Report: Jorge SAMPAOLI wants Argentina job

Jorge Sampaoli

A report from Ole has Jorge SAMPAOLI wanting the Argentina job.

The never ending saga of the Argentina National Team coaching job just took another turn. On Thursday, a leaked Whatsapp conversation involving AFA president TAPIA was made public. In the coversation, TAPIA reportedly embarassed and was name calling current Argentina coach Edgardo BAUZA.

Ole is currently reporting that current Sevilla coach Jorge SAMPAOLI is willing to take the Argentina job under the condition that he remain as coach until the 2022 World Cup. Reportedly, the reason why TAPIA and the AFA have yet to fire Edgardo BAUZA is because they want to confirm Jorge SAMPAOLI first prior to firing BAUZA.

There are also rumors that the AFA can’t afford to fire BAUZA due to a release clause in his contract and also because they are currently being sued by Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO’s coaching staff. And also they would have to pay Jorge SAMPAOLI’s release clause at Sevilla and his salary as Argentina coach.


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  2. vis

    Ponce very good talent and i like the attitude telling the crowd at Granada to shut up. It is this kind of attitude that is associated with a winning mentality. Papu Gomez is in form and we should follow the Brazilian example of taking in form players. As long as the friends club continues all this will never happen especially with this moron Absurdo Booza in charge.

  3. niklucky02

    I think we may hear some good news shortly. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  4. Gonzalo

    Lucas Castro of Chievo is atleast one level better than his club. Interesting player. 4 goals, 5 assists. Good even when Chievo losing.

  5. Gonzalo

    From Golazo Argentino:

    News in Argentina this morning claiming the AFA will tell Edgardo Bauza he is fired today….we will wait and see.

    1. Dfox1942

      Promises promises

    2. miskan

      Really…still curious..fired or go on…for me he should be burned

  6. vis

    Fazio, Ruiz,De Paul, Lanzini are overrated. Even if we play one of them we will lose 12/0 to Brazil,remember. Epl, is overrated, Argentine youngsters are overrated, the sun,moon and the universe is overrated. So dont even talk about any player below the age of 30

  7. Gonzalo

    Fazio, Alvarez, G.Rodriguez

  8. Gonzalo

    Ponce, De Paul with goals – another Argentina youngsters. For those that aree talking only Dybala and Icardi are starters in Europe.

    1. Gonzalo

      And Alan Ruiz once again

    2. msi75

      De Paul seems to finally settle in. Liked him quite a bit in Argentina when he played for Racing. His stint in Valencia ended up unsuccessful unfortunately. He seems to have found his grrove in Italy.

      1. Gonzalo

        De Paul and Pity Martinez in River – 2 most interesting young RM/RF at the moment for me.

        There’s few players that seems to find slowly sure footting: De Paul, Cartabia, J.Correa, Ocampos, Mammana, Ruiz

  9. vis

    Sampaoli is overrated,Lanzini is overrated, Argentine youngsters are overrated, Epl is overrated, I am overrated, the world is overrated, the universe is overrated, blah blah blah

  10. Diego86

    First, can you believe it a football federation such as Argentina does not have a few millions? A friendly game alone is paid as much, Messi alone often adding 1 million or more already.

    Second, Sampaoli is not as great as you think, the demand on him is beyond his capability, and the cost for hiring him is astronomical.

    Finally, I still think Bielsa or Sabella is best for us at the moment, but they both have enough of AFA :((

  11. Csabalala

    Correa with a great assist against Real, he’s definitely an SS and not a winger or a midfielder, good in the hole between the lines, still inconsistent, but he feels these clever through balls like not many players worldwide.

    1. Gonzalo

      So why you’ve classified him to “B category players” after last match against Bolivia? This is not any mean tease. Just wonder. For me he is big talent byt very specific player. Only for special games and situations when you need element of surprise.

      THe second Correa, Joaquin, as far with Goal.
      Alejandro Gomez as far with assist.
      Fede Cartabia – this is his another weekend in a row with goal for Braga. Pure talent that needs time.
      Lanzini – no matter West Ham is winning or losing, he is always very good recently. Like today. Even Calleri decent.

      1. Gonzalo

        Valentin Vada assist

      2. saant

        Barca have all but lost the league and guess what Messi didn’t show up again when it really mattered.
        Sampoali’s Sevilla were shit as usual clueless without any cohesion just running and rushing play.with a lucky win. Sampoali’s bubble has long burst. Correa though a talent n Kranevitter very very ordinary and not good enuf for this level.
        Higuain with a double.
        Aguero with a goal.
        Vada with goals for Bordeaux. Anyone watch him play?

        1. Istiaque

          Vada with goals for Bordeaux. Anyone watch him play?

          Yes, that kid is going to be better than Messi. Oh, Messi is a bottler. Actually he is going to be better than Diego. may be he will start doing crack next season, will take some steroids and help us win 2022.

