Three players left off bench, Argentina starting line-up

Mateo Musacchio

Ezequiel LAVEZZI, Mateo MUSACCHIO and Julio BUFFARINI will miss out on Argentina’s match.

Reports coming out of Argentina are that LAVEZZI, MUSACCHIO and BUFFARINI will not make the bench as Argentina play Colombia tonight. the starting eleven is as we reported:


This would be the same line-up as the one that started the Copa America final, with MAS replacing ROJO and Lucas PRATTO for Gonzalo HIGUAIN.


  1. Headless Chicken

    Please don’t off my club football interest and mundo visit until the next Argntina match! Please somehow get a win! Pleae Please!

  2. Aslam

    Crucial day for Argentina. Argentina could end up at any position on the table between 3-8, today.

    1. Mackie

      Yeah hopefully Uruguay and Chile draw. And we win. The only downside if we win we will still have Bozo and his stupid tactics and he will keep on picking the same old players 🙁

      1. Aslam

        An ugly win ? You will get three points…and issue of coaching will remain.

        1. Headless Chicken

          But win is nothing but must. A penalty 1-0 win? No problem. You can sack bozo after the match, you know..

          1. Aslam

            A BIG win…will make Argentina in trouble. Change wont come.

  3. Aslam

    Not Higuain…Pratto

  4. dollon biswas

    I want to see——

    ———————–Rulli ————————
    Roncag—–Otamendi—Mascarano –Mas


    1. Headless Chicken

      Please stop this kind of posts. I just can’t see fans lineup, it makes me so frustrated.

  5. pablo dennison

    just goes to show how bozo really lacks vision as both demi and lav are wasted spots, why take old players if they are not going to be used at all (not that I want them to be used) but these 2 places should have been any number of a multitude of players or potential new talent they could and should have been their.

    this thinking from tata and now bozo is exactly why we are in the crap we are in as so many of the old guard are past it but are still here and now we are desperate and are left with no options but to do what bozo is doing and its not working or bring in a whole new set of players and that is very dangerous as we are fighting for our lives.

    as they say “hold you nose we are deep in the sh.t this time”

    1. Gab

      Totally agree Pablo! Bozo is by far the worst coach I’ve seen for Argentina in my 30 years of supporting the NT, even worse than Batista and Diego!!!

      My best case scenario is that Arg beat Colombia so we still have a strong chance of qualifying, and sack Bozo as coach. The emphasis here is with The sacking. If Bozo wasn’t to get sacked with a win against Colombia, then I’m really hoping we lose in order to force Bauza to either step down or get sacked. This guy cannot be coaching the NT going forward.

      My love for the NT is at an all time low and cannot even summon the desire or want to say Vamos Argentina anymore, that’s how bad it is for me. I honestly feel that this coach and team can go and get fucked!

      1. pablo dennison

        gab: its really horrible and im usually so excited to watch my n/t play but today ill watch but have the sick feeling in my stomach.

        1. Headless Chicken

          Not defending bozo, but somehow he won two copa for two different club. But why he is looking hopless? Loking like he is doing tactically nothing? But Which coach can do better with this team?

    2. vik

      Absolutely spot on Pablo!!
      You can always be impartial when it comes to the starting 11, as you have favorites that get left out.
      But to have duds on the bench in place of those assumed favourites and ‘just missed out on starting’ is shambolic, upsetting and annoying.

      And as far as this match is concerned. Banega is key once more. If he doesn’t work his socks off in linking play between defence and up top then we’ve lost the game.

      Colombia could pick us off on the counter. They’ve got speed. Cuadrado is having a good season.
      They will use width to punish us. Our midfield is too narrow which leaves the predictability of Di Maria hanging out far left and will run down blind alleys. As per usual.
      There was once a time when playing the fantastic four together meant Di Maria would play in field and run at pace in a central role. The unpredictability in defending against that was a joy to watch. He could either string a pass left or right running at the opposition.
      But, whether he plays far right, as a second striker, or in a central role he is shot for confidence and does not show willing to accept a pass. He needs to go away and rethink what he wants.

      After bashing Di Maria, lol, and if we do score, our goal will come from the far left. The usual build up down the right flank between Marecado and Messi who pings the ball far left only for Di Maria to get an assist.
      Majority of Colombian emphasis will be on the right hand side, naturally so because of messi and marecado’s industrious nature. So Di Maria needs to be alert when called upon. God help us!

  6. EnganChe

    El Pocho was left off due to allegedly smoking weed…

  7. tigrawaydegafi

    Here we go with Paredes. It seems only Argentina NT is not interested with this player. Liverpool,Arsenal it..

    1. sandy

      If it happwns i will be happy because i alwsys wanted argentine players to play under weger but der r not many.

    2. Debasish Duttaroy

      This will never happen. While Wenger is there I do not see Argentine players playing for Arsenal.

    3. Aslam

      Its best for Paredes to play under Pep. He will turn him into next Busquets or Xavi.

  8. SulaV

    is aguero injured or what? if he is not injured and not in the starting xi.. best decision by bauza so far!!!!

  9. Aslam

    I dont understand the coach. Who will play if any of Ota or Mori injured. Demi ? Again what a bad decision…it is.

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