Lionel MESSI’s Argentina ban completely lifted!

Lionel Messi Argentina

Hey everyone,

We have good news today! The ban given to Lionel MESSI has been completely lifted by FIFA (including all fines).  He is now able to play the rest of the games remaining for Argentina’s World Cup Qualifiers.

A FIFA statement read: “The FIFA Appeal Committee has upheld the appeal lodged by the Argentinian Football Association, on behalf of the player Lionel Messi, against the decision taken by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, lifting the sanctions imposed on him as a result.

“Following a hearing which took place in Zurich on 4 May 2017, the Appeal Committee has set aside the decision taken by the Fifa Disciplinary Committee on 28 March 2017, which, in application of art. 77 a) of the Fifa Disciplinary Code (FDC), had found Lionel Messi guilty of infringing art. 57 of the FDC for having directed insulting words at an assistant referee.

“Despite the fact that the Fifa Appeal Committee considered Lionel Messi’s behaviour as reproachable, the former concluded that the evidence available was not sufficient to establish to the appropriate standard, i.e. to the comfortable satisfaction of the members of the Appeal Committee, that art. 77 a) of the FDC, according to which the Disciplinary Committee is responsible for sanctioning serious infringements which have escaped the match officials’ attention, could be applied.

“The Appeal Committee nevertheless underlines the importance of always showing respect to the match officials, stressing that such a principle is essential in football and any unsporting conduct that may be contrary to the principles of fair play cannot be accepted.

“In view of the above decision, the suspension for four matches imposed on Lionel Messi, which entered into force on 28 March 2017, and the fine of CHF 10,000 have been lifted.”

This is huge news for Argentina.  So,  Messi will be back for the team’s next qualifier vs. Uruguay in Montevideo on Aug. 28. Argentina is also currently without a head coach after the dismissal of Edgardo Bauza last month.  As we all know,  the favorite to take over the national team job is current Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli. Hopefully, he is the man to get Argentina to the World Cup and having Messi will certainly help those chances.


  1. Istiaque

    I am starting to get a little agitated on the development of Paredes. Right now on current form he is playing like a slower and lesser version of Biglia. Man…his passing has become defensive, movement nonexistent, tackling weaker and above all no inspiration in play. He looks a 34 year old player, not 22.

    At this moment, Nacho Fernandez is exactly the CM we need to make the midfield fluent. I was hoping Paredes will step up….and hopefully he will…but right now he’s not the player we are looking for. I’m also hoping Don Sampaoli will play Lanzini in midfield (LCM) too.


    I’m not sure about the defense right now. Sampaoli’s game is built on passing from the back, so he will definitely play centerbacks who are good at their feet. Since Otamendi is playing for Pep and Pareja is playing for him they might get called up. However, both of these two players are extremely error prone. Also, its a shame that Garay isn’t the player he was during 2014 and he is also not that suitable to play a highline passing defense. So far I think this is our pool of Sampaoli’s suitable CB

    – Mercado, Pareja, Otamendi, Mammana, Mascherano, Fazio, Rojo, Funes Mori.

    I think Sampaoli will use Mascherano and Mercado in a 3 men backline, if he uses one. And I have no idea who he is planning to use as fullbacks. Good luck to him on that.

    Also, Pizzaro is a great solution for #5 untill Augusto becomes fit. But Augusto is a great player if he is played as a CM, as Simeone always played him until he got injured. A midfield of Nacho-Augusto-Lanzini is salivating with A Messi-Dybala on the end zone.

    Anyways…we have a competent manager now…so I guess we don’t need to come out with new lineups lol

    1. tmisellati

      i believe that Sampaoli won’t play with 4 defenders
      he will either use 3331 or 3313 formations

    2. Gonzalo

      It’s almost my line up

      1. Gonzalo

        I just would like to find a place for Papu Gomez but it’s hard to bench one of Dybala, Icardi.

        On RB Peruzzi/Gomez or Di Placido (Atletico Tucuman)who just last night had another assist in Primera. This fullback is at this point no doubt better than Peruzzi/GOmez.

        On LB one of Vangioni/Ansaldi/Tagliafico. But Fabrizio Angileri (Godoy Cruz) and Dubarbier (Estudiantes) should be on Sampaoli’s radar.

        TO your list of CB I may to add only Alexander Barboza (Defensa Justicia). He is really attacking CB as Pique once. And very good passer. Penalty kicker. Julian Foyth maybe in near future.

        1. Gonzalo

          No.5 – Pizarro/Augusto at the moment. Ascacibar – let’s see what he will show on WC. Paredes – I just think we have better, especially more agressive players on the position. No.5 must be warrior IMO.

          Around No.5 Nacho and Lanzini are probably best choices at the moment. However Rodrigo Battaglia from Sporting Braga IMO has big potential.

