in final stages of tournament. THat was typical friendly match goal. Maybe even with offside position.

    1. Johnnyboy10


    2. Diego86

      No matter how great Di Maria is, for you, he will always shouldn’t in the national team! Then you recommend some unknown guy to replace him.

      Di Maria is great if he is guided by a good coach.

      1. Gonzalo

        Oh, so he was great? Rewatch the game and show me what he did apart that cross? Or rather… when he was last time great in NT? Maybe around 2013?

        And who is that unknown guy whou could replace him? Maybe Alejandro Gomez? He is unknown for you but not for Sampaoli and other people with a bit of fooball orientation. I know you know only PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus Turin and Machester City players. All the rest is obscure for you.

  3. Gonzalo

    Against Singapour they should play with all debutants:

    ………. Mamana..Fazio


    1. Johnnyboy10


  4. Johnnyboy10

    To me the team did okay……..
    There was only 3 problems
    1. Maidana is wayyyy to slow.
    2. Di maria needs to captilize chances dybala feeds in like in the 6 minute
    3. Higuain was to quiet in the game it was just messi dimaria dybala

  5. Gonzalo

    I was disappointed after first 20 minutes of the match because of attitude both teams. That was so friendly. It’s hard to draw any conclusions here. Glad to see Argentina win with Brazil at last. But all the game was calm. One people are talking that was pathetic game from Argentina and other talking that was domination of Argentina. What a nonsense.

    To draw conclusions I would like to see Argentina against Brazil that is:

    1. Still competing to qualify on WOrld Cup (they qualify already and people forgot about that)

    2. Brazil with Neymar and few others.

    3. Both teams playing after points.

    1. Gonzalo

      Besides, despite their good game, I still don’t see Biglia and Banega stopping Neymar and fast, physical Brazil team if playing after points.

  6. NoHateOnlyLove

    This was Sampaoli first game as coach of the Argentina national team. This game was played against Brazil (the most inform national team in 2017) not Singapore or Honduras.

    The knit picking here is pointless at this point when this wasn’t even a guaranteed defensive back line for future games.

    I don’t see the likes of Garay or Fazio doing any better than what we got from Maidana today to be honest, they would still be struggling with the Brazilian players pace.

    This was a confidence booster against Brazil, a win is always better than a lost or draw for a coach making his debut against one of the top three teams on the FIFA rankings.

    1. david carvajal

      You started I have no knowledge, but what it’s worth I agree totally with your statement above. #100%

      1. NoHateOnlyLove

        I never said you didn’t have any knowledge as a person, I was merely talking about football. I don’t know, you maybe a doctor, a engineer, ceo etc. My comment was about football nothing else.

  7. Jack!

    Why is everybody overreacting over one game in such a negative way? People want certain players out because of one play. Calm down. You ever think about that we simply took our foot off the gas in the second half? We got a win and let’s take it and move on. Stop calling for players heads after a single play. It seems like some people just began watching these players for the first and never seen them before and after a single glimpse you want them out.

    1. Gonzalo

      Yes, Jack. They just began watching these players.

      1. Jack!

        People want Tagliafico out because of a blunder in a friendly. I guess the body of work he’s done in the last few years is worthless for them.

        Low IQ football fans.

    2. Whizzard

      Jack U always running your mouth like you know it all…that was a pathetic game from Argentina..Admit it..these guys are professional they should perform better than that…when Tite took over Brazil we all saw the instant impact from the first match in charge….

  8. Maxilopez830

    Both foyth and martinez quarta SHOULD BE IN

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      Sure, after all, they will be playing in the 2017 U20 world cup final. How could anyone miss that?

  9. Md. Ashraf Hossain

    I’m amazed our fans are throwing judgements with only 1 match,,,this is sampas first match, we dominated first half, 67% possession vs Brazil and tite brazil not dunga Brazil,,,second half was effected by formation and player shuffle.

    1. Jack!

      This is typical here on MA. People calling for heads after a single match. Some people never watch them at club level but yet this is their first time watching them and they don’t like what they saw after 1 single match. I can’t stand fans like this. Low IQ supporters of the game that don’t know shit about Argentine football.

  10. Maxilopez830


    mercado Mascherano Martinez QUARTA Alexis soto

    Giovanni Loceslo Nacho fernandez

    franco vasquez

    MESSI DImaria


  11. Whizzard

    Horrible Victory…did Messi play this game?
    This 3 at the back will not do it…we will get exposed.
    4-3-3 Please

    1. david carvajal

      I think Sampioli will have a plan for messi after this game.. first game under his management.. plus the man has a wedding this month, could have been playing more on the cautious side …lol

  12. Payaso

    I didnt expect for us to play great in the 1st game after only 4 days of practice but Sampaoli managed the game well.

    disappointed to see Tagliafico getting beat the way he did. We’ll need someone with great pace there, he doesnt have it.

    and Romero… now he will have to improve his passing.

