Sub-20: Argentina vs Brazil

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Today the Argentina Sub-20 national team plays against Brazil in a must win match if they are to make to the World Cup in S. Korea this summer.  They currently sit in 5th place in the table.  They’re last game was a poor display where they lost 3-0 to the host of the  tournament: Ecuador.

Coach Claudio Ubeda is obliged to make a change for today’s match as defender Lisandro Martinez is suspended.  Milton Valenzuela who started against Uruguay and Colombia will replace Martinez.  Also, Nahuel Molinda may also make a return to the starting lineup for Nicolas Salazar who did not play his best match vs Ecuador.  Lastly, midfielder Julian Chicco may also lose his spot to Tomas Belmonte who has served his two game suspension.

What do you guys think? Will we beat Brazil? Do we have any chance? Or have you lost all hope with this team?  Last game was very a poor display.  There’s no excuses. Not even the altitude.

Sudamericano Sub 20 Table:

Pos Equipo PJ PG PE PP DG PT
1 UruguayUruguay 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 VenezuelaVenezuela 3 1 1 1 1 4
3 BrasilBrasil 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 EcuadorEcuador 3 1 1 1 -1 4
5 ArgentinaArgentina 3 1 0 2 -3 3
6 ColombiaColombia 3 0 1 2 -4 1
Probable formation:
Argentina: Facundo Cambeses; Nicolas Zalazar, Cristian Romero, Juan Foyth, Lisandro Martínez; Santiago Ascacibar y Julián Chicco; Tomás Conechny y Brian Mansilla; Marcelo Torres & Lautaro Martinez. Coach: Claudio Ubeda.

Stadium: Olímpico Atahualpa, de Quito.

Time: 22.30 (Argentina Time).

TV: TyC Sports.




  1. Gonzalo

    Once again about Alejandro Gomez via Golazo Argentino. Most Key Passes in Serie A and most accurate crosses from open play. 8 goals, 4 assists, 6 time MOTM:

    Banega is one of those that should be dropped. He had enough chances. Not enough bustling. Good for Hong-Kong or Bolivia. Papu Gomez worth of trial. No guarantees but with this stats he just deserves.

    1. saant

      i used to watch Gomez during his Catania days n i am not surprised at what he is doing now. He was a wonderful player even then but Catania’s fall from grace n his move to ukraine among others stalled his progress.
      He deserves a call up and the only person he needs to compete with for the left sided forward role is Perotti. Perotti is going through a dip in form but take nothing away from the quality he posseses.
      Thank Jesus for putting Aguero in his place. Jesus means Gabriel Jesus. End of days fir Aguero not just at City but at the highest level. Hopefully man whore Bauza realises this and moves on.

      coming to the U20s. In my humble opinion, Argentina lying in 5th position is not bad luck but a true reflection of the poor quality of young players coming through our ranks while our competitors are always improving. Atleast we live to fight another day and we still have a climax to look forward to. Atletico Tucuman’s Zampedri had worn Martinez’ no.9 jersey and scored the goal that took them to the next round. Martinez himself scored a late late equalizer to bring Argentina back from death, so we can still hope for a twist.

    1. vimaldass

      I have been following him intermittently as well gonzalo. Quite an impressive player who is able to utilize both feet

  2. Gonzalo

    Banega is one of those that should be dropped. He had enough chances. Not enough bustling. Good for Hong-Kong or Bolivia. Papu Gomez worth of trial. No guarantees but with this stats he just deserves.

  3. Gonzalo

    Banega also should be dropped. He had enough chances. Not enough bustling. He is good for Hong-Kong or Bolivia. Papu Gomez wort of trial.

  4. Gonzalo

    Sorry but despite goal and assist Lautaro Martinez and Conechny are so lazy players they never should be on this Sudamericano. Maxi Romero or Ponce over Martinez no doubt. Vadala over Conechny. Martinez is worst No.9 I saw in Argentina T-shirt. Like Aguero in his laziest moments. This guy is slow and so static without ball. Put someone other in his place who working hard without ball and he will get 3 times more opportunities and 3 times more goals. Even Torres has more goals despite he is not No.9

    Conechny at his 18 has fat belly. Meatball, namby-pamby without any eager.

  5. pablo dennison

    just a reminder from sam Kelly
    “A reminder that there were 44 applicants for the Argentina Under 20 job a few months ago the man who got the job hadn’t bothered to apply”

    and from me, from what I’m seeing its no wonder these lads look lost as we read above, once again a big thanks to the afa for yet another shamble’s.

  6. Antonio Montana

    Argentina tied Brasil 2-2 and now need to do one of two things to qualify for the under 20 World Cup.
    1) beat Venezuela by a 5 goal differential
    2) just beat Venezuela and have brasil lose to Colombia (Colombia beat brasil 1-0 in 1st round)

    1. vimaldass

      Not very true antonio. Argentina just need to beat venezuela and hope for a draw between colombia and brazil. Also please be reminded that almost everyone brazil fielded against colombia during their group match were substitutes. Anyway lets just hope for the best

      1. Antonio Montana

        Stand corrected! A win or tie by Colombia over brasil and an argentinean win over Venezuela
        Or just a 5 goal differential win over Venezuela

        1. vimaldass

          Yup bro 🙂

    2. pablo dennison

      phewwwwww at least we did not lose to them…phewww….

  7. Csabalala

    Ecuador-Columbia 3:0, a win against Venezuela will be enough, if today Uruguay won’t lose against them.

    1. vimaldass

      Venezuela is leading uruguay by 3 goals to nil. We have no choice but to win against brazil if we want to qualify

  8. Csabalala

    4 CBs, 2 DMs, and 0 playmaker? 😀

    1. Istiaque

      Prototypical Argentine formation. Zero fullbacks and no central mids.

  9. pablo dennison

    i dont care how just beat the yellow team

  10. pallab


    1. Juli2014 (Post author)

      Only is S. America my friend.. haha But they won!

      1. Gonzalo

        Another interesting thing is usually the Argentinean clubs that participate in Copa Libertadores are not the same that dominating in league simultaneously. I mean the teams that represent Argentina in CL are often not the best of the country at the moment because in this league things changes very quick. Within one year you may win league and then spend most of next season in mid table.

        1. Juli2014 (Post author)

          You have a good point there. It’s like they play harder in the Libertadores matches.

    1. EnganChe

      A. Gomez – yet another alternative to Di Maria on the left wing.

      1. Gonzalo

        Or in playmaker role. He was also World Champion U-20 in 2007.

  11. EnganChe

    Ubeda has very poor credentials and thin resume/CV as a coach and it shows. Very poor. The infamous M. Palermo, for example, could not have done worse

  12. Gonzalo

    Again and Again stupid Mansilla, childish Conechny and lazy Martinez… and Barco benched

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