Jonathan CALLERI, Hernan TOLEDO close to joining Las Palmas

Jonathan Calleri West Ham

West Ham United’s Jonathan CALLERI is close to joining Spanish club Las Palmas.

The forward is apparently really close to leaving the London club and joining up with Sergio ARAUJO in Spain. Despite only joining the club last summer, CALLERI appears to be on his way out according to several reports. Jonathan TOLEDO of Fiorentina is another that is being closely linked to the Spanish club. It would appear that both signings would only be loan deals.


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    Fuck modern infrastucture. There’s no such beautifull country as Italy all over the World.
    Look at Unesco list. They are No.1 in the World. More locations than CHina.

    And in terms of Quality of living don’t forget Vienna is 1st 7 time in a row. Were evaluated on 39 factors including political, economic, environmental, personal safety, health, education, transportation and other public service factors I was there 2 times and I think the city deserves. Here’s the list:

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    OK Kid, first of all, ” There are no cities in Europe as beautiful as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen etc” is an entirely subjective observation. What about Vienna, Prague, Barcelona, Venice, Brugge, etc? Not saying the Chinese cities are not beautiful but this seems to me a false dichotomy to be honest.

    Second of all, speaking of hypocrisy, not so long ago you were praising the European clubs as some sort of a “golden” standard, now you are all for the Chinese league. Some players are not good enough according to you because they are not playing in Europe. You were defending Europe, particularly La Liga just a few months ago. Did you change your mind so quickly?

    Lastly, I think if one substitutes China with Qatar and U.A.E. my guess is that you would be the first one to complain.

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      Vienna, Prague, Barcelona, Venice, Brugge? None of these places come close to Shanghai or Beijing. Shanghai and Beijing are on NY level and even better to some extent when it comes to modern infrastructure. Chinese airports, rail systems/bullet trains, bridges, roads, and sky scrapers are Superior to anything coming out of Europe. Those cities you mention are beautiful for their historical backgrounds and land marks not per say having the best modern buildings, roads, rail system etc. Now I’m not saying Europe does not have nice cities with bullet trains and so forth, it just that China is on a whole different level. The world’s highest bridge as just been recently completed in China if you never know. China also have the world largest water damn which give major electricity to its surrounding towns and cities. My favorite two cities in Europe are Frankfurt (Germany) and Paris. I don’t care much for Barcelona, London and Madrid. I’m not here trying to promote Chinese nationalism, it’s just that I’ve study world events and major in political science in the past. The USA even owes China for a lot of its debt, we’re talking about trillions here. Several of my wife clients have businesses and homes in China and these folks are not Chinese. China and its money is not going anywhere, also there are more rich people living in China than the entire Europe combined. Qatar and the U.A.E whole economic structure is built on oil and with the world catching onto solar energy, wind turbine and natural gas, oil will be a thing of the past my friend.

      well, I have always been a La Liga fan, and this goes all the way back to the late 1990’s. I’d already stated here that Valencia is my favorite La LIga team so I have no hate for La Liga. You notice I specifically call out England in my earlier post? Why is this, England is trying to use big money to lore players to the EPL while failing to develop their own home grown talent. With CSL emergence and its big money, this is a direct treat towards England/EPL not La Liga per se. La Liga won’t have to worry about China especially as long as Real Madrid and Barcelona are around and clubs like Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao (who only use players from their own Basque region and was still able to beat Barcelona without spending a dime on outside players), Valencia (they will pick themselves up), and Celto Vigo will continue to buy smart and develop local Spanish players. Every season the EPL raids La Liga yet they’re still no match for Liga in terms of quality of play. As for players not being good enough, what I was trying to get across is that none of these guys being mention here from the local league are good enough to replace the ones already on the team. Some people here had the audacity to say Lanzini is better than Di Maria. Lanzini doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the Argentina NT. Di Maria has been very frustrating lately but he is ten times the player Lanzini will ever be. It’s the coach job to put Di Maria on the bench if he finds it necessary but guys like Lanzini is not Argentina national team material at the moment. I was watching this guy against City and I don’t see what he brings to Argentina. The only player who is not on the team right now that I can say is a good player is Icardi.

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        China has money, nobody is denying that. You don’t have to lecture me about their economy or capacity and yes, they are spending gazillions on football. One day it might pay off and translate into success of their national team and local clubs but it might take a while.

