Argentina rumored eleven against Chile

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With players beginning to arrive to Argentina and training with the team, there are already reports of a possible starting eleven.

Edgardo BAUZA will have to do without Pablo ZABALETA for both of his team’s World Cup Qualifying matches against Chile and Bolivia and he might have to do without Paulo DYBALA as well.

The absence of the Manchester City man will mean that Sevilla’s Gabriel MERCADO gets the start at right back. In the center back position, a suspension to Everton’s Ramiro FUNES MORI has apparently opened the door for Manchester United’s Marcos ROJO to start alongside Manchester City’s Nicolas OTAMENDI, partnering him in the center of the defense. ROJO has done very well this season for his club while playing in his more natural position.

The injury to Paulo DYBALA will mean that one of Sergio AGUERO or Ever BANEGA will start in his place. Per Ole, here is the rumored line-up:

Argentina starting eleven:

Romero; Mercado, Otamendi, Rojo, Mas; Biglia, Mascherano; Messi, Banega/Aguero, Di Maria; Higuain

Six players have yet ti arrive and will be arriving on Tuesday. Those players being Lionel MESSI, Javier MASCHERANO, Angel DI MARIA, Paulo DYBALA and Enzo PEREZ.


  1. ClacKamas

    Messi shouldn’t have used any profanity to that linesman…and he didn’t even shake the hand with linesmen …. common we don’t expect this kind of behavior from you MESSI

  2. ClacKamas

    Pitch looks like a 3rd world country

  3. ClacKamas

    Otamendi….Rojo just faking overrated 2 defenders from Argentina occupying Argentine NT places

  4. ClacKamas

    Bauza u faking kunt!!! just resign !!1 anybody can do better than this faking old fart!!! no game plan…no midfield…no possession ….no nothing!!!!

  5. ClacKamas

    Just when Mascherano played a game without a card…red yellow..whatever

  6. Sabellista

    Same old shit. When is this this stupid fantasy of Maecherano, Biglia and Banega midfield going to end? These folks don’t have the legs to cover the pitch in transitions. When is Bozo going to get that in his head?

    I don’t see anything different in the upcoming matches other than the same old bulls hit from Argentina. Same old Messi dependency. I wish I could forward time to the end of Bauza’s era.
    Basile, Batista, Maradona, Tata and now Bauza are going to go down in history as the reason Messi never won a WC or Copa America. Maybe Pekerman too, but he did created a lot of great players for the NT. At least he did something positive for the NT even if he fucked up at a crucial moment.

    1. miskan

      He will never win me…this also bcos his ego and mascher just like mafia creat the team of them….

    2. Martinjean

      hey genius what would be your starting lineup because we all know danm well that it is very easy to criticize a coach. If you were that great why haven’t they selected you instead of Bauza…don’t answer the question.

      Give him a chance and if we don’t qualify, i will be the first to ask for his head.

      1. Sabellista

        And who asked for your opinion? You think I give a shit about winning petty debates or trolls here? I just stated my analysis on the state of the NT.

      2. pablo dennison

        “Give him a chance and if we don’t qualify, i will be the first to ask for his head”
        ambulance at the bottom of the cliff…to late then.

      3. Istiaque

        You related to kidulthood by any chance mate?

        Just asking

        1. Debasish Duttaroy

          I think its Kid, not related but himself 🙂

  7. pablo dennison

    as always bozo is consistently uninspiring in his selections but as always we the fan pay the price for his lack of vision.

  8. ClacKamas

    Which club does Romero represent again? Why Garay not been called up? So we never see Icardi in NT!!

    1. miskan

      Are you new here…icardi is too handsome for the team…everybody include bozo worriying he steal their woman…

  9. vik

    When did Biglia get fit!??!!! Damn it

  10. Istiaque

    Huge positive – Rojo in center
    Huge negative – World class Mas in left back


    1. EnganChe

      I know but Mas is still slightly better in that position than Rojo.

      1. Istiaque

        Yes, slightly! But not enough I don’t think!

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