Mundo Albiceleste Celebrates #InternationalDayOfHappiness

In view of #InternationalDayOfHappiness, felt that today was a perfect moment to look back on what could have been the most happiest day for fans of Argentina worldwide. After all, it seems that moment like these are now fast becoming a thing of the past with the current alarming state of Argentine football.

For me, I will look at this moment as the happiest day in my life. The intense feeling of this match still lingers in my head till today, was practically chewing my finger nail and kept walking around all over the placw throughout the penalty shoot out.

My heart beat even increase when watching Maxi RODRIGUEZ stepping up to take his kick, surely the most important kick in his life. And the moment he scored……

…..words can’t describe just how I felt at that moment.

Now what was the most happiest moment as a fan of Argentina for you guys? Do share with us in the comment box!

For now, do enjoy to relive the entire penalty shoot out again courtesy the commentary of Alejandro FANTINO!

Now what was happiest moment as a fan of Argentina? Do share with us in the comment box


  1. Maya

    The day followed after the Holland victory is the greatest day. Life was just floating. No mind no thoughts almost zen like. Almost between the victory n final I never slept but always full of energy. Am sure if we win the ultimate one day, just that feeling will energize me beyond life n death. Sadly almost all the people here in mundo are just expecting that feeling for only one time. Am sure if we win once, we almost never have that thirst again ever coz that will be the fulfillment. But whether we feel that..?

  2. vimaldass

    Happy to know that rojo might start as a centreback during the nxt few games. i believe funes mori is not stable enough to be our main centre back

    1. EnganChe

      I hope Rojo does start in the centre of defence, he should not play anywhere else. Buaza needs to stack up on bananas. Mas is that good but at least he is a fullback. If Dybala is unfit it has to be Banega, Aguero as an attacking midfielder or even second striker has never worked for us.

      1. tigrawaydegafi

        If he clalls Ansaldi for Zaba then the former should take Mas’s spot. And Aguero shouldn’t be near the starting 11.

        1. EnganChe

          He is not going to call Ansaldi, Mercado is going to start with Roncaglia as a back-up.

  3. Cleanball

    The happiest time was in 1986 with happy ending , Diego Maradona, Burruchaga, Valdano and Carlos Bilardo .. uugh missed that golden moment

  4. pablo dennison

    “Now what was happiest moment as a fan of Argentina?”
    running down the road to school screaming we are champions of the world-1986

    1. guled

      Good for you I was too young in 1986 and the first time i watched argentina is 1990 worldcup and despite the effort the germans cheated and we were disappointed. I couldn’t watch the 1991-93 copa because of no coverage in my area. So far i have seen only disappointment but who knows a period of happiness might come.

      1. pablo dennison

        glued: as you know, we are all in the same stinky boat and its incredibly painful being a fan since 1990 but i never give up hope even with bozo in charge we still thankfully have messi who will have to do it all attack wise as bozo has no idea how to do much of any thing.

  5. Istiaque

    I think we celebrated too hard after this one, which I dont blame them for!

    But on hindsight, this is the match 3 years ago that is still keeping Romero between the sticks which is a fuckin shame.

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