Diego SIMEONE named 2016 best coach

Diego Simeone

Diego SIMEONE has been named the best club coach of 2016 by the IFFHS.

The Atletico Madrid coach has been named the best club coach of 2016 by the IFFHS (International Federation of Football History & Statistics). SIMEONE, topped the list with 113 points, ahead of Zinedine ZIDANE who had 108 points and Claudio RANIERI with 86 points.

Mauricio POCHETTINO finished in 8th place in the standings. Here were the rankings:

1 – Diego SIMEONE (Club Atletico de Madrid): 113 points
2 – Zinedine ZINDANE (Real Madrid CF): 108 points
3 – Claudio RANIERI (FC Leicester): 86 points
4 – Josep GUARDIOLA (FC Bayern München/FC Manchester City): 62 points
5 – Unai EMERY (FC Sevilla/Paris SG): 38 points
6 – Luis ENRIQUE (FC Barcelona): 24 points
7 – Jürgen KLOPP (FC Liverpool): 16 points
8 – Mauricio POCHETTINO (Tottenham Hotspur FC): 15 points
9 – Massimiliano ALLEGRI (Juventus Torino FC): 6 points
10 – Pitso MOSIMANE (Mamelodi Sundowns): 5 points
11 – Arsène WENGER (Arsenal FC): 4 points
12 – Leonardo JARDIM (AS Monaco): 3 points
12 – Olivier BLANC (Paris SG): 3 points


  1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Maxi Romero (Velez) – another talented player born in ’99 who also does not make the U-20 team.

  2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    So just hope that the two, Barco-Ascacibar, somehow will push on our team because I have not much faith in coach again:


  3. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    4. Luis Olivera ’98 (River). Interesting LB with some experience in Primera unlike almost all the called players. Has played as starter in last Superclassico against Boca.

  4. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    3. Leonel Rivas ’99 (Rosario Central). Along with Lovera 2 golden boys of the academy. Both just 17 years old and with their contemporary Ezequiel Barco makes the 1999 category very very promising for us.

  5. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    2. Maxi Lovera ’99 (Rosario Central). After future players like Cervi and Lo Celso left the club Canallas have already two new youngsters maybe even more talented. Lovera is the first. With goal already in league:

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    I don’t know why Vadala is not there. He had good moments in Union Santa Fe of late (with goal). Was not as good as we expected though.

    But there are other players that should be thr more in the U-20 team but they aren’t:

    1. Diego Sosa ’97 (Tigre). Besides Ascacibar he is the one who had been played regularly as starter in Primera. It’s interesting future material. One of the impressive players of Tigre. Very phisicall one. With goal of the week some time ago:

    1. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

      Im just so dissapointed with the current crop of youngsters except barco and ascascibar. im very surprised with the exclusion of ponce ( who was once one of the most promising young strikers in south america with his physicality and technicality )
      Was just wondering if their chances of a callup were actually blocked by their respective clubs? i mean are these strikers actually less of quality compared to the unknown ones who are listed? From my understanding, lautaro martinez is a very highly rated striker there who even attracted the likes of real madrid recently. Apart from him, conechny is also another quality striker. I dont know if there’s anyone else there that i missed out.
      Anyone here can shed some light about the list of players there?

  7. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

    Full list of players called up for the upcoming Under 20 south american championship.
    I wonder why Guido Vadala is not included in it?
    Gonzalo any idea bro ?


    1. Profile photo of saantsaant

      I believe its becos he is just not good enough. Vadala looks to be just another agent/bad media created hyped up golden boy. Juve instantly realised it when they had him play with their reserves.
      Remember, Ponce? Another guy eligible (born 97) but not called up and rightly so. Again so much hype and Roma wasted money on him n now at Granada and I watch him play a few times. So poor. Nothing to offer.

      Gonzalo, don’t get me wrong but I think Barco too is false hop as far as thr NT is concerned. He looks beyond small. He looks to go to ground at the slightest of contact from some highlights i seen. European n international football will be very tough for this kid. He’ll go to ground if Pogba farts next to him. Will he get a foul?

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        Ponce is just 19, so we must wait few years. He is not in my style player but we shouldn’t give up on so young player.

        Barco? Who knows? Maybe he will be too short for Europe but it doesn’t mean he is not good enough for SUdamericano. We will ses. But just watch his last game. He is coming in 46 minutes:

  8. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

    Full list of the players chosen for the upcoming U20 championship on the 19th of january
    Does anyone here has any idea why Guido Vadala wasnt chosen?
    Bro Gonzalo do you?

  9. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

    Full list of thwe player chosen for the upcoming U20 championship on the 19th january
    Does anyone here has any idea why Guido Vadala wasnt choosen?
    Bro Gonzalo do you?

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    ”Ronaldo tells Real Madrid president Florentino: Don’t let Barcelona sign this player…!”


    Cristiano Ronaldo has told Real Madrid president Florentino Perez to go for Juventus striker Paulo Dybala.

    It emerged yesterday that Barcelona failed with an opening bid for the Argentine on Sunday.

