AFA reach agreement with Sevilla over Jorge Sampaoli!

Argentina’s Football Association has agreed to pay Jorge SAMPAOLI’S release clause, reaching an agreement that will allow the Sevilla coach to take over as the national team coach of his homeland. SAMPAOLI is leaving the Spanish club a year before his contract expires.  The agreement will be signed by both parties on June 1st. AFA representatives have agreed to the rescission clause in SAMPAOLI’S contract, which local media reported to be 1.5 million euros ($1.68 million).

“All parties are satisfied by the agreement reached,” said a Sevilla statement on Friday.   The statement goes on to say,  “This agreement in principle is pending the drafting and presentation of the relevant documents, which must be signed by all parties by next Thursday, 1 June.”

SAMPAOLI is inching closer and closer to coaching Argentina!

They are saying in Argentina that SAMPAOLI will be at the Racing vs San Lorenzo match tomorrow night and then on Sunday the River vs Central match.






  1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Perotti goal, Ricky Alvarez goal, Lucas Boye goal.

    Yesterday Sampaoli was on Racing – San Lorenzo. Might have been impressed by Acuna. This night he will observe River – Rosario Central.

  2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Will Sampaoli call up someone in Mascherano place?

    1. Profile photo of RhaelynRhaelyn

      I hope fazio get call now.

      1. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

        he deserves the call

      2. Profile photo of miskanmiskan

        Alex barboza…👌👌

        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          Barboza x2

          1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

            Fazio, Musacchio, Barboza, Quarta or Pezzella. Maybe Garay but not sure he is the type of defender Sampaoli likes.

  3. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Just one stupid intervention our goalkeeper against Corea decisive. THe worst thing is we were really better than England or Corea.

    I just started to like the team and they are done already. But we have a chance to see the players together again in youth category tournaments;) Within 3 years on Olimpic Games. They will 22-23 years old. Ascacibar has a chance for his second Olimpic Games as U-23 player. But first we need another good generation U-20 players to qualify.

    1. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

      Such a shame that they had to be kicked out prematurely while contesting with a really solid team overall. They can leave with their heads held high. Im pretty sure we’ll be able to see them in future be it in the under 23 or even our senior team. Sad ending indeed

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        Goalkeeper, and why Ubeda bring formation with 3 defenders just 2 times. For Venezuela on Sudamericano (2:0) and for Guinea.

        I’ll follow Foyth, Senesi, Ascacibar, Colombatto, Palacios, Martinez, Torres and more.

        1. Profile photo of miskanmiskan

          Bcoz he has no clue with 3 defender or 4 defender…juz take look at last crucial game againts vene he used 3 defends…and once again (silly)..the team depends luck themself to advance from another game (brazil v colom)…

          1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

            I don’t know what are you talking about. Against Venezuela he has played the only time with 3 defenders. And that was the only Argentina impressive game of that tournament. Not because they beat Venezuela 2:0 but they just have played very good game.

    2. Profile photo of saantsaant

      It’s disappointing (Again), but let’s face it, it shows the true picture of our Youth System. The AFA needs to sit and analyse after another humbling experience. If, one thing I just wanted to see Martinez express himself, and announce to the world football.
      I wish he’d stayed home in the first place. When Barco was dropped, it was apparently due to the advice of Bochini, who felt Barco was just starting to settle into his role for Independiente, and so he needed that continuity to develop and gain confidence. Barco stayed and Independiente won 3 and drew 1.
      Racing on the other hand lost 3 and only last night stopped the slump with a win. Martinez himself was starting to find form and establish himself as Racing main striker, so this whole experience is a lose-lose situation for both the player and Club.
      Other players, who stayed home for same reason include Dembele & Pilisic (last night both won German Cup), Mbappe (scored in the crucial final match to win Monaco the league, Moise Kean (scored for Juventus at only 17, and was not released by Juve for the Italian U-20, saying he can still play the next edition, and Allegri they say might use him at some point in the CL final as the surprise element).
      Back to the Primera, Boca have surrendered advantage to River after last night’s draw, they are 5 points ahead but River have 2 games in hand. Now, it’s River’s title to lose.

