Hernan CRESPO on Gonzalo HIGUAIN: “It’s psychological”

Hernan Crespo Argentina

Legendary Argentina forward Hernan CRESPO spoke regarding Gonzalo HIGUAIN.

The former number 9 has commented on Argentina’s current number 9 Gonzalo HIGUAIN ans about how he thinks that HIGUAIN’s key misses in finals are down to psychological factors. Speaking to Omnisport, here’s what Hernan CRESPO had to say:

Hernan CRESPO’s comments:

“This is more a question for a psychologist, as his technical abilities are beyond any doubt.”

“It’s like a chain reaction. It’s not rare for this to happen in a final – it can happen to anyone. The thing is if you have the mental ability to accept the mistake, and in the next final to have forgotten the previous error.”

“Obviously, in his case, certain mistakes in finals are being added to his history. He can’t avoid remembering them. I repeat: this is more a psychological question than a technical one.”

As seen above, CRESPO was talking about Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s key misses in finals.


  1. vis


  2. vis

    Hope this worst coach in Arg history becomes history. Dont want to see his face again

  3. Jack!

    Bauza will be set to be terminated on Monday. That’s when they’ll make it official. This is coming from Cope Radio.

    1. Dfox1942

      HELL YES, any news on the replacement?

      1. Jack!

        Word on the street is Sampaoli. Apparently, there is a clause in his contract that will allow him to leave Sevilla for the Argentine national team. I guess, we’ll know within a few short days. Hang tight and be patient.

        People might ask about where the money will come from to pay the new manager. The answer is the new television deal.


    2. miskan

      Im sure local gallardo…he is possible one righ now for unbudged afa…sampaoli release just impossible…he will be succes if he avoid messi fc..messi..his bulldog..his joker…and his harems

  4. Debasish Duttaroy

    Keep us posted guys!!! This will be an important weekend! I am not at all surprised that Bauza is clinging on. He is shameless. He is clinging as this is his only pass to fame. Once he is gone no one will care, he will not even get a like of news print.

    There are a few issues going on it seems:

    1. If you get a man with a spine, like Sampaoli, Simone etc., the dominance of Messi and Mascherano will go away. Hence these guys are quiet.
    2. The 2.5 million. I hear Tapia is a mafia, he should have that money.
    3. The choice will determine who has the control. Someone may just try to keep Bauza to show their power.

    Hope it comes soon.

    1. chalz

      Deb, Tinelli is standing his ground on Bauza and has produced a report and is speaking for him… omg…
      Praying that Bauza goes immediately and Sampaoli tskes over.
      They have to vote it out… as Tapia promised a democratic work out on most things… it all depends how much support Angelici has over Tinelli.

      1. Jack!

        It’s 630 right now in Argentina.

  5. chalz

    AFA meeting on now… it started at 5pm Beunos Aires time… that means now already 1 hour into the meeting.

    1. Jack!

      You’re mixing your time zones up. It wasn’t 5 in Argentina when you posted, it was 6.

      Also, news will come out Monday.

  6. chalz

    nothing concrete yet as per latest news…
    Euro 2.5 million needed immediately to pay Sampaoli exit clause in Seville and pay Bauza good bye… maybe thats why its getting scary
    Meanwhile bauza practising big big words to broadcast them before AFA on monday… he is keen on staying and doesn’t want to leave… omg… he has some support.
    Hope Angelici stands his ground… bcoz rest all are swaying both ways
    Messi can just call up Tapia and say just 3 words ‘i want Sampaoli’ but 100% sure messi will not do that… all messi will do is ask for ‘higuain, di maria, aguero, lavezzi, mascherano, etc.’… well thats what messi is all about now ‘not a man still immatured’

  7. chalz

    @Pablo, Fox, Debashish, Ishq, well Simeones bro in law belled the cat… true… what he said is just true… Messi i feel is also part responsible for whats going on in the team (not talking about AFA).
    Mascherano for all that he had done for NT is undoing his good works by his atrocities now…
    Good people are opening up…
    I want all oldies chucked out by Sampaoli when he comes in… even Di Maria… only leinency on Messi.
    Sampaoli bring in the work horses and youngsters… 1 year for the world cup… just an year more… annd we have not qualified yet…

  8. chalz

    few old men and young men like Tinelli want Bauza to stay… scary sometimes… hope they vote him out soon and take immediate steps to bring in Sampaoli by June end after football season. But we want the announcement now…

  9. guled

    My comments are getting deleted..what is going on with mundo.

    1. chalz

      I realised too… that many of mine went into moderation queue… some words are caught in checklist and wants approval from moderators i suppose

  10. Istiaque

    Whoever the new coach is, I think he should be selected keeping in mind not only 2018 but also 2022.

    He should not be just an patchwork, a filler. He should be long term. I dont care if he is defensive or attacking…just someone for future as well as for present.

    If Messi or Mascherano has any problem with that, they can fuck off.

    1. karl

      totally agreed. I was wondering if Sampoli can control the team because of Messi and Mascherano

  11. pallab

    Sack Bozo

  12. pablo dennison

    glued: i like you version a lot and the sooner the better for us all.

    1. guled

      They said sampaoli can’t wait to jump in and would even swim the oceans to get there.finally we get a passionate coach who is enthusiastic for the job.
      New era will begin for argentina.

      1. Dfox1942

        The man is a firecracker, pacing back and forth the whole game, hanging on every play, his constant intense look………nm bringing results like he did with F YOU CHILE and now in Spain. That shitty team was dead and buried late in the qualifiers until he was hired when his two predecessors failed miserably.

    1. pablo dennison

      defox1942: I like it a lot but I wont celebrate…just yet…until the deed is actually done 🙂

    2. Debasish Duttaroy

      Read this earlier in the day. This will make very long and hard week end sweetly. I will have a toast for all of us – will open up a bottle of rare single malt for all of us and then hope for the best 😉

      1. Istiaque

        make that two!

        1. pablo dennison

          make it 3 actually drinks all round sounds fantastic 🙂

  13. pablo dennison

    yep 3 finals and 4 misses, one could say he has a problem but the lesson has not been learnt and hes still their grrrrrrrr

    1. guled

      Bozo is a goner and sampaoli can’t wait to jump in.new era for argentina football.

    1. chalz

      Bro, what he said is very true…

  14. Dfox1942

    I said it many times and I say it again, ARGENTINA should have gone after him as soon as he left lowlife Chile or at the very least Pekerman when he also went back home before signing back with Colombia.
    Are there actual and factual facts that Messi and company are doubting Sampaoli’s stand on Icardi or is it just hearsay??

  15. chalz

    Quick update: Sampaoli has made it known to his close circles… that if he is to takeover Senior NT… he will have the full control and nonelse … Mauro Icardi will be in the team no matter what…
    Messi and co are hesitant bcoz of this fact with Sampaoli.
    Another quick update: Bauza is meeting AFA on Monday… Tinelli wants him… Angelica does not want him… lets see what Tapia decides in the end.
    Hope we have victory by Tuesday morning… Prayer gives Victory

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