Local based players list announced for Argentina team

Lucas Alario Argentina

The list of local based players for the Argentina team has been announced.

We’ve already gotten some fresh new faces from the European based list. From Mauro ICARDI to Leandro PAREDES, Alejandro GOMEZ to Geronimo RULLI, the changes are coming and they’re coming fast for Argentina. The same can also be said for the one’s currently in Argentina as there are some deserving names being included in the team. Seven players were added from the Primera to the National Team squad, here they are:

Argentina local based list:

Jonathan MAIDANA
Marcos ACUNA

Here’s the full list, combining both the European based players along with the Argentina based players.

Argentina National Team

The full Argentina team to play next month’s friendly matches.


  1. Argentina2018

    I still think Di Maria is like cancer to the team and should be extracted. Most overrated midfielder in modern football.

  2. Jaffer

    Hello guys
    I’m obsessed with our new coach and the squad and I can’t help it to know how we will field in our first game under Don Sampaoli against Brazil. I badly need to know the linup. There is no proper full backs in the squad which means 3 man back ? I made a research on Sevilla and Chile but their squad is not compared to ours. please share your ideas.
    This is what I concluded 4231
    Mercado Masche Otamendi LB
    Banega Biglia
    J.Correa Messi Dimaria

    NB: I don’t comment here but I always read every article and comment at Mundo

    1. Ratnadip

      Tagliafico and Jose Luis Gomez are natural fullbacks, bu i think sampaoli will use 3 at the back so those fullbacks may play as wingbacks..

  3. pallab

    When Sampaoli will be presented this squad #Officially? ???

  4. pallab

    Very good news Again. …….

  5. mamoun elpipita

    Great list, although I am surprised that peruzzi isn’t there.

  6. Antonio Montana

    Can we carry this many players!? Thought the list had to be 21? This is 27.

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