Unofficial Argentina starting XI against Brazil

Argentina training

It appears as though everything is ready for Jorge SAMPAOLI to make his debut as Argentina coach.

Argentina vs. Brazil in Melbourne, Australia at the MCG will be the venue for Argentina vs. Brazil on Friday. Per reports, SAMPAOLI will start the match with a 3-3-3-1 formation and he has already chosen his players. La Nacion is reporting this as the rumored eleven:

Unofficial Argentina starting XI:

Sergio ROMERO; Gabriel MERCADO, Jonatan MAIDANA, Nicolas OTAMENDI; Jose Luis GOMEZ, Lucas Biglia, Ever BANEGA; Paulo DYBALA, Lionel MESSI, Angel DI MARIA; Gonzalo HIGUAIN

There were some talks that Emanuel MAMMANA would start ahead of Jonatan MAIDANA but it appears as though MAIDANA will get the start ahead of the Lyon man. The other choice SAMPAOLI had to make was between Eduardo SALVIO and Jose Luis GOMEZ but SAMPAOLI went with GOMEZ.

If you missed it, Jorge SAMPAOLI has already commented on what he thinks of the team. The match kicks off at 6:00am Friday morning Eastern time, 3:00am Los Angeles time, 11:00am UK time.


  1. Kutz73

    Since it’s a friendly like all else I want to see decent football being played and messi being intergrated into the team…so if he is having an off day Or is not available we have others to step in step up so we don’t see a sheer drop in quality..
    So things to look out for or that may interest some of you in sampoli s system are
    Yes he uses the press but it’s not the senseless running around but there are ” triggers ” like when a player from the opposition team is struggling/uneasy to control a high ball or they are sandwidched between the by line and the on rushing press
    2. How we transit from defence to offense look out for dummy runners etc ..
    3. How we counter press ( if the opposition also uses the high press )

    So besides the goals, player selection and the final score loads of excitement in the air ..
    What time in India?? And links ?? anyone

  2. david carvajal

    Been up since 3 am anxious to see the game!

  3. Kutz73


    Looking forward to the game here in India it’s at 1630 hrs ?? Is it airing on any of the sports channels or some links Anyone..
    ROY Will there be a live thread ??
    The entertaining english man who’s ” French ” is top notch @capt Diego should surface again 🙂

  4. vik

    Kick off at 11:05am here UK time. And I am here at work. 😣
    What’s important is fluidity between the lines and ball transition from defence. Let’s see if our midfield has the same intensity as Sampaoli had at Chile.

    1. pablo dennison

      vik: lets just say it will be an unproductive 2 work hours for you so I think the best course of action is your boss should just accept it and give you that time off in his office watching the game, rolling one of his fine cigars and drinking ones of his fine whisky’s as you watch the game-that is what any good boss should do 🙂
      btw and off the topic what a mess for your election result…yikes….

  5. pablo dennison

    10.05pm sat night here and ill just have to relax and not drink to much before kick off or full time can be a long time away 🙂

  6. chalz

    All set…

  7. Dfox1942

    The game will start at 6:05 AM my time and I can’t wait, who needs sleep or maybe just a couple of hours of sleep.

    as always, LETS GO ARGENTINA…..GOD HELP ME, I love it so.

    I want a WIN and I don’t give a damn its just a friendly, JUST WIN BABY.

    1. MMH

      Lucky you. I will miss the game. I have zero expection though. I just want team to gel together and understand the concept and new method of Sampaoli. With tomorrow game we starting a new era. Era that no player is safe in the squad and they know it,they have to perform or will be replaced. Good luck to everyone.
      Vamos Argentina

    2. Istiaque

      Mine is in 5.05 in the morning!

      1. Julker9

        Istiaque@ Bro, the game is at 4:05 p.m in evening, not morning!

        1. vimaldass

          Mine is 6.05pm here in Malaysia. Gonna watch it live. Vamos argentina!

        2. pablo dennison

          Istiaque: that is a much more respectable hour and enjoy the game and Julker9 great work informing him of the correct time and you also enjoy the game.

    1. EnganChe

      This is good but maybe Martinez Quarta for Maidana, Barboza for Pinola and Benedetto for Alario, although Maidana and Pinola are solid and experienced.

    2. sandy

      @ Gonzalo
      I reaad this article and the first person came to my mind was you. Pedro Coates says the primera has gone less interesting bu thete is no dearth of talent in it. A few names i can recall from his list are Reynoso, Rigoni, Benedetto, Pity Fernandes, Nacho, etc. Sampaoli is observing around 100 players. A good number of them should be from the primera. At some point these players will break into his side.

      1. Gonzalo

        Herrera and Barboza already on Sampaoli’s radar.

    3. vimaldass

      Looks like a really strong team especially the wingers who imo could unbalance any team in the world. I really like the idea of picking Alario as the centre forward too.

      1. Gonzalo

        For me:



        .Pity/Gaston Gimenez…..Cabalucci/Pity


        Gaston Gimenez of Godoy and Rodrigo Cabalucci (Olimpo) did great recently.

  8. MMH

    Damn 🙁
    Gonna miss the match. If anyone gets the link of full game after the match than make sure you post it please.

  9. fanOFargentina

    Football is not magic…

    please give sometime to Sampaoli…

  10. santanu mallick

    What about icardi??? Still injured????

  11. Gonzalo

    Just try to imagine, in my country national television almost never brodacating football matches. But tomorrow they will transmit Argentina – Brazil live. And I will not in work at the time 🙂

    1. Juli2014

      This is Argentina vs. Brasil. One of the greatest football rivalries of all time!

  12. Gonzalo

    Venezuela and England in U-20 World Cup final! What th hell? I heard from some members both this teams are weak. Anyway our path were converged with both the teams. We beat on Suadamericao Venezuela (2:0) an lost to ENgland (0:3). However I have still in memory what looks like that match against England.

  13. Gonzalo

    Is this formation with 3 defenders and Gomez nominally as RM?

    1. Gonzalo




      ..Messi…Dybala..Di Maria


      Gomez in position which I wanted for Nacho.

  14. Budi Susatyo

    What time is the kick off? Trying to find time to watch in Jakarta time.

  15. Richard

    Sampaoli has a completely different style than his recent predecessors in the NT. Apart from J. Correa and Mercado no one has ever played for one of his teams. I am curious how quickly the team will adapt to the new style. I guess a few training sessions will not be enough. I am indifferent about the result tomorrow, I just want to see the beginnings of a new playing style. Will the players put pressure on Brazil from the kick-off? The fact that there will be many familiar names in the line-up is in my humble opinion a try-out. Sampaoli wants to see how many of the old guard suit his desired style of football.

    PS Sampaoli will not give away his starting line-up so easily as Bozo. He likes the element of surprise.

    1. santanu mallick

      I agree with you

  16. Fernando Wilson

    How in the world Gonbadluck higuain is the first choice striker in Argentina national team he has no dignity he always wobbles and misses the decisive goal in front of adverse goalie the worst number nine in the national team.

    1. vimaldass

      That’s because Icardi is still not fit bro. However he may start against singapore as per reports. Expect Alario to come in as Higuain’s replacement early tomorrow

  17. Romance KING 💘

    Rulli should be GK, aguero>higuain

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