Argentina confirmed to play Brazil in Australia in June

Lionel Messi Neymar Brazil

Argentina and Lionel MESSI will be back in Australia this upcoming June!

The last time Lionel MESSI played at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), he assisted a Martin DEMICHELIS goal, the only one of that match as the Albiceleste picked up a 1-0 win against Australia in September of 2007. We recently reported how there were rumors that the team could be going back down under to play Brazil and those rumors were recently confirmed.

Just under 10 years since their last visit, Argentina will play Brazil in the Superclasico de las America in Melbourne on June 9. The money grabbing tour for that match continues since it was last contested in Beijing in 2014 where Brazil picked up a 2-0 win.

The friendly was recently confirmed with ticket information at this link.


  1. Gonzalo

    Another senseless friendly just for money for AFA and assuredly with familiar line-up instead new faces.

  2. pablo dennison

    I’m going to see how much tickets are but its only a 3 hour trip from n.z and I did see the last one.

  3. Julker9

    Meaningless friendly against Brazil. I would rather choose any European team. Because we won’t test new player unlike Brazil or Germany.

  4. niklucky02

    I’m in Sydney and will have to travel to Melbourne 🙁

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