Edgardo BAUZA in Italy for Leandro PAREDES and Diego PEROTTI

Diego Perotti Roma

Edgardo BAUZA attened Roma’s match on Wednesday as he kept an eye on some players.

According to reports, Argentina National Team Edgardo BAUZA was in Italy for Roma’s match against Cesena. Apparently BAUZA was there watching Leandro PAREDES and Diego PEROTTI as both are being considered to the National Team.


  1. miskan

    Why maradona realy harsh to icardi…for me he already die after 94 WC…and then wake as zombie to screwed argentina football

  2. dollon biswas

    Really peredes deserve national team no one better than peredes in central defender right now for Argentina……I like parotti very much .he should be considered in three man midfield but currently peyatti is the best left winger for Argentina he is something like j,alba…

  3. Gromoso

    I strongly believe that a player like Paredes is like a missing puzzle in the NT. No one is like him, he can easily link the attack and the middle Which our weakness for years. Like Dybala he is the kind of player that you build your team around.

  4. pablo dennison

    as always I dont give a poo who bozo is watching as its all about actions not words and I don’t need remind us all what we know that big mouths word means some thing close to nothing when talking about new “potential” players.

  5. guled

    Both of them deserve to be called but the selection politics still exist so we can’t raise our hopes yet.

  6. sandy

    I have seen Perotti playing on the left wing. Is he a player like Gaitan who can play at both on the wing and as a Central Attacking Midfielder? To which position is Bauza considering him? If he is a left winger, then we have a number of other options too. Franco Cervi, Manuel Lanzini, Lucas Occampos, and we already have Nico Gaitan to me who is the best at this moment. But the thing is that Maria will be playing at this position irrespective of how poor his performance is for the National Team.Then what could be the real aim of watching Perotti? Is there any possibility to replace Maria?

    1. guled

      He said few days ago di Maria will start but who knows he may change his mind since maria is warming the bench now.
      Right now diego perotti is the best option on the left IMO.

  7. EnganChe

    In the best Argentine tradition, rabona de Perotti


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