Wanda ICARDI lobbies for Mauro ICARDI’s Argentina spot

Mauro Icardi Inter

Wanda ICARDI has taken to social media to lobby for Mauro ICARDI’s inclusion to the Argentina National Team.

Mauro ICARDI’s wife (who also happens to be his agent), has tweeted out supporting Mauro while indirectly taking a jab at Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA.

Here’s what Wanda tweeted out:
“One day, we’ll all be Argentine’s who will stand up and applaud you. Everything comes and injustices aren’t eternal.”


Mauro Icardi and Ever Banega Inter

Mauro Icardi and Ever Banega celebrate their goals for Inter against Atalanta.

The tweets came after the Inter captain scored a hattrick in his team’s 7-1 win against Atlanta on Sunday.


  1. c

    We don’t need him Wanda, our strikers are good enough. The only time I would use the word injustices in relation to sport would be Zanetti never playing in the 2006-2010 world cups😔
    One of the greatest players we ever produced…now that’s a shame and an embarrassment to AFA

    1. dollon biswas

      I never like icardi but this time he should called by bazua..

    2. pablo dennison

      injustice is also Redondo being left out…more injustices are Maradona and bozo being appointed n/t coaches….losing on pen kicks x 2 in 2 years, losing the 14 w/c final when we controlled it and their are plenty more injustices when it comes to our national team.

  2. guled

    Offer lap dance wanda it will do the trick.

    1. Istiaque


      And I hope the erection causes Bozo’s heart to stop and kills him 😛

  3. George Thomas

    And this dumb broad just gave Bauza the excuse to exclude him…sigh.

  4. Mafioso

    These guy and Piatti needs to be called.

    1. Gonzalo

      Mafioso, now you must to signalize also names of Piatti because we have two Piattis in interesting form;)

      1. Istiaque

        Are you talking about the dude who plays in MLS?

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