Los Pibes defeat Vietnam 4-1 head of U20 World Cup

Argentina U20 team

Claudio UBEDA’s boys eased through against their Vietnamese counterpart in a friendly match which was held in Ho Chi Minh. The match served as part of the youth squad preparation as they depart for South Korea to compete in the upcoming Under 20 World Cup.

Los Pibes won the match 4-1 with goals from  Ezequiel PONCE, Brian MANSILLA and a double from Ignacio MENDEZ. Vietnam’s consolation goal which came in the dying minutes was scored by HA Đức Chinh.

Watch all the goals and highlights below


  1. Gonzalo

    Weak week of Argentinos in Europe. Lo Celso once again with assist. Cervi once again with very good game and goal.

    J’m just going to watch as many as possible matches of classicos round in Primera. Need time to comment

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    1. MMH

      We definitely need Nacho,Tag,Placdio in our squad. That was good read. Tnx for posting

    2. Istiaque

      Dan wrote a great article there. He pointed out players from all the positions that we need. i.e. fullbacks, central mids and wingers

      I would take everyone of them except for Bou. We have plenty of second strikers at the moment.

      1. vimaldass

        Yup I second that. Everyone except bou since we have surpluss of centre forwards. Let’s start with icardi first !

  3. vimaldass

    Just watched the argentina vs vietnam game. I think palacios is a fantastic ball playing composed central midfielder. I believe he’s gonna slot into our senior team anytime after the world youth cup.

    1. Gonzalo

      I’m curious about trio Palacios – Ascacibar – Colombatto.

      1. vimaldass

        I think they would form a very combative yet productive midfield to contribute to the attack. Palacios is what i describe as a hybrid midfielder whom is tenacious yet has the composure and is tricky on the ball. A good passer of the ball too. I would still prefer seeing martinez partner ponce in front

  4. MMH

    I am literally drooling over this read. If that’s true and he is our coach than with all these talent we have…i can’t describe how happy i am,finally i will see the Argentina i want to see which used to see before. Have a look guys. It is good read

    1. miskan

      Wow…thats make bozo look like kindergarden manager…

      1. MMH

        Sure it does and he was one though lol

    2. Arjunanmessi

      i know already.. argentina will get best manger in the world.. he can change four or five formations in a match… even conte only know 3-4-3 other formation he failed pep klopp simeone 4-4-2 they dont change the style… even biesla admited that he wont change his style… but sampoli can change the style it depends upon the opponenyt… i am waiting for may 22 confirmation… we will win remaining wc qualifying mathches we will finish second… in the table

    3. Istiaque

      There is no doubt that we got the best manager possible. He would have been the perfect manager for a massive club like Brcelona, and it wouldn’t have been a political appointment like Tata.

      Now we can hope big. Not just for WC 2018, but also for 2022 as well. We are having some stability on the juvenile sides as well…which will ensure the growth of teenagers who will find the transition from U20 to the national team easier.

      I am hoping Ascasiber has a good tournament, so that he could be in the national team. He is already matured and experienced enough to play for the senior side.

  5. Sabellista

    I used to enjoy watching Argentina U20 playing as the teams with structures to them between 1995 and 2007. But now it’s really some shabby schoolboy football. Weak opponents like Vietnam will never test you. Why not some stronger countries that has qualified too?

    1. Gonzalo

      Before tournaments Argentina (both senior team and junior) always play with this kind of opponents. I think the idea is to consolidate team rather than test. However I would like to see them against stronger rival too.

      1. vimaldass

        Are we all forgetting that Vietnam is part of the under20 wc competitor too?

        1. Gonzalo

          Actually I forgot:) Thanks for reminder.

        2. Diego86

          It’s first time ever we (Vietnam) made it to a World Cup at any level, so not surprise that the stadium is full! Playing against Argentina was such a privilege, though, we looked like school boys!!

  6. Gonzalo

    I would like to see:



  7. fanOFargentina

    There are rumors Sampaoli might call up Guido Herrera as one of the goal keepers


  8. pablo dennison

    Gonzalo: appreciate the full match-cheers

  9. vimaldass

    Thanks for sharing with us the match gonzalo. Will watch it soon and comment on it

  10. ThongLyPaTra

    There is a great fan base of Los Albiceleste in Vietnam, my home country. Too bad, I was not there to witness the boys.

  11. Gonzalo

    I think RB Montiel was our best player. Fast, good technique, stamina.

    Colombatto is must. He resemble Banega of 2007 team.

    Mansilla unchangingly annoying for me. Mendez on the same position scored 2. Maybe he is better.

    To play with 3 CMs as it was is good idea I think. Colombatto, Palacios and Ascacibar as No.5 (instead of Belmonte).

    Ponce so so. Zaracho good.

    I think Vietnam took the match really serious.

  12. Gonzalo

    The pass of Palacios to Torres on first goal – so good.

    1. Istiaque

      I will watch the match tonight.

  13. Gonzalo

    One of the reasons I think Foyth is great promise you may see by 4th goal. He is attacking like forward. And probably was to high by goal of Vietnam;)

  14. Gonzalo

    Wow, you see this? full stadium on this friendly. Maybe Vietnamese spectators are hoping to see in Albiceleste team new Messi in his early days;)

  15. Gonzalo

    Mendez 2 goals! Maybe he will be unexpected reinforcement.

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