  13. Nirajan

    we look shaky defending; maidana had no clue of how game is progressing, we were lucky not to coincide in second half. even in midfield particularly in second half we were not able to win 50-50 balls. we can’t play high line of defense, we had far superior first half compared to second; never the less win is a win a positive note to start a new campaign with new manager.

  14. Julker9

    We need to improve our attack. We should finish it after going forward! Defense need to much quicker to recover ball. Btw, We our midfield outplayed Brazil completely. Great start of a new era!

    Vamos Argentina!!

  15. Maxilopez830

    perfect result .win brazil and knows what we need to improve . overall the first half is much better than second half .the turning point should be gomez out and talifigco in .gomez played really well ,good at dribbling also have some defense but taligico is disappointed ,slow and not skillfull enough .another turning point is messi to be the striker so our midfield cannot control the ball .TO BE fair it should be 1:1.

    all in all,
    1. maidana and otamendi are too slow ,maidana is gameover
    2. talifigco is disappointing
    3. banega and bigilia good at dribbling but weak at defensing.this combination should not be used when facing strong team
    4. romero still not skillful enough
    5. dimaria and biglia ,gomez ,mercado played well
    6. dybala still need time to aclimatize
    7. JOAQUIN CORREA played well ,fast enough to create one chance to dimaria

    1. MARTINEZ QUARTA should be in instead of maidana
    2. Alexis soto instead of taligfico
    3. dybala should be substitued and replaced by franco vasquez
    4. banega should be replaced by giovanni locelso

    1. david carvajal

      I’m glad I’m not the only one.. I agree with your opinions. Maybe not banega for lo celso, but another route.. tiaglifico was disappointing :/

  16. Arjunanmessi

    thats what sampolli will do.. dont make a negative command he played new team with only one week training… he gaved last chance for higuain and many more… he will change everthing in next few matches…. its just a begining he will do lot for us.. dont forget brazil team were unbeaten last 10 games…and more…. enjoy the win…

  17. noori baloch

    Second half was dreadful. Lucky that it ended 1 0

  18. NoHateOnlyLove

    Argentina 61% possession to Brazil 39%.

    Sampaoli last four games against Brazil:

    Argentina 1 vs Brazil 0 (2017)

    Chile 2 vs Brazil 0 (2015)

    Brazil 1 vs Chile 1 (2014 world cup, Brazil went through on pks)

    Brazil 2 vs Chile 2 (2013)

  19. ClacKamas

    Our mail talisman Messi was jobless! Dybala babyface again failed with his teammate chocker Higuain! Whatever it was except the result we were lucky not to lose!! The defense was quite good in the first half…but then…

  20. Aslam

    Five Argentine debuted today..?

  21. Aslam

    First defeat under Tite…Yes, Sampaoli started..!

    1. david carvajal


  22. Md. Ashraf Hossain

    We have been struggling in the second half,,,is it because of the 4-2-3-1 or is it becauae brazil have opennes up a bit?

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      That normally happen in friendly games because of the substitutions being made. The best part of the game was played in the first half. The second half was more of lets see what this guy can do.

      1. Md. Ashraf Hossain

        Yeah agree,,,but I’m worried about messis position, hes too deep for me, we should be exploiting his scoring abilities in future.

        1. NoHateOnlyLove

          Yea that’s true, but with time I feel Sampaoli will fix the Messi situation on the pitch.

  23. Whizzard

    I do not know why everybody is getting excited on here for…The defense is being exposed..Maidana has no clue and is slow…Sampa needs to fix his defensive tactics…Argentina need to attack inside rather than on the wings

  24. NoHateOnlyLove

    This is the best I have seen from Banega and Biglia in midfield like forever. Great half of football, no matter the outcome of the game today, with this mindset, Argentina is back on track. The team finally has an identity and playing philosophy. Brazil was just chasing shadows. This half only confirm what I have always known about Brazil, they do not have any great mids, just Gilbert Silva type players.

    The only visible weakness was on Gomez side of the pitch, he doesn’t make many runs forward, but I’m guessing he will get more comfortable with more caps for the national team.

    1. david carvajal

      I should play fifa Okay? Yet, you think banega is playing Good? WOW .. You must not be awake ..

      Banega almost cause 3 goals horrible turnovers. Unless you call 2 balls that he switched the fields on great…

      Hmmm.. maybe your not fully awake..