  4. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

    what a bad luck !!
    we were too close
    but in the end , never let your success depends on luck and other people. you want to success then earn it. period.

    1. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

      Yes that’s very true tmisellati especially for a team with a very reputable history which produces rich young talents year in and year out. Such a shame that we had to bow out in such an unlucky manner despite knowing what a huge chance we had! Ubeda was too late to rectify his mistakes.

  5. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

    USA just scored but had a man sent off. It’s half time now. As of now, we’re heading through to the second round

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      So close

      1. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

        Trust me gonzalo im having palpitations watching the saudi-usa game now lol. Praying and hoping really hard that these results will be favaourable to us. Ive no qualms that if we go through we will do really well and even have a real chance of winning this tournament.

        1. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

          the same here bro
          watching with my hands on my heart
          i believe this team will go far away
          i still can not believe that we lost against England and S.korea

        2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          Damn 1:1

          1. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

            shit !

          2. Profile photo of Diego86Diego86

            likely done now, can’t rely on that much luck! We need an overhaul on the youth system, especially coaching.

  6. Profile photo of SufiSufi

    we need USA win against Saudi for us to progress into next round in u-20 world cup

    1. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

      Still 0-0 between the two. Come on usa we need you !

  7. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Papu Gomez, of course, with winning goal.

  8. Profile photo of ArjunanmessiArjunanmessi

    what a game having messi…. he dont need neymar surez… better players around him enough argentina have more than that… magical messi… half time is enough for the cup… i am going to sleep…. i will see you messi against brazil

    1. Profile photo of rahulrahul

      Messi should win ballen de or if performance is the base
      Are anyone able to tell the performance of any player more than any of messi ‘s following performance
      1-messi vs realmadrid (at berbanau)
      2-messi vs espenyol(first game vs espenyol this season)
      3-messi vs celta vigo
      4-messi vs alavas (kings cup final)
      5-messi vs sevilla(at sevilla’s ground)
      6-messi vs realbetis(first laliga match of this season)
      Please watch atleast these games and don’t comment here but tell in front of mirror that”messi is eligible or not”
      NB:it is for messi haters

  9. Profile photo of Joseph FrederickJoseph Frederick


  10. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

    Unfortunately now our chances are minimal to qualify in the next round…

    1. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

      Probably Vietnam will not beat Honduras, but the group F… very bad odds.

  11. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe



    “El Cafú santiagueño” — “El Negro” — “El Gladiador” — “Taglia”

    “El Mago” — “Nacho”

    “La Pulga” — “El Manu” — “El Papu”

    “La Joya”


    1. Profile photo of miskanmiskan

      El manu?….ginobili?

      1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

        Nope, El Manu Lanzini 🙂

  12. Profile photo of HIRAHIRA



    Paredes(or Nacho)-Banega/

  13. Profile photo of JafferJaffer


    Mascherano Otamendi Mercado
    Banega Biglia Paredes
    J.Corea Messi Dimaria

  14. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Miguel Angel Angulo of Valencia CF was in Buenos Aires on Thursday to observe Alario, Nacho Fernandez and Driussi. Valencia has a long tradition of signing Argentine players.

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      And why not also Pity Martinez? Even after stats he is currently best Primera player.

      1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

        Agreed, not sure what’s going on

      2. Profile photo of miskanmiskan

        Com on dud…this not like buy some cookis..they bring player as what the team need…maybe player like pity martinez guit available at valencia

        1. Profile photo of MMHMMH

          I don’t know maybe i am wrong but i am not sure about Pity. Like Alario,Nacho is real deal for me. Specially Nacho that guy is amazing with full of energy. Box to box midfield player and good with scoring and heading too. I hope Pity prove me wrong but i can’t see this

  15. Profile photo of sandysandy

    Hope he watches Acuna and also observes Gustavo Bou!

    1. Profile photo of rahulrahul

      mercado mascherano otamendi taglifico


      banega lanzini

      dybala higuain

      NB:messi should play false 9 like under pep

      1. Profile photo of Antonio MontanaAntonio Montana

        I like your team but I think sampa will play with 3 on the back line…either 3-5-2, 3-4-3 or 3-4-1-2

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