Roberto PEREYRA great goal, MERCADO scores Sevilla winner

Roberto Pereyra Watford

Two Argentine’s were on target in Europe this weekend with one of them scoring a great goal.

Roberto PEREYRA and Gabriel MERCADO were the two Argentine goalscorers this weekend. Roberto PEREYRA had a great game for Watford in their 2-1 win against champions Leicester City. PEREYRA played a massive part in setting up the first goal and had a curler of a strike for the second goal.

Gabriel MERCADO completed Sevilla’s comeback as they were down 2-0 to Deportivo but won 3-2 thanks to a goal by Gabriel MERCADO.

Roberto PEREYRA’s goal:

Gabriel MERCADO’s goal:


  1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Csabalala, you should watch. Both Barco and Benitez worth watching IMO

  2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo
    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      Lo Celso also was good in the same game

      1. Profile photo of Maxilopez830Maxilopez830

        LO CELSO and Walter Montoya played really well . Lo celso looks like a below par riquelme ,Alexis Soto also played well in Banfield .

        Walter Montya Otamendi Funes Mori Soto

        Pereyra Guido Pizzaro

        Messi Franco Vazquez Giovani Locelso


  3. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

    Gonzalo, how well plays Barco nowadays? I see he won a starting spot.

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      I just start to watch last Independiente game. 2 weeks ago was quite good.

      1. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

        You know we said our clubs dont give a chance the youngsters, but this is not exactly true. (Cristian Barrios, Conechny etc.) I did some research about the players (maximum 18 years old) who (regularly or not) played in this season. In Argentina have such 10 players. Barco 533 mins, Maximiliano Romero 474 mins, Christian Romero, Sandoval, Andereggen…

        In Brazil even only 10 players, and 2 constant starters Dodo(right back-1998) and Matheuzinho(midfielder-1998), and there’s no players born in 1999 played in this season.

        In the TOP5 european leagues 46 youngsters.
        8 of them played more than 400 mins, and only one attacking minded footballer (Christian Pulisic-1998).
        Overall 8 lads(born in 1999) played some minutes only.
        2 GK’s(Donnarumma, Lafort) and a CB (Malang Sarr) who are starters among them. One offensive-minded player Kylian Mbappe Lottin from Monaco is a regular replacement. Not many.
        Interesting that Vincent Thill (Metz) and Moise Kean(Juventus) got some minutes (6 and 8) amongst the 2000’s.
        So we can say Ezequiel Barco is an absolute rarity worldwide, we can merely compare to him only Pulisic, but Pulisic is one year older.

        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          A I said few weeks ago, this season of Primera is faaar better than prevoius in this point. There’s many of youngsters. Really.
          Check San Lorenzo team in game against Inde.

          1. Profile photo of mamoun elpipitamamoun elpipita

            oh the primera has been great since I started watching last season! Infact more and more I find my self preferring the primera to europe.
            The number of talented youngsters coming through the ranks in the primera is so impressive: Batalla, Nacho Fernandez and even Druissi with River, Acuna with Racing, Tagliafico and Rigoni with Independiante, Ascacibar with Estuadiantes, Peruzzi and Cubas (deserves more game time) with Boca etc….There is talent in practically every position so lets say thank you and goodbye to the ‘messi generation’ and hello to the new one.

    2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      Barco is also aggresive in defence.

  4. Profile photo of Headless ChickenHeadless Chicken

    Icardi is a solid target man, good positioning – strong, natural finisher. But I don’t see him in team rather come in from the bench. We need someone with huge energy who can make continuously run and helping to defend and recovering the ball. Someone who performs like what Prato did against Colombia’ regularly.

  5. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Pereyra, Enzo, Lanzini, Ascacibar, Nacho Fernandez – I would like to see the midfielders in NT.

    1. Profile photo of Headless ChickenHeadless Chicken

      Must and must needed.

    2. Profile photo of mamoun elpipitamamoun elpipita

      Gonzalo I couldn’t agree more, the team needs:

      1.An experienced box to box midfielder = Enzo (can also play as CM & DM)

      2.A strong DM off the bench = Ascacibar (right now he’s better than Masch)

      3.A versatile attack minded midfielder = pereyra, Lanzini and Nacho

      I would also like to add Piatti, Acuna and paredes to that list, with the 2 former players are just killing it in la liga and the primera respectively while the latter (who I know you don’t like) is a deep-lying playmaker in the mold of Kroos (not as good….yet) and Gago (in his prime).

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        For me Nacho is most versatile. Goals, assists, driblings…

    1. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

      He needs to move away from Estudiantes to a club that plays possession football. If he continues his developing years there, he will turn into another super defensive midfielder or a center back like Masche, which we don’t want from a midfielder with this tenacity.

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        We have hope in the guy because he has ability to be great No.5+. Plus few ofensive runs that he might contribute to attack. So hope to be someone more than Masche.

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      Lisandro Lopez, Di Maria, Biglia a with goals.

      1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

        A good coach easily can turn Ascacibar into Khedira like DM who makes a lot of forwards runs.

  6. Profile photo of MackieMackie

    What do you guys think about the 3-4-3 formation for the national team.