      1. NoHateOnlyLove

        Well, the commentator agreed with me. This is the problem with keyboard warriors like yourself. Never compete at anything before yet think they have the most bragging rights on the internet.

        Your footballing knowledge is not that great to be honest, just a bunch of empty words with no experience to back it up.

        1. david carvajal


          Bc everyone I mentioned was introduced except for correa…

          I still think banega did okay, but risked 3 bad turnovers and played slow …

          Biglia was man of match and dimaria got better throughout game..

          So bc the commentator says so, that means is true ?

          Very nice…

          And these are my opinions, it’s s blog my man. Everyone has their own opinions

  25. Naranath Bhranthan

    * I never thought I would say it;’Biglia MoM’ on the first half
    * DiMaria progressing with each and every minute on the field.Great crosses…
    * Messi + Dybala one touch passed and triangles with DiMaria and Banega…..
    * Higuain ??? Is he on the starting XI, I think we need a no.9 with good movements…….

    1. chalz

      Mate, i thought you went to be a hermit in the mountains… glad you guys are back:)

  26. david carvajal

    Banega needs out.. maidana is too slow, is mammana or tiaglifico faster And more talented defensively? Not sure if they are experienced enough to be the central back… just a thought..

    I know everyone loves dimaria… but maybe a change ? Lanzini or nacho…

    Higauin? Doesn’t fit well in the system… alario or icardi

    Messi dropping down, tactical move seen a lot more of the ball an drawing the defenders

    Dybala Gomez biglia otamendi I’m liking

    Mercado thank you for the goal

    Romero got a little better with his passes

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      Get OFF FiFA Play Station.

  27. Arjunanmessi

    leftside dimaria have lot of space… if gomez there we have some good crosses and he can cut inside will make lot of problem to brazil… our left side some time sleeping maidana marcado have no space… two time with one touch they create counter attack on that side… need track backing lb… either way …. we are first time playing some key passes from midfield… we need to start from the back only otamendi trying to pass others just passed it to banega or biglia… we need good ball winning striker higuain never going to do that.. icardi will i am hoping some bright changes from my dear sampoli…

  28. Nukleuz

    Di Maria can be headless chicken or deadly winger depending who is coaching him. I was always wondering what Biglia can do and now Sampaoli show me what he got. Benega tend to lose ball but the team is playing like a team at the moment.

    What was the last time did I see Argentina play as a team? J.Gomez looks like ineffective on right side but he need time for sure. Bring on new face please. We need 22 best players to win the World Cup.

  29. pallab

    Link please in India we can’t see this game. ..Please link. Links please. …….

    1. Naranath Bhranthan


  30. vimaldass

    Sampaoli has restored our midfield at last ! Otamendi, biglia, di Maria are all playing well. Also they can’t contain dybala. He’s messing up their defence and giving messi more time on the ball.

  31. pallab

    We are ahead of Brazil. …..sampaoli is looking great. ……except the Higuain whom I don’t want to see any more. …may be Paredes Salvio Fazio Icardi coming in after half time. …….fcuk u brazil

  32. Gonzalo

    This is more light game than I expected, without any importance. Sampaoli easy could use more debutants.

  33. Istiaque

    Our team has a shape, our midfielders have a plan, our forwards know where to be…Tge improvement is just visible

    1. Aslam

      The slow defense will be a problem..!

  34. EnganChe

    Gooool carajo gooool!

  35. Gonzalo

    I’m going to sleep

    1. Istiaque

      sleep well…the team is in good hands!

  36. david carvajal

    I believe it’s our 2 central midfielders needing some changes…

    Biglia playing way better than banega…

  37. EnganChe

    It’s interesting how Biglia is higher than Banega sometimes.

  38. niklucky02

    Counterattack still a problem for us

  39. niklucky02

    I’m getting irritated by a Brazilian seated besides me

    1. chalz



    please live stream link india

    1. Arjunanmessi

      search watch football online in youtube there will be five miniutes video… you can get many streams…

  41. godboy_messi

    anyone link please

  42. Istiaque

    10 minutes in, and we are already better than we were ever before during Tata and Bozo.

    Treat for the eyes. These triangles, pressings…ahhhhh

  43. david carvajal

    I know just started but… dimaria has messed up about 3/4 passes and hits post…. dybala plying great 1 touch futbol… messi yet to be utilized..

    Banega playing slow
    Gomez and biglia playing well
    Romero – 1/4 on passes


    free live stream link please

  45. david carvajal

    Finally game time! Should be a good match.. I’m hoping he debuts lanzini, nacho, and paredes at the end… vamos carajo

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