Sub-20 Hexagonal: Argentina vs Colombia

Hello again everyone,

Today our “los pibes” play against Colombia in their 2nd match of the hexagonal stage.  Argentina must win today in order to secure a place in this summer’s World Cup in S. Korea.  After their 3-0 loss to Uruguay, they are currently siting in last place in the standings and thus need a win today.  If they tie or lose today, they would be obligated to win their last three matches in order to capture one of the four spots in the World Cup.  Despite the poor results in the first match, Argentina has benefited from the other 2 matches (Colombia-Venezuela and Ecuador-Brazil) which ended in draws.

Against Colombia, coach Úbeda will have to make at least one mandatory change due to midfielder’s Tomás Belmonte suspension.  His replacement will be either Pedro Ojeda (Rosario Central) or Franco Moyano (San Lorenzo).  Cristian Romero returns to his position as a central defender along with Juan Foyth.


Probable Argentina lineup:


Ramiro Macagno; Nicolás Salazar, Lisandro Martínez, Juan Foyth, Milton Valenzuela, Lucas Rodríguez, Santiago Ascacíbar, Pedro Ojeda or Franco Moyano, Brian Mansilla, Marcelo Torres, Lautaro Martínez. Coach: Claudio Ubeda.

Stadium: Olímpico Atahualpa (Quito).
Referee: Anderson Daronco (Brazil)
Time: .4:00pm EST
TV: TyC Sports.




  1. msi75

    Easily one of the worst sub-20 in the last 20 years or more… With Batista’s squad in 2009. When the Messi generation will have to retire little by little (ergo after 2018), we’re in for a good laugh imo. There are a couple of good players currently playing in Europe and in the domestuic league, but nowhere near enough to pretend being a first class nation of football… let alone winning a WC.

    1. Gonzalo

      This is not very reliable – U-20 teams. Look at category category ’93-94. In Sudamericano 2013 they finish on the bottom of group stage. They were far worse than current team. Despite the fact we have so many talented players in this vintage.

      Messi is the only one who makes difference but even without Messi (or especially without Messi) we may reach at least the same level if only smart coach build balanced team. Who are Aguero, Higuain, Banega, Rojo, Biglia, Romero? What they really gave us?

      Theoretically the current crop of youngsters is less talented but try to go into detail:

      Is not Rulli more talented than Romero. Batalla is another interesting prospect.
      RB – I have no doubt Jose Luis Gomez is more talented than any of current right backs. Peruzzi is good alternative.
      CB – plenty of talented MODERN CBs: Pezzella, Mammana, Barboza, Figal, Cristian Romero, Martinez Quarta. Just few names.
      LB – I believe that Tagliafico may give us more than Rojo. FInally he was part of wall-defence Argentina U-20 WC 2011.
      DM – Ascacibar as no.5 is not less talented than Mascherano but still may give us more in attack as we have seen yesterday.
      other interesting midfielders: Kranevitter, Ocampos, Lanzini, Cervi, Salvio, Barco, Pereyra Lo Celso, Leo Suarez, Paredes, Escalante, Mauri, Alexis Castro

      attack: Icardi over Higuain. Dybala over Aguero. We have also Correa, Simeone, Driussi, Alario, Pavon.

      There are also talented players who still may ressurect like Cartabia or Vietto, De Paul, Centurion, Calleri, G.MArtinez. As always will there late awekening among players that are hidden with their talent now as 23-24. But wait until their 29-29. It’s best age for footballer. Look at cases of Perotti, Piatti, Trejo, Alejandro Gomez, Augusto Fernandez…

      1. Gonzalo

        ……… ……..Lanzini……….

        for me it’s not bad for future

  2. Gonzalo

    Brazil lost to Uruguay while Ecuador lost to Venezuela. Unpredictable. Youngsters are unpredictable.

  3. Gonzalo

    Too bad we can’t use some players. Alternative squad:



    Lovera…….. ..Barco……….Vadala

    ……………Maxi Romero


    Ivan Gomez
    Del Castillo

    Julian Illanes is already Fiorentina player. Defender with massive talent.

    Olivera is River promising LB with experience in Primera unlike Valenzuela

    Diego Sosa (Tigre) – must

    Rivas – along with Lovera golden boy of ROsario Central

    Ivan Gomez is Ascacibar follower. The same club, the same position, age. And just like Ascacibar he was named best player of youth Frenz International Cup in Malaysia (Estudiantes won the tournament). Ascacibar was best player in 2015 edition while Gomez 2016.

