Argentina to play Chile at the Monumental in March

Lionel Messi Di Maria Pratto

The Argentina National Team will be returning to the Monumental.

After weeks of speculation, the Argentina National Team will be returning to the Monumental when they play Chile on the 23rd of March in their World Cup Qualifier. There was previous speculation of the match being played at Boca’s stadium, la Bombonera.


  1. Dfox1942

    pablo, its in our DNA LOL.

    1. pablo dennison

      Yes sir it is part of our dna

  2. Dfox1942

    Speaking of Chile, Everton 4 ManCity ZERO…….enjoying the EPL, Bravo?!

  3. Dfox1942

    As ARGENTINA football supporters, we all dislike the Brazilians, Germans, the British and always weary of the Uruguayans, but I really borderline hate the Chileans

    1. pablo dennison

      Good morning dfox1942
      I agree with you list and i too never want the yellow country to win at anything.
      Dont get me started on on the pome’s (english) and i enjoy their lack of success-a lot.
      F the krauts and like you chil are entering my list of teams i want to see fall….hard….

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