        The point is, right now when a player decides to move to a Chinese League he is motivated by money and not career aspirations. I mean, if you are past 33-34, there is nothing wrong with that. However, as it stands right now CSL not a world class football league by any stretch of imagination, not yet, it might take decades.

        And you go on and on about Lanzini again. Kid, the talent alone is not enough, it’s not the only criteria, you need hard work, good tactics , mental fortitude and some luck to win tournaments. We need workhorses in our national team who might not be as talented to do the dirty work too.

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          This whole hard working heresy is just a myth circulating here on Mundo. Sabella created one of the most hard working Argentina teams over three years leading up to the 2014 world cup and Argentina still fell short in Brazil. Argentina problem has always been player fitness and injuries in the last several cycle. I mean, the team lost three key players to injury (Gaitan, Lavezzi and Augusto) plus an already injured Di Maria for the 2016 Copa final against Chile. Against Germany, Argentina had an exhausted team who had many players recovering from injuries throughout the entire 2014 world cup campaign. With Higuaín and Palacio misses in the final, fatigue had finally decided to take its toll on the Argentina players hence the late Mario Gotze equalizer. A hard working player is not a substitute for a proper experience football player. If Lanzini was any good he would be at Barcelona or Real Madrid not mediocre West Ham. Lanzini wouldn’t even get call for the USMNT or Mexican national team let alone Argentina. What’s hard working about Lanzini? He barely moves on the football pitch, he has mediocre to average top end speed, he is not strong enough either. So how does this rookie help Argentina? You really think Lanzini would be playing for a team like Germany or Spain in 2017? This is how desperate Argentina fans have become, anybody that can kick a football in the highly overrated EPL should be on the national team. Argentina need world class fitness coaches along with psychological help for all the players.

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            Heresy? LOL. Who sets the standards of “Orthodoxy” ? You? This is not about Lanzini at all. Sabella used players like Yacob, Braña, Sosa and Guiñazu to qualify for the World Cup. Even Lavezzi, Enzo and Augusto are arguably more of a workhorse type of players than pure talent. And again you with your false dichotomies, nobody was suggesting substituting a “proper experience player” with just hard working one. It’s not the question of “either or”, it’s “both and”.

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            “You really think Lanzini would be playing for a team like Germany or Spain in 2017? This is how desperate Argentina fans have become…”

            The only desperation is to talk still about Di Maria, Rojo or Higuain. Really, nothing more desperated.

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    Messi scoring a free kick bullet.

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    You’re here laughing at the CSL while they’re building an empire? This is a country that turned rubble and waste lands into major world class Cities. There are no cities in Europe as beautiful as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen etc. Keep on thinking what the Chinese football federation are doing is some kind of joke. England and the rest of Europe have a problem on their hands with China rise as a football world power. In modern football money talks and the Chinese has a lot of it. Brazilian football professionals are moving to China in droves be it the players or coaches. If Argentina had the money like what the Chinese are spending along with modern stadium and Cities nobody would be going off to Europe, almost everyone would stay in South America. Europe seems to have this entitlement for a long time that football revolves only around their continent and no other continent football matters. Well, the Chinese will have a big say in where players chooses to play going forward. The hypocrisy of the European media about the Chinese spending ridiculous money on players yet these same media outlets fail to highlight the ridiculous amount of money the European top clubs have been spending in the last 10-15 years. China will be a major force in world football whether Europe likes it or not, they might take a little bit longer on the international stage but no doubt they will be a force at club football level sooner rather than later.

    South American players and African players are already flooding the Chinese league and European players will be following shortly especially those in money strap leagues in Eastern Europe. Whenever the CSL lifts their cap of only five foreign players per team, you guys are going to see even more players going to China to play instead of going or staying in Europe. Witsel from Belgium is just the start of what will be a common trend of European players moving from Europe to the CSL. The only downside with going to China is the air pollution, but the country government is already working on this problem. Right now European football is just run by elites, none of the smaller teams have a chance at ever winning major trophies, and instead of a player waiting for a big money move to a top European club, that same player will instead move to China where he will make equal or more money than anything a European club is willing to offer. Football players have families like everyone else and at the end of the day they will look out for what is best for their families before football.

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    Calleri seems to have been an overhyped type of player, should probably go to China lol 😀

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      I guess China has to make an offer first 😛

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