          And I was never really on the Sampaoli bubble to be honest. Who needs Sampaoli when you have a Copa Libertadores winning manager in charge? No thank you. Sampaoli is realy really overrated!

          1. tigrawaydegafi

            I.e how you hit the nail on the head!

          2. belinixhaiti

            Please stop to be bored us on the web.during the last decades only messi does the proud of Argentina all over the world .you are a ungrateful people,you don’t have eyes to see that all your strikers and middle are dumb and overated.thank God ,grace of the coming of Gabriel Jesus in Manchester city Aguero will be back in bench.Argentina has 2 super strikers at this time : messi and dybala .it’s time to hope.that sampaoli accept this job and coach the national team as needed.the national t-shirt of Argentina is not saled this last year.messi is unlucky he should be born in Brazil or Europe and I trust that he would be world cup champion long time ago.ungrateful Argentina !

        2. pablo dennison

          saant: “what Messi didn’t show up again when it really mattered”

          why the dumb comments as no player on earth will show every game and here is some stats for you
          “Messi has scored 25 goals in 29 finals played”
          and for barca 25 goals in 24 finals”

          I guess he’s not a big game player after all.

          1. sebastian rodriguez

            Correct me if I’m wrong if he has played 24 finals for barca that means he has played 5 for Argentina and scored 0…
            That’s over 500 mins without a goal! Any staticians out there that can figure out how unlikely that is for Messi to archive?

          2. pablo dennison

            sab r:
            here are all stats and some one has done a great job


            what we must remember is messi has never player as an actual striker and it makes what he does special, for Argentina messi has to come so far back (he is really the play maker not at all a striker) it take his so far away from the goal its no surprise he does not get many chances yet alone score for the n/t in finals.

          3. saant

            I just meant he hadd a very poor game. Knowing that Real had dropped points, It was a crunch game but sadly, Messi just couldn’t get going. My comment was just abt that single match not his career review.

          4. Rajesh Ramachandran

            May be you missed that he set up balls on a platter, twice, one for Suarez and one for Gomes, both in first half. If they had scored, it would have been very different. When playing with that stupid midfield combo of Gomez and Denis S, Barca has always been extremely poor. If you want to blame anyone, blame the coach for picking up AGomes to start again, inspite of his very poor record with Barca.

        3. Gonzalo

          My preferences:

          1. Sampaoli
          2. Bielsa
          3. Simeone

          We shouldn’t to judge Sampaoli after few months in Sevilla

  12. Arjunanmessi

    what a reaction from cholo… and what a pass from correa….

  13. SulaV

    Hopefully next coach whoever it is … is not scared to break the masch-messi cartel and bring in some young legs!! or else bye bye 2018

  14. Ghostdeini

    All I want from the players is to play football. nothing more or less.

    You all probably know how I was against Bauza from the beginning, even went crazy mad about it.
    Feeling, I have the same feeling now but this time a good feeling that we will fire Bauza and we will go on to play beautiful football and win the World cup. maybe my feeling will betray me, que sera sera (whatever will be, will be) let’s wait and see.

    1. Istiaque

      I have the same feeling now but this time a good feeling that we will fire Bauza and we will go on to play beautiful football and win the World cup.

      Amen brother. With a change in coach…who knows!

  15. Dfox1942

    Passes the donation cup around……….are you kidding me?

    WE are the laughing-stock of FIFA and there is no end in sight!

    This might seem laughable but since the situation is even funnier, I believe the millionaire players should take it upon themselves to fund this endeavor, starting with Messi and then no one will dare question his commitment to the NT and they’ll have a PROPER COACH.

    1. pablo dennison

      in slight defence of messi he has already paid the security guards (out of messis own pocket) who had not been paid for some thing like 6-9 months and yes why not that some of these players should be helping out as some of them do very little on the actual field of play except keep a jersey warm.
      they may as well pay for their jersey as its seems some have it for life.

      1. Dfox1942

        pablo: I know about Messi paying the security guards back during the last Copa and that’s exactly why this idea is not far fetched.

        Something has to give at some point, they have to get money somehow and from somewhere.

        1. pablo dennison

          agreed and their are also some very wealthy people who could and should be invited/encouraged also sponcer parts of the n/t as well.

  16. pablo dennison

    “Well that didn’t take long – ‘leaked’ whatsapp messages from Chiqui Tapia: I didn’t hire him. He’s an idiot”

  17. Romance KING 💘

    if sampaoli become Argentina manager then Both messi and aguero will perform like club for NT

    1. belinixhaiti

      I think that aguero is overrated and don’t deserve to be called in national team.hope that sampaoli accept to take the job and focus on the new players .I think that national team need to change the middle player like mascherani and biglia,di Maria deserve to be ba l on the bench.that’s so sad to see messi is suffering cause the dumb national team .if he was Brazilian ,spain or Italian he will be world cup champion long time ago.the national team Argentina is a shame for all fans all over the world .

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