Edgardo BAUZA talks ICARDI, Bolivia and more

Edgardo Bauza

Edgardo BAUZA has taken to the radio to discuss Mauro ICARDI, the match against Bolivia and more.

The Argentina National Team coach has stated that he is thinking of playing a 5-4-1 against Bolivia. Here’s what he had to say:

About Mauro ICARDI:

“Regarding Icardi, I’ve made it clear that no one in the National Team has a problem with him.”

The match against Bolivia:

“I see a 5-4-1, very tight to get the ball, we have to cut their play. Something to get to 0-0 for the last 20 minutes.”

About Paulo DYBALA:

“I will call Dybala for the World Cup. But I see that he doesn’t feel important.”


  1. Richard

    If we make it to Russia the weather won’t be such a factor as in Brazil. Several teams will play high pressure like some of the current top teams in Europe. At this moment we have only one player below the age of 25 ((Dybala). Most of our squad will be late twenties or early thirties. Without fresh young legs I don’t fancy our chances.

    1. Aslam

      Argentine management will understand this only after WC…!!

    2. Istiaque

      Well I do…of getting out from the first round.

  2. vimaldass

    Alexis sanchez will most probably be out against us during the nxt qualifying match due to a terrible ankle injury he sustained just now

  3. Ghostdeini

    with all the talking this clown does…and the player mafia in charge…let’s be honest we deserve misery and to get slapped until we come into senses.
    Such people don’t deserve support, they deserve misery.
    Sadly our fate is alligned with these scum of of people that are representing this beautiful and great team.
    We don’t have another choice but to support this scum.
    Losing means nothing to them. They just go on with their life, to their trophy wives and beaches, cars and money.
    But us the fans can’t do nothing, all we do is get in heated discussions on this board and real life, cursing each other, although we don’t know each other in real life, while the coach and player mafia don’t care.
    They don’t care about losing and humiliation.They don’t have pride. they are exposed to losing so losing one more doesn’t matter.
    the only way I see us winning in 2018 is if somehow we get lucky or our players decide the games because they felt like playing.
    As far as Bauza goes, he will be like Domenech in 2006 “the coach” on paper, then again he is “the coach” on paper now. he is mumbling dumb things because every intelligent and sane person knows he is not allowed to call Icardi, or to make any changes that threatens the place of certain individuals. He is not the Boss. Who doesn’t see this must be blind, dumb and crazy.
    don’t waste you time calling for a change because it will never happen. Our only hope is that we somehow get lucky and our players decide games because they felt like playing.
    Nothing more nothing less.

    1. Istiaque

      Yes, I have realized this a while ago, and stopped expecting anything positive. I only hope nothing happens like player rebellion or anything like France. But when all the players are like a mafia, there’s a very little chance of a rebellion!

      Also I think you meant France 2010? Because France did reach the 2006 final didn’t they? i would be over the moon if we reach the final this time lol

      1. Ghostdeini

        you are right I meant 2010. I probably mistook the years because 2006 rally hurt me the most, more than 2014. In 2014 I was surprised to reach the final. Losing like we did in 2006 was heartbreaking. I felt like we threw the game.

  4. Gonzalo

    “I will call Dybala for the World Cup”

    It’s not that I don’t want Dybala on World Cup, the opposite actually – he is one of few players of current team I really want to see still in NT, matter of course. But to be honest I don’t think any player should have guarantee place on WC today when it’s far ahead still. But Bauza knows today who will be there and no matter how they will play in upcoming months before WC. Today He knows also Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero will go to Russia…. This is worst thing. No matter about merit and current form. You need just name. NT turned to stone.

    Besides I think people comment too much about Icardi and still the same topics. Be cross with Bauza talking the same is without sense. Nothing surprise me more from this lunatic so no need to comment again and again his absurdal reasons for not to call up some players. I know every site needs his daily bread to live but we are talking still the same. It’s bombast, hot air, you know. We need just wait for another coach. Now it’s decadence. Even not worth use keyboard to comment about.

  5. Aslam

    “Regarding Icardi, I’ve made it clear that no one in the National Team has a problem with him.”

    You are lying…aren’t you?

    “In my opinion, Icardi is a good finisher, not a player who you can involve in the collective play of the team.
    “He’s not a player who helps a lot in holding the ball.”

    He’s just a finisher for you..? don’t you see…he’s topping both scoring and assisting chart..?

    “I will call Dybala for the World Cup. But I see that he doesn’t feel important.”

    Why ? Because you don’t want him to be in starting x1 right? You want him to be sitting on the bench and be happy right? It’s your duty to make him confident, valued and motivated.

    1. chalz

      Well said mate

  6. ame

    once again ..relax guys! argentina will win the world cup next year

    1. shabeel abdulah

      Man, they wont even qualify for the world cup.

  7. NoHateOnlyLove

    ”I will call Dybala for the World Cup. But I see that he doesn’t feel important.”

    A. The coach is not saying Dybala is not important.

    B. What the coach is trying to say is that Dybala is not as confident around the other Argentina team players as he supposed to, this happen to almost all new players on a team be it international or club team.

    “Regarding Icardi, I’ve made it clear that no one in the National Team has a problem with him.”

    A. This is beyond Buaza, he’s just dressing up words in order to put this whole Icardi scandal behind him.

    B. As long as Messi and Mascherano are on the team Icardi will never be call up!

    C. At the time Sabella called up Icardi, none of Messi and Mascherano were present for the final 2014 WCQ game against Uruguay.