    3. Gonzalo

      Just hope Nacho will back soon after injury not to be ommitted by Sampaoli. However for SUperclasicio RIver – Boca he is out.

  2. Gonzalo

    And I want to see Sampaoli emotionally engaged for Argentina NT as much as it was Vivas last night. LOL


  3. msi75

    Actually Lo Celso had a golazo too.

  4. Gonzalo

    Wow. Garay with 2 goals (not headers).

  5. Gonzalo

    Papu Gomez with assist once again. In the same match De Paul had his contribution to Udinese goal.

    1. mamoun elpipita

      Gomez is a monster and speaking of monsters Piatti also had a fine game after a somewhat understandable dip in form recently.
      Honestly with the likes of Icardi, Papu Gomez, Piatti, Perotti and a supersub like Correa why the hell are Kun, Maria and Papita even in consideration??!

  6. Gonzalo

    Anyone have watched Estudiantes – Boca? Very good game. Although no goals, so hot.

    Juan Foyth – such a incredibly talented CB he is. Has stopped Benedetto, Centurion, Pavon. If only he will have good WC he should be around NT as soon as possible despite the age.
    I don’t think Lucas Rodriguez is good player for the tournament. Fast but as far nothing more. Rather Cascini (partner for Ascacibar in the game) or Cejas (coming of the bench) in this category.

    And I think Sebastian Dubarbier is best LB in the league along with Tagliafico and Angileri (Godou Cruz).

    1. mamoun elpipita

      Watched the highlights, plan to watch the full game tomorrow, apparently it was quite a tense affair.
      Ascacibar is an impressive young player but he really needs to develop his forward passing game if he’s to be a true world class player in the near future.

      1. Gonzalo

        “to develop his forward passing game”

        agree. Passing or more running forward.

  7. Richard

    This is very good news but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We first have to qualify. Playing in Montevideo is always difficult (even with Messi) and the game in Quito will not be easy either. If we lose the friendly against Brazil (not unlikely given the recent form under Tite) our new coach will not start the way he wants.

    But with Sampaoli (or Simeone, I don’t rule him out yet) I am pretty sure we will qualify and go to Russia with the right state of mind. No complacency under these coaches. And both will not be afraid to cut big name player who excels for their clubs but almost always fails for the NT. Goodbye Aguero, Di Maria, Biglia and welcome Icardi, Gomez and Paredes.

  8. Gonzalo

    Lautaro Martinez with goal for Racing.

    1. vimaldass

      Saw that goal hours ago. Such a beautiful finish. Mark my words he will definitely be our no 9 soon. Lo celso’s assist was beautiful too. Hope these players prove us wrong and formulate the team after 2018 wc.

      1. Gonzalo

        First of all I want Martinez proves wrong my first opinion about him in upcoming WC.

        1. vimaldass

          Yes we shall see that

  9. Gonzalo

    Lo Celso had assist yesterday for PSG.

    1. Gonzalo

      Nice move in penalty box and assist.

    2. Csabalala

      Deserves much more minutes

      1. Gonzalo

        Slowly will gets more

  10. Dfox1942

    Haaaa, I just saw this……Vidal saying that rules for regular players do not apply to Messi after his suspension was lifted LOL

    The story is on ESPN, I don’t want to post the link and have the whole post deleted…….wonder what is going on with that but I find it funny that THIS jerk off is talking from all people.

  11. Ghostdeini

    I think our chances have increased drastically to win the World Cup. As said before his appointment Bauza should have never been the coach of this team. He is a good coach for the teams he has coached, but isn’t right for this team and the kind of talent it has. I wish him all the best.
    Although I have some questions marks about Sampaoli, he will get my full support no matter what. I haven’t been as excited for the team since 2006.No doubt we will play beautiful football and finally win.I am as certain as when I said Bauza will fail. Sampaoli will succeed!

    1. Mafioso


    2. Istiaque

      I’m really excited for the next world cup. We finally have a good coach we can trust on.

      Also, I couldnt help but notice that how many good teams there are at the moment! I have never seen so many good international sides at the same time. All those teams have great coaches with fresh ideas. From a pure footballing point of view 2018 is going to be awesome, just like 2010 and 2014 was shite.

      I mean…Argentina has a good coach wtf…Brazil, Germany (duh), Italy, Spain, England has some quality players and plays good football right now thanks to Pocch, France has the best players, just an awful coach, Portugal has some great players and Belgium has gotten themselves an above average manager. SO MANY TEAMS!!!!

      1. Gonzalo

        Exactly, it’s going to be great tournament in Russia. At least in the moment.

