Pablo AIMAR could join Jorge SAMPAOLI’s Argentina staff

Pablo Aimar Argentina

A report has Pablo AIMAR joining Jorge SAMPAOLI’s Argentina staff.

While Jorge SAMPAOLI is still coaching Spanish club Sevilla, the media in Argentina is already speculating about who would be on his coaching staff should he manage the Argentina National Team. Fox Sports Argentina is reporting that Pablo AIMAR would join Jorge SAMPAOLI’s Argentina staff.

We reported earlier that Lionel SCALONI would be part of Jorge SAMPAOLI’s Argentina staff. Both Pablo AIMAR and Lionel SCALONI were part of Argentina’s 2006 World Cup team.


  1. LavezziMessi

    crazy how much respect the AFA have with Sampaoli and Sevilla

    let the man honor his contract and at end of the season you can talk to him

    embarassing to see every day, every week new info about him. Its been going on for past month

  2. dollon biswas

    I want to see pablo aimer and Robarto Ayala as a assistant coach of sampolis team and zenitti should be manager of that team…

  3. miskan

    i cant believe it…aimar and scaloni that i had watched them under 20 world cup at malaysia as champions…now inclusion as manegerial assistent… they old and so i am

    1. pablo dennison

      x 2 sir x 2

  4. shahzad

    when they chose the new coach

  5. fanOFargentina

    Diego Simeone’s team played like a coward with a team lower down in EPL..

    1. pablo dennison

      but then won and that is the name of the game

      1. fanOFargentina

        but can he deliver champions league with this style…

        1. pablo dennison

          who knows but if he had the massive budgets and players like real and barca have properly but ath.m dont have a big budget at all but at the end of the day you just got to work with who you have and to his credit no one likes playing his teams.

        2. Istiaque

          They have the tactics, just not the players.

          They needed someone in the team that could score 30+ goals a season. Gameiro isn’t that player and Torres for sure isn’t too.

  6. EnganChe

    Gabriel Milito is also rumored to be part of Sampaoli’s entourage which is strange since Milito is already managing Estudiantes as a senior coach.

    Regardless, it would be cool to see someone like Aimar as part of the coaching team, in terms of legacy and continuity.

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