    D. Maradona: ”Icardi is a traitor.”

    “I see a 5-4-1, very tight to get the ball, we have to cut their play. Something to get to 0-0 for the last 20 minutes.”

    A. The best possible formation at altitude against Bolivia. Argentina will need a lot of runners on display given that Messi tend to walk a lot. Pizarro, Masche, Di Maria and Enzo Perez in midfield. Please don’t forget the oxygen tanks.

  8. chalz

    If Bauza wins a world cup as a coach???…

    what do the real coaches of the past / present who invent systems, those who innovate systems, those that brought flair to the game, those who pulled magic and brought in our admiration; deserve??

    this bit of a clown adores himself so much…

    now why did he let the opponent’s know what system he is going to play??

    what rubbish is in his head when he said ‘dybala doesn’t feel important?’ – what does he mean? Is he telling Dybala – we have di maria, aguero, higuain who are better than you? “Well, stones can play better football than these three”

  9. Dfox1942

    They say that the best of talk is that which is “Short and Precise”.

    …..and we have a rambling-baboon that cant keep his mouth shut to save his own miserable life.

    Seriously, what have we, as Argentina fans and players(past and present) have done to deserve such shitty luck???

    1. chalz

      yea, even i can’t understand why we deserved such rubbish.
      Can’t somebody throw out this clown.

  10. chalz

    Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos would not score much in Argentina – Riquelme

    The FC boys get heated debating if Sergio Ramos is truly a world-class defender, or simply a great predator in the box.
    Former Barcelona playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme says that current Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos would not score so many headers were he playing in South America, as defenders there would not allow him the freedom he gets in Europe.

    The latest addition to Ramos’ personal catalogue of dramatic late headed goals came in Sunday’s La Liga clash with Real Betis at the Bernabeu, when he arrived free six yards out to meet Toni Kroos’ corner and complete a 2-1 victory which returned his team to the top of the table.

    The Blancos centre-back has now scored 10 goals in 28 games so far this season, all of them headers at set pieces, including vital interventions in December’s La Liga Clasico at Barcelona and early March’s Champions League round-of-16 second leg at Napoli.

    Speaking on the Canal 13 show “Pasion por el futbol,” the former Argentina international said that defenders in Europe were lax in letting Ramos start a run which allowed him to attack the ball in the air — picking out his former teammate Walter Samuel as someone who would do a much better job of stopping the danger at source.

    “[In South America] we mark differently,” Riquelme said. “You watch it and Sergio Ramos comes running in and nobody touches him. Here he would not be able to get going. If Samuel marks him, he wouldn’t score a goal.”

    Riquelme also said that Atletico Madrid and Uruguay defender Diego Godin, also a scorer of key goals for club and country including a 2013-14 La Liga winning header at the Camp Nou, was as good or better in the air than Ramos.

    “Godin is a beast,” he said. “I don’t think that Sergio Ramos would score as many as Godin.”
    Thank you Riquelme and Samuel for all the wonderful times… you both deserved more with Argentina NT. Riquelme’s generation deserved The World Cup. (Messi & Mascherano deserve a World Cup but not the clowns and clonies with them)

  11. EnganChe

    5-4-1 is the most defensive formation of all, probably a good idea for La Paz.

    “I will call Dybala for the World Cup. But I see that he doesn’t feel important.” What does that mean? Dybala does not feel important?

    1. Dfox1942

      Exactly…..what the F does that mean about Dybala??

    2. miskan

      Ok…maybe he sleep with dybala…and dybala confesed to him with crying on the bath on his chest…😩😩😩😩”i dont feel important coach”….what ass…e

  12. Mafioso

    “He’s happy, calm, no problems. He said to me: ‘I’m calm’. And I repeated that he could be called up at any time, and that no-one in the national team has a problem with him.

    “In my opinion he’s a good finisher, not a player who you can involve in the collective play of the team.

    “Of the three, Pratto is the best in this aspect, it’s just he doesn’t score like Higuain. Icardi is very dangerous in the final third, he has a lot of confidence right now.

    “He’s not a player who helps a lot in holding the ball.

    “Will I call him for the Brazil game on June 9? Maybe, but I don’t know. I told the Federation that I wanted to go to Brazil for eight or nine days to work with the players, but even though it’s a FIFA date the European clubs won’t give me their players.

    “Also, given it’s just after the end of the season the players want to go on holiday, they plan on going to the beach with their wives.

    “We’re playing Brazil, we can’t change too much… if we get beaten 4-0 we’ll get slaughtered.

    “I saw [Brazil Coach] Tite in Europe and I said: ‘do you want to play this match?’.

    “He said no, so I told him: ‘good, let’s just play a 0-0!’. He killed himself laughing.

  13. pablo dennison

    “Regarding Icardi, I’ve made it clear that no one in the National Team has a problem with him.”
    ok then why have you not called him into the squad then? or are you just really really stupid to not see what he is doing.

    1. chalz

      @Pablo, can we really do something to throw this rubbish old man out of team?? seriously im asking
      Argentines please do something about this…
      @Julian, bro do something? Enough of this clown.

      @Roy Nemer, bro can’t we write officially to FIFA about the corruption in AFA? And get the body to be dissolved?

      @Ziggy and @Seba, can we meet up with Deigo Maradona and ask him to start a protest… it will bring attention in…

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