Marcelo BIELSA presented as Lille manager

Marcelo Bielsa Lille

Marcelo BIELSA has officially been presented as the new Lille manager.

Regarded as one of the most influential managers of this generation, Marcelo BIELSA is back in France and back coaching. BIELSA, now 61 years old, has signed a two year contract with the French club.

The former Marseille boss has been without a club since joining Lazio back in July of last year, only to resign just two days after that. Speaking at a press conference, here’s what BIELSA had to say:

Marcelo Bielsa:

“Football should be a bit industrial and very exciting. I’ve found that here. It fits my vision. The first piece of advice came from my wife. It is to look at you journalists in the eyes more. So I will do so. This is a big step forward in terms of human relations.”


  1. Gonzalo

    Ye, he looks like Brazilian. And the last name like Brazilian. He is academy of River product. Dark indeed. But when you watch Defensa games you will understand. Long time invariably best defender in Primera for me.

    He was among the rumoured names before first Sampaoli’s selection already. And now his club coach will be Sampaoli’s assistant. Barboza will emerge soon.


    1. Gonzalo

      Sorry the comment should be under Alexander Barboza question

  2. Jaffer

    Hello guys
    I’m obsessed with our new coach and the squad and I can’t help it to know how we will field in our first game under Don Sampaoli against Brazil. I badly need to know the linup. There is no proper full backs in the squad which means 3 man back ? I made a research on Sevilla and Chile but their squad is not compared to ours. please share your ideas.
    This is what I concluded 4231
    Mercado Masche Otamendi LB
    Banega Biglia
    J.Correa Messi Dimaria

    NB: I don’t comment here but I always read every article and comment at Mundo

    1. EnganChe

      My friend, just a minor correction, we do have proper fullbacks now in the squad, right-back Jose Luis Gomez of Lanus and left-back Nicolas Tagliafico of Independiente. Javier Pinola also plays a left-back for Rosario Central.

      Some people may say those players are not good enough because they don’t play in the elite European clubs but that’s a different argument to have.

  3. vimaldass

    In the case of Romero, he did contribute his part during WC 2014( during the match against Iran and the penalties against Holland) but arguably should have done better during the final against Goetze’s shot but that was about it. Let’s not kid ourselves here but he never really impressed during the last 2 Copas and failed to vindicate himself during 2 crucial penalty shootouts in the aforementioned finals.

    For the ones who are incessantly defending and strongly disapproving his deselection here( since there’s a strong hearsay that he might not be our number 1 anymore), do you guys HONESTLY feel he fits into a world class team like Argentina?? Any footballer let alone a goalkeeper that is mistake prone and who has always been questioned for his positioning should never be near a team that is vying for an international cup tournament. He should thank his lucky star that he is even in the team in the first place.

    Still remember the outrage from all of us here for caballero to fill in his boots when he was the best performing goalkeeper for la liga when he didnt even get called for trial in the end. Ill never be able to forgive Sabella for that till today. There must be a strong reason for every club coach( even a weak team like sampdoria) to have not started romero ahead of their first team goalkeepers. None im sure were biased hence the only reason being he is just NOT good enough. Period

  4. MMH

    About Romero argument. Great he won something but it’s not enough to make first team spot in NT. It is my personal opinion,now what Sampa thinks i don’t know. But base on team section and rumours Romero days might be limited in NT if he doesn’t get regular basis action in club level.
    Fellas,let’s not fight each other. We all in same team 🙂

  5. Gonzalo

    With Defensa y Justicia coach Sebastián Beccacece as assistant of Sampaoli I expectate soon in NT CB Alexander Barboza. Scored last night in Copa Argentina. Defnesa with him is good team. They’ve kicked out Sao Paolo in Copa Sudamericana.

    1. EnganChe

      Barboza has a bit of Garay, Fazio and Pique in him, good player and seems to be a good passer too which is the type of player Sampaoli seems to like for a defender.

      1. Gonzalo

        Yup, he is good passer also running deep into opponent’s defence. Impressive techinical skills as for CB whence he is penalty kicker in Defensa y Justicia. For his creative capabilities he has been even trialed as DM in the club. A lot of Pique traits. It’s hard to imagine more attacking CB. But still base of his value are defensive skills.

      2. Gonzalo

        Lucky we have generation of hugely talented young modern CBs in footballers like Barboza, Foyth, Mammana, Martinez Quarta, Conti, Cristian Romero, Pezzella.

        1. vimaldass

          Interesting player whom i never even heard of. Why is he so dark gonzalo? looks a lot like he has Brazilian blood in him lol

          1. Gonzalo

            Ye, he looks like Brazilian. And the name alike Brazilian. He is academy of River product. Dark indeed. But when you watch Defensa games you will understand. Long time invariably best defender in Primera for me.

            He was among the rumoured names before first Sampaoli’s selection already. And now his club coach will be Sampaoli’s assistant. Barboza will emerge soon.


          2. EnganChe

            Lol, Argentines comes in all colours, sizes and shapes, from the blonds like Foyth and Ascacibar to some mestizo looking folks like Garay, J.L. Gomez, Gaitan, Enzo Perez, etc. Latin America is a giant melting pot of people and races coming from all over the world.

          3. Gonzalo

            When you have CB like Barboza in team you have one more playmaker and generally attacking player. Believe me.

          4. Gonzalo


            I suppose Ascacibar with his hair colour, name and warriorhood has some Basque roots.