    I think it would be a good idea.

    1. Profile photo of tigrawaydegafitigrawaydegafi

      It is not a bad idea but needs cautious players selection.

      Back 3 should contain players with flank exprience like

      Mercado Otamendi Rojo

      Peryera perez Augusto Di Maria

      Messi Pratto/Hig Dybala

      1. Profile photo of MackieMackie

        Good line up but I would put masherano in place of Rojo in a back 3 because he is good with the ball at his feet and has composure and able to carry the ball out from the back. Mercado is a good idea too has lots of energy and is playing regularly in a back 3. I chose Garay because he gives us a little more height at the back and has experience. Mercado is a great option at CB though. He can even come on as a RWB in a more defensive situation.

        Augusto is a another great option. Much better than Biglia IMO. Perez has always done well with the team. I chose Peredes because I been very impressed with this kid. He kind of reminds me of Sergio Busquets he can pass, defend has composure and make those playmaking passes.

        Pereyra great option for supporting Messi on the RWB or LWB to support Dybala.

        Di Maria what can I say maybe moving him to midfield might see him find his mojo. I chose Lanzini because he is another box to box player that has played on the wing before and is a good dribbler and is able to to create chances. Maybe he can play RWB to support Messi or LWB to support Dybala.

        Dybala I don’t think I have ever seen him play on the left wing before but with Pereyra covering and Pratto chasing down defenders he might be able to operate in a free role on that side.

        Pratto the only CF that really works his socks off for us. Best option I see. Icardi might be a good idea and a better goal scorer but he doesn’t work hard like Pratto.

        Messi a 3-4-3 might be a good way to get even more out of Messi. Chelsea changed their formation to the 3-4-3 and the team is benefitting from it. Hazard is now back to his best.

        And the fact that we don’t really have any full backs this might be our best option.

        I am not saying that it will work but that we should be open to new ideas.

        Stay positive guys I know we’ll make it to Russia. Hey maybe even win the WC 🙂

        1. Profile photo of Headless ChickenHeadless Chicken

          3-4-3 with this team is only possible in FIFA 17. Not in reality Sorry.

          1. Profile photo of MackieMackie

            Lol yeah we can only wish

  7. Profile photo of sandysandy

    Argentina’s biggest problem today is di maria. As long as he is in d NT, we are not going to achieve anything in world football. In d last match, he has spoiled more than half a chance and one clear chance by not passing d ball to pratto who only had d post in front of him. Opponents owercrowd our right wing and if we have to win, maria should use d space in d left half. But what he does is giving away d ball so cheaply! In d last match, messi was playing on d left half to make use of d space der. So what is d use of maria? I was praying that maria be subbed. I became all d more anxious when it reached around 80 minutes becaused i smelt a goal and didnt want maria to score it. Most unfortunately he scored d goal in an open post! The way d goal was celebrated in d side bench seemed like a conspiracy to me. I felt as if d players in d dressing room were telling maria dat finally u scored a goal and we won. Now u will be in d wc team (if we qualify)!

  8. Profile photo of RichardRichard

    The game against Chile will be played at the Bombonera!
    That will be the first time in many, many years.

    There’s is also talk that the 3 points given to Chile might be reversed after AFA protests.

    After the win against Colombia talk about changes in the team has almost stopped in the Argentine media. Many posters here (including me) were afraid of that. We had to win but the need for changes remains as it was Messi and Messi alone that got us the win.

  9. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Long time I think Lanzini could be most usefull as CM, box to box, and not AM LF, LM.

  10. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

    Latest from Mauro Icardi.

    “The Ballon d’Or is a dream for all players, but there are so many great talents out there. I am not a perfect centre-forward, but I am accumulating experience and knowledge from all my Coaches to learn the duties of a modern striker.

    “Gabriel Batistuta was my idol when I started out and I watched many of his videos, trying to learn from him. If anyone compares me to him, that’s a great honour.

    “It is definitely my aim to get back into the Argentina squad, as I haven’t been called up for three years. I’m not sure what is going wrong for the side in World Cup qualifying at the moment, but the team performances are not particularly good. Argentina has some of the world’s best players, but in a match situation you have to play as a team.

    “Many years ago Italy invited me to play for the Under-21 side, but I am Argentinean. I do thank them for the offer, though.”

  11. Profile photo of T-BenT-Ben

    Guys, is it possible for Argentina to have an exibition game before playing Chile ???
    So that we could try these changes we talked about.
    By the way I m watching mexican league and it’s a pleasure to see Oscar Ustari’s game.
    He could be a good option along with Rulli and Romero instead of Guzman wich I don’t know anithing about.

  12. Profile photo of tigrawaydegafitigrawaydegafi

    That is why i ve been consistent enough in adovocating for the inclusion of Peryera since Tata picked him up. Even Mercado is way better than Zaba and my man in every formation i suggest.

    Bozo just call Peryera up and play him along with Perez and Augusto(when he recovers fully).

    Perez Augusto


    Messi Pratto Dybala

  13. Profile photo of imanzandimanzand

    Pereyra, lanzini, icardi shoud call up as soon as possible

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