    And Don Balon says Ronaldo has told Perez not to let Dybala slip through the net. The Portuguese is a big fan of the Juve striker and sees him as a player who can help extend his own career.

    Ronaldo has told Perez that an attack of Dybala on the right, himself through the centre and Gareth Bale on the left would be perfect for Real.

    Just last month, Dybala said of Ronaldo: “Cristiano Ronaldo is a player that shows in every game what kind of player he is. He is an admirable player, and logically all of us who play in that position would like to be able to convert all the goals he does.”

  11. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

    5 possible stars for those of you who have heard of these names but have not seen a lot them play.

    as always thoughts on them.

  12. Profile photo of Headless ChickenHeadless Chicken

    Simione’s another amazing season with Athletico. But I think Cloudio Renneri deserved the no:1. The work he done with Lescister last season is implacable.

    1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

      it was a fluke and leic may be relegated if they don’t get their act together super fast.

      1. Profile photo of petropetro

        Being consistent through out the year is no fluke…

        1. Profile photo of haftom tesfayhaftom tesfay

          Sim needs to get another award of the year for making Gaitan one of the forgetten stars/sleeping giants in Europe ‘n Laliga.

        2. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

          Petro: it was a fluke, one good season does not make one consistent and for the case of voting its a calendar year not a season as it should be and where are lec now?.

          also factors to take into consideration was so many of the other teams were crap last year but since then what has happened-lec are crap and are near the bottom while the others have regrouped and are back up top, it was not a case of brilliant coaching its was a lot of luck (an example my team Tottenham lost 1-0 despite having 26 shots, 20 on target and lec had 1 and won 1-0) but in saying that massive kudos to ren and Leicester for doing it and sticking 2 fingers to the big money teams..

          alex ferg said “winning the lge is not a big feat but retaining it is”

          1. Profile photo of petropetro

            Well..they had a important player sold to chelsea, and vardy was not in form…injuries…all these are routine..

            i can say they had some lady luck in their side as Tottenhan couldn’t give the killer blow..

            But overall Leicester were very disciplined team..

  13. Profile photo of petropetro

    Hi All,

    Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017!!!



  14. Profile photo of RichardRichard

    Happy new year my fellow fans of the albiceleste. Although there is no big tournament to look forward to in June, we have six crucial games ahead of us. Let’s hope we earn enough points to qualify for Russia. All the best to you all.

  15. Profile photo of LeandroLeandro

    Dreams of 2017..

    ………… Masch…………….
    True LB……Garay..Ota….True RB


    1. Profile photo of chalzchalz

      ‘treat of a team’

    2. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

      Yes lets hope that dream can be a reality.

    3. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

      Ohhhhh………big dream! 😉

  16. Profile photo of chalzchalz

    Baresi, Maldini, Batistuta, Riquelme, Aimar, Zanetti, Baggio, Best, Cruyff, Eusebio, and few more stars rightly deserved The World Cup to their names but sadly fate took its course…
    Praying dearly that Lionel Messi doesn’t go that way but goes up to lift The World Cup 2018.

  17. Profile photo of chalzchalz

    Well, a rock of a goalie, a libero, and a wall of a defence. The best bet yet… throw in a few more italian names.
    Well, one of best forwards yet, the best false 9, the enganche, the best player ever and the magic player.
    a dream defense vs a dream offence.

  18. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

    Brujita Veron is back! Estudiantes have confirmed Juan Sebastián Verón’s return to football two years after he announced his retirement. The 41-year-old has signed an 18-month contract to play for his hometown club on a minimal wage which will be given back to Estudiantes. He can give some creativity even with his dinoasaurus age to that midfield.

    Peak Veron was one of the best midfielder in the history, OMG that performance, crazy:

  19. Profile photo of RichardRichard

    The world of football is now completely insane.
    Tevez moves from Boca to China and will earn more than 100.000 euros per day! This is an insult for almost everyone on this planet who works hard. Money has ruined the game.

    1. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9


    2. Profile photo of JazzJazz

      Money talks Richard 🙂

  20. Profile photo of dollon biswasdollon biswas

    I am the best coach in the world right now,
    My team so far………..

    —————– Vasquaz————————-


    Sub: —Maria—–Aguro—-dybala…Pereyra

    1. Profile photo of JazzJazz

      @ dollon biswas : No offense bro but its been a while since I have been going through your comments and I must say it gets on my nerves, the way you write down players name. Yes, I understand English is not our mother language(including me) but at least while writing down specific name please write it down properly!(Use google if you need help) Yes we do understand who the hell is “Mascarano / Heguin” but that doesn’t mean you keep on doing that! Hope you understand 🙂

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        Jazz, some players even didn’t deserve to write their names properly. So actually I like Aguras, Marias and other Heguinas:)

        1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

          So true and almost gives us hope bozo has seen sence and dismissed them from the n.t for good…if only..

          1. Profile photo of chalzchalz


  21. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

    well earned from sim and great to see 2 of our own in the top 10 but the bad news is neither will take over the n/t any time soon sadly for us.

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