Argentine players arriving in Brazil

Argentina Training

Players have already started arriving in Brazil for Thursday’s match.

All eyes in South America will be in Brazil on Thursday as they host Argentina in a World Cup Qualifier. Some Argentine players have already arrived. Among them are Sergio AGUERO, Nicolas OTAMENDI, Pablo ZABALETA, Lucas PRATTO and others.

Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO will be among the last players to arrive.


  1. Istiaque

    So the Rumored lineup: Romero; Zabaleta, Otamendi, Funes Mori, Mas; Enzo Perez, Biglia, Mascherano, Di Maria; Messi, Higuain

    A triple pivot it seems. As I’ve always said


    – sorry for the caps, I’m a little depressed since last night!

  2. Dfox1942

    Yet AGAIN MORE tattoos!
    I hope it changes our shitty luck in these qualifiers.

  3. Aslam

    “Dybala and Neymar can become the heirs of Messi and Ronaldo.”
    “Dybala can make history at Juventus over the next 10 years,”
    “Dybala is unique, you cannot compare him to any other player”.


  4. Gonzalo

    Pratto, Lavezzi, Enzo – I think all they should start.

  5. Mafioso

    Brazil XI in traning:

    Alisson; Alves, Miranda, Marquinhos, Marcelo; Paulinho, Fernandinho, Renato; Coutinho, Jesus, Neymar.

  6. Debasish Duttaroy

    An open game and we will get killed. I remember the game played in Doha. We won 1-0, Messi scored very late in the game. His first goal against Brazil. Something like that will be great. Tight, cagey game, come back with a 1-1.

    Then we must must beat Colombia. That is more possible if Messi is fit.

    Take 4 points. These 2 rounds all the top teams in the table are playing against each other. I do not see anyone taking 6 points, other than Brazil. Lot will cancel each other, so we must take 4 points.

  7. Mafioso

    Zabaleta, Nicolás Otamendi, Ramiro Funes Mori, Emmanuel Mas; Enzo Pérez, Lucas Biglia, Mascherano, Ángel Di María; Messi y Gonzalo Higuaín.

    Bauza is going for a defensive approach.Perez was actually competing with Buffarini for the RMF position.Biglia is healthy(played 90 min against Napoli 5 november),so he will start over Pizarro.Team was training to play in tight spaces.

    I hope it becomes one of the few days when Di Maria plays well.Other than him,it is only Messi for creative play.

    1. Aslam

      Brazil never lost at home in a World Cup qualifier. So better go for a defensive approach and try to counter attack especially as we are in a trouble of losing WC spot. Even goal difference may be an important factor for qualifying. So make it tight. Hope Bauza finally gets full control on team.

  8. Mafioso

    Dani Alves going to be Brazil captain …good news I think!

  9. Mafioso

    Argentina U20s win 7-1 over Excursionistas in Ezeiza.Lautaro Martínez with a hat-trick.Martinez reminds me Radamel Falcao,ferocious like a tiger!

    1. Gonzalo

      Not so long to Sudamericano. 2-3 months? The game without Barco, Vadala, COnechny, Delgadillo, Palacios who are among called up.

        1. Gonzalo

          THere should be also Diego Sosa (LB,LM) of Tigre who is starter in his team with very good games of late. It’s type of lateral Enzo Perez. Only Ascacibar is now better in PRimera in category ’97.

          Also another DM of Estudiantes Ivan GOmez (’97) is worth to be called call up. He was best player of International Frenz Cup tournament (as Ascacibar one year before) won by Estudiantes.

          And another Estu player born ’97 Quintana who scored 3 goals in former season.

          1. Gonzalo

            Cristian ROmero is outstanding CB. With some great games even in Copa SUdamericana. Argentina has great young defenders: Barboza, Figal, Romero, Conti, Mammana, Godoy, Luca Sosa.

          2. Gonzalo

            And Gonzalo Escobar (LB) who is starter in Temperley with few good games/

          3. Gonzalo

            Barco, Maxi Romero (Velez) and Nicolas Andereggen (Union Santa Fe) are the only players of category ’99 playing in Primera. I think all deserves to be in this long list.

          4. Csabalala

            And Sandoval, but maybe no need more strikers.

          5. Gonzalo

            Oh, right. Sandoval even scored 1 goal in this season. I just hope they pick up best. No need for so many strikers in fact.

          6. Gonzalo

            Csabalala, and I forgot about OLivera of River. Very promising LB with some minutes in A River team. I think he should be there but is not.

      1. Csabalala

        And U17:

        Gonzalo Cordoba was one of our key players on U15 Sudamericano with Garré (ManCity) and Colidio. Only Colidio is there, Patanelli is even missing.