    Delgadillo – like Ocampos

    Del Castillo – Spanish Cadiz player. I think he is talented. Not here just because Aguero brother.

    Escobar – another LB with experience in Primera (Temperley) unlike Valenzuela. Good season.

    Cristian Barrios – (San Lorenzo reserves) must watch some videos

    Facundo Quintana – (Estudiantes) – 3 goals in Primera previous season

    Sandoval (Colon) or Anderreggen (Union) – both ’99. Both a lot of minutes in Primera current season (unlike most of players in SUdamericano), Sandoval with 1 goal.

    1. Gonzalo

      Unfortunately the coach takes a lot of players that are not talented.

      1. msi75

        Quintana is class ’96. He can’t be used for this tournament.

        1. Gonzalo

          You are right. After soccerway he is born in 1997. But it’s mistake.

  4. Antonio Montana

    Torres was world class with his first touch and finish on the first goal!!!

  5. EnganChe

    An important win. Goalie could be forgiven since he’s so young. Other than Ascacibar, Barco, Torres, occasionally Conechny and Romero when he is not getting red I don’t see a lot of promise in this group of players.

    1. Julker9

      You already mentioned too many here! How many you want?

    2. Gonzalo

      Agree. Only few promising players. Most are just mediocree.

      I think it’s impossible one of Maxi Romero/Ponce have not been better than Martinez.

      And impossible Vadala or Nicolas Delgadillo have not been better than Mansilla.
      Leonel Rivas, Maxi Lovera (or Messidoro) despite their age were better in Primera than Conechny so far.

      And first of all Diego Sosa (Tigre) is player we lack in midfield. Ascacibar is alone. THere’s a gap in midifield still.

      Coaching is poor. I don’t see any connection between atacking players. No understanding. After few matches just like in first game. Mansilla is far from Martinez, Martinez far from Conechny…

  6. Gonzalo

    I really cannot understand where from this interesting clubs like Real and Arsenal in Lautaro Martinez. He is type of of lazy Aguero but Aguero is still more talented.

  7. Gonzalo

    Actually We have not second CM. Belmonte, Chicco, Ojeda – they are just weak players.

    Goalkeeper should learn from Neuer what is timing.

  8. Gonzalo

    Ascacibar plays Mascherano role but still had assist and crucial cross pass in second goal. Also Torres (?) should have scored in 100% chance after Ascacibar’s run and acurate pass in first half.
    But Ascacibar was a bit exhausted in second half. I don’t know why. Stamina was always his strongest point. He plays too much in every club game.

    1. Antonio Montana

      They play in Quito! High altitude

      1. Gonzalo


  9. Istiaque


  10. Csabalala

    Come on, have to win against 10, Brazil and Ecuador will be much more harder.

  11. Gonzalo

    This team has just mediocree/poor atacking players – Martinez, Mansilla, Conechny

    1. Csabalala

      And bad defenders and defensive midfielders…

      1. Gonzalo

        Nah, defence is not as bad as attack. Goalkeepeer is poor. He should learn from Neuer.
        Defensive midfielders? Yes and no.
        Chicco non exist but Ascacibar is the only midfielder who is defending.

    2. Csabalala

      Btw this is not true, imo Conechny more talented than Driussi, Barco the next big thing, and not accidental the whole world wants Martinez, but due to the defending we start every match minus 1 goal.

      1. Gonzalo

        COnechny is very talented only in theory now. He was outstanding in Argentina U-17 but never after. As far he is sluggish, lazy and unmatured. Of course Barco is great talent.

        But Mansilla and Martinez are weak players for me. The first is like Di Maria in worst moments and the second is lazy like Aguero.

  12. Csabalala

    This guy is younger than Barco, and scored 20 goals in the columbian Primera B last season.

  13. Gonzalo

    Fastest goal

  14. Csabalala

    Torres, always Torres, he’s far from our biggest talents, but definitely know how to score goals, like Icardi or Gio Simeone

    1. Gonzalo


      1. Julker9

        Torres is like a real beast Infront of goal! He will definitely improve as a no 9.

  15. Gonzalo

    Without Barco once again. And Molina too. I don’t understand.

    1. Csabalala

      Columbia number 10 younger, than Barco

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