Roberto AYALA talks quitting AFA youth role

Roberto Ayala

Argentina legend Roberto AYALA spoke about quitting his role at the AFA while working with the youth teams.

In an interview with La Nacion, former Argentina international Roberto AYALA spoke about the reasons why he quit his job at the AFA and it wasn’t very pretty. Here’s what he had to say:

Roberto AYALA on the German connection:

“Oliver BIERHOFF, the German National Team manager told me they came to Argentina in the early 2000’s to learn about youth development. They wanted to know how our youth policy worked, they needed ideas for the redevelopment for the foundation of German football.”

“Back then when PEKERMAN was in charge, we set an example (in terms of football youth development) for the entire world. I wanted to set up a meeting with BIERHOFF but whilst his position lasted for a decade, mine was only for nine days.”

Getting called by AFA:

“The AFA called me up because they needed someone with football experience to set an identity within the AFA. I was very enthusiastic because I was attracted to sport management and it provided me a link to the National Team.”

“I did not like the project that was presented especially having a different coach for the Under 17 and Under 20 national sides. Especially with the U20 side, they made a wrong choice.They asked me to look for possible candidates and suddenly UBEDA’s name appeared. No one called or informed me about this. I was surprised that someone who didn’t present a project was selected instead”.

“From that moment, I knew I had nothing to do and there was no possibility. It was a wrong start, we’ve already made a wrong choice. I was in the middle of a great deal and I left. I had to apologize to those coaches because I was talking to them on behalf of the AFA.”


  1. chalz

    Is Armando Perez going?? He was only caretaker right??
    once they taste the power and money.. they don’t want to let go…

  2. chalz

    Atleast now people recognize the good deeds of Pekerman and Tocalli.
    Zanetti, Ayala, Sorin and Veron need to take over AFA.

  3. chalz

    Truth has come out even now… but AFA or Bauza will never care.
    Germany looked at us once; now we look at them. Hmm.. Thank you AFA for all the rubbish.

  4. Ghostdeini

    Bauza appointed Ubeda.

    1. pablo dennison

      that I did not know and as always with the Afa-fubr

  5. pablo dennison

    A reminder that there were 44 applicants for the Argentina Under 20 job a few months ago & the man who got the job hadn’t bothered to apply.

    1. Istiaque

      Lucky guy!

      1. pablo dennison

        indeed lucky guy, twice over as we got their and now for the hat trick of luck in the finals 🙂

    2. NoHateOnlyLove

      Since you like to talk about the ”44 applicants” for the U20 job, please enlighten us on what the agreement looks like in the U20 coaching contract? What was the AFA pay agreement in the contract? Was the effort even worth it for the ”44 applicants” to waste their time when they can even make way more money coaching a local club in tiny Paraguay or Chile than coaching the Argentina U20 team for peanuts? You guys like to scratch at what you read at the surface yet never step back and wonder why certain coaches does not take up the offer when presented by the AFA. It seems like to coach any format of Argentinean soccer national team the selected coach has to make huge sacrifices when it comes to making a salary. Let’s say the AFA present an offer to ”Mr. A” for $500 a year while a monthly pay is not guarantee, but the same ”coach A” from the ” 44 applicants” had better offers from Santos FC and Al-Ahli Dubai saying that they’re willing to triple what the AFA is offering along with a family package deal, which offer do you think ”coach A” will take?

      You think Simeone would be pouring everything he has into Atletico knowing that he is only getting peanuts for a pay check?

      You guys can keep on blaming coaches because until the AFA mess is fix everything will continue to be in turmoil. Out of all the footballing world power, Argentina football federation is the least supportive of their football teams across the board when it comes to strong economic resources.

      1. pablo dennison

        “please enlighten us on what the agreement looks like in the U20 coaching contract”

        dude of course id really like to inform you of this information but unfortunately its all “commercially sensitive” but I’m sure you will have your thoughts on why 44 people applied for the job and the one who does not actually gets the job-as always that makes sense as its the afa show.

  6. sandy

    “….they made a wrong choice.They asked me to look for possible candidates and suddenly UBEDA’s name appeared. No one called or informed me about this. I was surprised that someone who didn’t present a project was selected instead”.

    The credentials and credibility of Ubeda is questioned!

  7. Gonzalo

    Enough said. Our problems is AFA, managament and coaching. Talents are there no doubt. But they need guidance.

    Now it’s Sodom and Gomorrah.

    1. chalz

      Absolutely correct Gonzalo.

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