Paulo DYBALA scores for Juventus against Barcelona

Paulo Dybala Juventus goal

Paulo DYBALA scored twice for Juventus in their 3-0 win against Barcelona.

It was a battle of the heavyweights when Juventus hosted Barcelona in the Champions League first leg Quarter Final match. It was also the first time Lionel MESSI played against Paulo DYBALA. The current star of the Argentina National Team going up against the future star of the team.


It was the young jewel which stole the show as he scored twice for Juventus. All four Argentine’s took part in the match with Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO starting for the Spanish champions and Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN starting for Juventus.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN had a few chances in the match, his first coming early after he directed a completely free header towards the Barcelona goalkeeper. Javier MASCHERANO started as a defensive midfielder and struggled to keep pace. He left DYBALA completely unmarked on the second goal while he was outjumped and outmuscled for the third goal.

Lionel MESSI could and should have had two assists after playing the pass of the match and even tournament to Andres INIESTA, who’s shot was saved by the legendary BUFFON. The second was a pass which found Luis SUAREZ but his shot went wide.


  1. Rama

    Whoever appointed as coach of Argentina,please find a system or formula which can bring success to the national team.We hope this Argentina team can lift the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

    Please reshuffle the whole system.

    We have been waiting for 32 years.

    We will keep our fingers crossed for next year.

  2. petro

    Tactically Simeone might be a better coach than Sampaoli for Argentina..but at this point any proven coach is good..

  3. Dfox1942

    F YOU Vidal

  4. fanOFargentina

    although vidal missed a penalty but he is a terrific box to box midfielder..arg doesn’t have anyone like vidal..

  5. San Isidro

    Any line up with Mascherano, Higuain, and DiMaria will net shitty results. Put in Lamela for DiMaria and Mammana for Masche and you have a team. Or move Funes Mori to the middle and stick in Rojo

  6. Istiaque

    Did any of you saw the La Nacion article which speculate Sampaoli’s possible eleven?

    Its a 3-3-1-3 (3-4-3 Cruyff’s diamond)


    ….Mercado Mascherano FunesMori

    Paredes/Banega Pizzaro Acuna/Centurion


    ……DiMaria Icardi Dybala

    1. Mafioso

      Ball playing center backs and midfielders.

      1. Mafioso

        Also lack of wingbacks. Width will be provided by Di Maria and Acuna.

        However I believe it is only speculation.May be a hint at who is those player Sampaoli admire…With Mercado, Masche and Mori I highly doubt we will be defensively solid.Everyone is good defender, but only Mori has the height, also there is no specialist marker…Chiellini vs Masche scenerio is a likely.

        1. Istiaque

          Yes, I think he will change the defense for sure. May be this could be the lineup for the Brazil match.

          Also, Sampaoli can be really pragmatic when he needs to be. Its a common misconception that he prefers gung-ho style attacking. He does not. For example in the Juve matches he made Sevilla play ultra defensive to grind out draws. Shame he lost one of them because one of his players got red carded.

          But one thing for sure, His team will be a joy to watch. He will sort out the midfield, which will result in a lots of chance creations and a lots of goals for our forwards.

          May be he should use Mammana as a RCB and Rojo as a LCB with Musacchio or Pareja as a CB to get the ball from the back. will see!

    2. Gonzalo

      Poor Di Maria in favourite position of Dybala? Crazy.

      1. Istiaque

        Di Maria as an inverted winger never makes sense IMO…He is not a good finisher to play as an inverted winger. Dybala will be great there.

        And Lanzini is ambidextrous, so he would be perfect at LW

    3. Richard

      Mascherano had an incredible career but is now way beyond his prime and no longer nt material. For years he could ‘cover’ his lack of speed with tactical insight and good positioning. These qualities are fading too.

    4. Antonio Montana

      No dimaria… he is a super sub not a starter

  7. Debasish Duttaroy

    Sevilla has sent a letter to AFA it seems threatening approaches for Sampaoli

  8. Richard

    Who knows, in a few years time people will look back and could be saying this was the beginning of the end of the Messi era and the start of the Dybala era.

  9. EnganChe

    La Joya has shown that he has the mental fortitude to play well against serious opposition in big games.

    1. Roman Ranyae

      (Di Maria,Aguero,Higuain,Tevez) had So many great Performances in big matches for their clubs as well,

      But for the National Team they all flopped.

      I love Dybala but it’s too early to call him a Saviour.

      1. Antonio Montana

        It’s really not the players fault for bad performances under bauza… their talent is still there and need to be in national team… but not all start.

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