          5. EnganChe

            Gonzalo, yes, I believe Ascacibar is a Basque last name (spelled Askasibar by the Basques sometimes) and yeah there is something about mountain people like Basques, Swiss, Chechens, etc that makes them warrior like 🙂

          6. vimaldass

            Good to learn that today. Ive heard about the european invasion those days in the whole of south america wherein argentina i believe was mostly invaded by the spanish and italians. Even Messi’s grandad is an italian descendant. Interesing indeed. Will surely visit buenos aires one day 🙂

  6. Gonzalo


    I don’t get one your behaviour all the time. Why you are just waiting for one triumph are so-called triumph one ‘your’ player, one ‘your team’ just to back again and spit out this mean self satisfaction at members that were not a fans the player or the team? And why you hate to see Argentinos winning (especially the young) excluding your famous generation Romero, Zabaleta, Rojo, Mascherano, Biglia, Di Maria, Aguero, Banega, Higuain? How are you Argentina fan? You just want to be founded as the one who was right, seeking your own glory. But your strategy is typical strategy of coward. Why? Coward is a man who is hiding everytime when things goes wrong (as you always after lost of your fav players). You flee after World CUps, Copas when your unnecesarry predictions made you fool and back here to get quasi revenge when Romero is winning a cup.

    Maybe we are from different cultures but I always thought this is strategy of coward. Have the courage to be here when your player is losing and have to courage, decency no to gloat when your player is doing well and predictions of others failed. This is pathetic. As far as we are here for Argentina I don’t see a place for this kind of personal rivalry.

    It’s easy to be a fan of a player when he is winning and to be hater when he is losing but it’s hard to be as assertive to stay here and keep (politely) your previous statement when you are still not convinced to the currently winning player. Istiaque just did it and at least I know he is not coward.

    1. Gonzalo

      And besides personally I rather like Romero. One of the last players of old guard that I would like to see in NT still. He was good in crucial moments of Argentina NT. At the moment I can’t to choose between Romero – Rulli. Anyway Rulli must get few matches as starter to see.

  7. Arjunanmessi

    no hate only love…. nice comedy… how many shot he saved in a match… nothing in world cup… round of 16 against switch , belgium, netherland how may shot he had to save… none.. because we defend well.. if romero plays with juventus he have more clean sheet… i think you are ready to argue why mammana instead of dimichelis?…. remember that final goal against germany… that is savable one… from dificult angle … and his position is poor… one mistake from argentina that is goal… if good goal keeper like neuer buffon saved that one… and i know he is the reason we went in to the final… no penalty is guessing game… if he is good penalty stopper we would have champion in 2015,16..
    i know you are in difficult situation.. no bauza no rojo no romero no dimichelis and no mache and biglia partnership… i can understand…

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      Bro, if you’re going to have a conversation with me in the comment section at least be knowledgeable about the game of football. There is no point rebutting what you just wrote on here. SMH

      1. Arjunanmessi

        i am commenting here because you dont have football knowledge …. you said bauza will lead argentina wc glory… what happend he was sacked… i never forget what you have done here before…. i am ready… if you want to argue… in sampoli tactics messi have more chance to score… i know goal will come against us too.. but we have best attack to hurt any team in the world… when germany score in 113 th minuite game was gone… but sampolli era… that wont happen … we have next 7 miniutes… belief… that never happened with sebella bauza martino….

        1. Arjunanmessi

          sry bro i dont want to hurt you…some of your comment made me angry… dont make these kind of sily messages… we all want argentina to win world cup in 2018… i hope you too.. just support.. make good comment… defensive football failed.. last three tournments.. final is success.. but.. this team deserved more… understand it.. why all angry about some of the players.. i blamed some players because coach never used properly.. like dimaria.. he is not lw… but he is good rw… we have better goalkeeper than romero… he is feared… i saw many times.. if you make good comment i will like …

    2. Gonzalo

      I though many times about that Goetze goal in final. I think Romero should have save the shot indeed.

      1. Arjunanmessi

        yes gonzalo…. he closed his eyes… he was hoping to hit body rather than try to save… when every time i saw that… i think that one savable one

  8. Payaso

    Jorge Sampaoli will be paying the €1.5mill rescission clause for @SevillaFC out of his own pocket to take @argentina job [@pablodifonti]

    1. MMH

      Woow. Now that’s the man worth paying respect and support. I thought Messi might pay it but never thought he would hire himself with his money. I hope he gets great reward. Argentine players must take their lazy ass up and play the shit out like it is end of the world untill 2018WC final

  9. NoHateOnlyLove

    Where are the Romero haters at? That’s four straight final while conceding only one goal in normal play. Romero is an undisputed top goalkeeper! 90% of the Man United fans agree with me.

    1. Istiaque

      Here is one.

      He is still a benchwarmer and still cant pass the ball to save his life.

      1. NoHateOnlyLove

        Haha, he’s not suppose to be Xavi. Romero is Argentina undisputed number one, he has the most clean sheet in Argentina goalkeeper history. That’s all that matters, not him trying to be Xavi or Pirlo.

      2. guled

        @istiaque spot on.

        1. pablo dennison
      3. pablo dennison

        sadly correct, rom is a great shot stopper but that is where it ends.

  10. Debasish Duttaroy

    Sharing for fun!

    Looks like Romero does not play a first team role in BBQ also :). However, hope he plays today and wins.

  11. Istiaque

    Rumor has it that the bookies are taking wagers on when he will resign.

    Is it next month? or the next week? lol

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