    3. tmisellati

      i really feel optimistic this time around
      the way by which the events evolute. from the resignation of Tata , to signing Bauza , to punishing Messi , to Argentina’s loss against bolivia , to sacking Bauza and hiring top notch coach and finally Messi’s surprise comeback.
      i feel that all of these are signs that indicate Argentina can make it this time around

      1. vimaldass

        Exactly tmisellati the tide seems to have perfectly turned to our side. We can say what we want about tapia but his efforts to reform this argentina team(youth and senior) is definitely commendable. I’m eagerly looking forward to our next team selection and game.. Vamos argentina !

  12. Gonzalo

    Lanzini with goal

  13. Dfox1942

    watch the video….its funny, “insufficient evidence……”


    and Lanzini just scored

  14. Dfox1942

    A blind space monkey living on the surface of Pluto knows that the BULLSHIT ban was exactly what it was, BULLSHIT……I hope the Fucking Chileans get was they deserve, have two points taken away from them.

  15. fanOFargentina

    Although Rulli made a good save today the goal he conceded is not the issue..the way he conceded, if Buffon or Nuer were there they would have gone towards the ball and not away..the samethings Romero makes..we need worldclass goalkeepers like Buffon , Nuer to win WC’s..if you analyse the WC winning teams everyteam had worldclass goalkeepers much better than Romero or Rulli..

  16. Gonzalo

    Nacho Fernandez: the style that Argentina NT needs in central midfield.

    Many people in Argentina talking about him in the context.

    1. mamoun elpipita

      Nacho is a must for the NT alongside Paredes, Lanzini, Piatti and Acuna. Argentina’s issues are midfield ones not offensive or defensive. The players I listed all have shown the uncanny ability to play box to box style at high intensity and non of that double pivot rubbish that’s getting our boys nowhere fast.

  17. pablo dennison

    at last good news and lets hope its the start of a lot of good news as we are long long over dew a good run of luck.

  18. rahul

    Messi should play like requelme rather than messi. Because what argentina needed is a requelme type player.only messi can do that.argentina have so many other players who can play in attack.because every argentina boys wants to become messi or maradona.
    Messi have years of experience of playing alongside xavi and iniesta.
    Barcelona -normally
    argentina -mesi should play like requelme

  19. rahul

    If messi does not get world cup,He is not unlucky. world cup is unlucky,because it can’t rest in the best hand in the history of football.

  20. rahul

    Messi should play in the midfield along with masherano and benega.
    Dybala should play in the messi’s role.

    1. tmisellati

      please , no more banega and mascherano in the middle field. we need youth , hungry new blood , players who can build a good play. no more destructors please.

      1. Antonio Montana

        Mix of youth and experience is needed in our midfield. A slow transition is always the best…
        I would like to see kranevitter holding with Pastore and Banega in CAM roles …and up front have Messi on the right, icardi in the middle and aguero on the left … you sub in dimaria for aguero, dybala for icardi.

  21. karl

    Regarding Sampoli’s 3313 formation, do we have solid wing backs? What about the key DM position?

    Teams that play 3313 always have good players in those positions. Hope Sampoli already has some players in mind

  22. guled

    With this good news and the
    rumors that sampaoli will call icardi, papu, paredes, ansaldi some other new faces finally It looks like every thing is falling into place at the right time.

    1. Gonzalo

      The rumors were: he is following the players. Bauza also was following;) Anyway I belive Sampaoli brings many personal changes.

      1. guled

        Sampaoli will be different than any coach we had in recent times.

      2. Mafioso

        Sampaoli’s system can’t be implemented with players who are not good with one touch play and not comfortable with ball and off ball movement.He also needs attacking minded wingbacks. So Rojo as fullback,Mache and Biglia as CDM will be useless for him.It does not work for anyone, it will certainly won’t work for him.Him and his assistants are enough intelligent to understand this.

        If you see N’zozi in Sevilla, you will understand,nobody can fulfill the role from our present XI.The only one I can think of similar is Pizarro. Paredes will also be vital for him.We don’t really have many CMs who can help with flow of possession.With Gago’s recent good form, he may also be considered but I doubt it, age and injury history is an issue.

        1. Gonzalo

          In first place he should give Pizarro few full games as No.5 (he is even a bit similar to N’zonzi). I think Gago was always considered as partner for No.5 rather than No.5

          1. Gonzalo


      3. Antonio Montana

        The players weren’t really the problem… bauza system & tactics were. the copa 2016 had argentina playing better than they have since 2006…18 goals and 3 conceded. Then bauza comes and played with four forwards and two holding mids!!! Lol aguero playing the enganche and then people say he didn’t play well! That’s not his position!! Lol aguero can play up front or on the left… dimaria to be a super sub…. let icardi start up top

  23. Arjunanmessi

    yes… yes… yes.. yes…. evrything now goes right… for argentina.. coach now ban and squad list coming…

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