Diego MARADONA calls Edgardo BAUZA a traitor

Diego Maradona Davis Cup

To add to Roy’s article on BAUZA’s visit to Inter to talk to Mauro ICARDI, related news is brewing back home in Argentina.

Diego MARADONA who was attending the Davis Cup tie between Argentina and Italy spoke to Ole and was very less enthusiastic about BAUZA’s visit.

“It’s better not to comment, but if (Edgardo) BAUZA met with (Mauro) ICARDI, I think he is a traitor too”.

It appears Diego isn’t keen to have ICARDI getting called up for Argentina after the scandal between ICARDI and his wife Wanda, in relation to Maxi LOPEZ. As such, he believes that ICARDI doesn’t deserve to wear the blue and white shirt, no matter what he does on the field.


  1. waveride

    Maradona was and still is my favoutite, but as Pablo said he has to stop talking sometimes.
    To me traitors are the ones who run things in Argentine football but instead of trying to do the best possible they simply dont give a fuck and are rensponsible for our downfall.

    I didnt like what Icardi did either but if someone really cares for Argentina sake he should want him to the team.

  2. chalz

    Icardi needs to play in the 11s let alone as the foolish man said no. 3 choice…
    Icardi needs to take the first kick for NT as the whistle signals the game to begin.
    Such a horrible decision to not play him in the 11s… he is the need of the hour for NT

  3. pablo dennison

    maradona you were my hero as a kid for 86 and ill never forget that but you of all people should shut the f up as you have disgraced this nation too many times to count and far to many times to be pointing fingers at any one because of your shocking behaviour both on and off the field.

    where to start, from your drug use, cheating on your marriage, prostitutes, shooting guns at people, 94 w/c, 2010 w/c and on and on and on an on.

    simply put….shut up and go away Diego as you are sounding more and more bitter and more and more like pele every day.

    1. miskan

      Real maradona was death…this one is zombie

    2. SulaV

      Women can easily make a man’s brain to stop working.. and in Icardi’s case he was very young boy with high testosterone and came under influence of a slut!

      1. pablo dennison

        so true sir and we have all been their lol
        to their credit they are still together.

    3. guled

      Spot-on pablo.

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