Ezequiel SCHELOTTO gets FIFA permission to play for Argentina

Ezequiel Schelotto Argentina

Ezequiel SCHELOTTO can still play for the Argentina National Team per the player himself.

Argentine born Italian National Team player Ezequiel SCHELOTTO has stated that he can still play for Argentina. According to an interview with TyC Sports, FIFA has granted SCHELOTTO permission to play for Argentina despite already playing for Italy.

Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA contacted Sporting Lisbon’s president and coach regarding the right back. SCHELOTTO has commented on it saying:

Ezequiel SCHLETTO:

“It makes me proud because I was born and raised in Argentina.”

Ezequiel Schelotto

Ezequiel Schelotto can still play for the Argentina National Team.

The current Sporting player has played once for the Italian National Team.


  1. EnganChe

    Schelotto is not that impressive IMO, he was terrible at Inter, better at Sporting but still. He is fast, I’ll give him that but that’s about it. Peruzzi, Buffarini and Gomez probably better than him.

    1. miskan

      He is tall…you know why i say that..once again he is tall

    2. Aslam

      Fast and tireless player..! Bauza planning 3-4-3 for WC? Two high stamina players at wings ??

      1. Istiaque

        Don’t think Bozo is intelligent enough to play 3-4-3 or anything like that. He might totally play the 5-3-2 though, because like dinosaur and Bozo, 5-3-2 is old.

  2. Julker9

    Now anyone can play for Argentina. Except the most deserving ones!

  3. chalz

    the world had only one clown till date – mussolini
    now the new clown of the world edgardo bauza

  4. NoHateOnlyLove

    Mauro Camoranesi lookalike..

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