        1. Gonzalo

          Actually I’m not interested u much with category younger than U-20 team because these are very young players and his future is very fluctuating. Usually only just a few will make career in senior football while other future stars who are not in this teams will emerge with the time.

      2. Csabalala

        Alexis Macallister 1998-interesting attacking midfielder, one of the 3 Macallister brothers, he played in U20 NT also. Heinze give him more chances than Sebastian Riquelme, start to play regularly.

        1. Gonzalo

          Damn, I thought there’s only 2 MacAllister brothers. So I have to look a lot closer him.

          1. Gonzalo

            Csabalala, you should follow also Chacarita. It was always team which promoted many youngsters.

  10. Romance KING 💘

    @AbNormalO ne totally agree with you, Simeone is consider best manegar by argentine media and fans must remember he reach two UCL finals and lost twice where Bauza reach two copa finals and win twice, Simeone,TATA,sabela or belisa are chokers and we don’t need best choker manegar when argentina already worldclass player need someone to motivate and guide to win turnement, i expect Bauza slaps every critics winning against Brazil

    1. pablo dennison

      but you don’t mention the other 5 trophies simeone has won

      Atlético Madrid (5)
      La Liga (1): 2013–14
      Copa del Rey (1): 2012–13
      Supercopa de España (1): 2014
      UEFA Europa League (1): 2011–12
      UEFA Super Cup (1): 2012
      UEFA Champions League Runner-up (2): 2013–14, 2015–16

    2. Sabellista

      Don’t get over excited and double check the history. Sabella is CL winner.

      1. pablo dennison

        Copa Libertadores: 2009
        Argentine Primera División: 2010 Apertura

  11. Naranath Bhranthan

    Brazil match will be a tactical game.I’m sure.Bauza will win it.You know why? Because there is no reason.
    We(Albiceleste fans) are known for our pessimistic thoughts.I admit there are a lot of reason to be pessimistic. But,come on look at it from the other side.
    [[[We should be Brazil fans for some time(man,its so hard);]]]
    *We’re on superb form.Like Renauto said it may lead to over confidence.We know what happened last time we’re over confident and arrogant. You know form is irrelevant in classicos…
    *We need to stop Messi.Man,that guy is a best.The only player I wish,was a Brazilian. Did you guys watch the Sevilla game?Sampaoli(thanks Jesus,he’s not the coach of Argentina) outsmartee Luis Enrique.But that Messi made the difference.Dont get fooled by match highlights,he’s much more devastating than that.Lord,help us to stop him.
    *Are we completely ruling out Bauza?You know what he’s experienced.Also can someone with zero ability win 2 copas?Really???You join that media hype???Think again…What Tite have won?
    *We lack experience.Whos our most experienced player?Neymar? Really…He’s a world class player.Vut can he do what Messi do?No…nit really.Look at them they have world class experienced players like Messi,Mascherano,DiMaria,Aguero,Higuin…etc.Media will tell you they’re bound to fail big time.But what if not.Any of those players can change the game in a space of of a moment.
    *We are the better side again.They have nothing to lose.I’m afraid to acknowledge that a victory for us is just a win again.V ut they’ve to prove a point,,,their coach,Players like Higuain,Kun,DiMaria…Let’s hope they choke again…
    *They’re shuffling their pack…tactical change is a confirmed thing.And we can’t predict or analyse it.Then how can we prepare for something which we’ve no idea about.While our tactics may be foundout,since were playing it for last 4 matches.

    {{{There is a saying “You need to look through your neighbour’s window to know how beautiful your wife is”}}}

    1. Aslam

      The Abnormalone with an abnormal way…:)

      1. Naranath Bhranthan

        Who knows who’s normal and who’s abnormal…

    2. Aslam

      Another 7-1 coming ?

      1. Naranath Bhranthan

        May be a win by a 2 goal margin? or more?

    3. Istiaque

      If we win and its a very big “if”, it will certainly be because of individual brilliance rather than some tactical brilliance of Bauza. Bauza has proven himself tactically naive and somewhat stupid. His tactics are as old as him, and I am nowhere near as excited as you are regarding our next match.

      Make no mistake about that I want us to win. But if we win, it should not sugarcoat our problems regarding the team personnel as well as our shape.

      1. pablo dennison

        we will win because of messi and nothing else, the team is rubbish without him but with him we have every chance to win.

        as for bozo so far his coaching and tactics leave a lot to be desired but vs the yellow team their is no better time to show us all he not as inept as we have seen so far from him.

    4. Arjunanmessi

      To get a point play 10 centre back…and get a draw… Bauza… He still choosing bench warmers Romero injury player biglia… You think he is the best coach… One error will cost match… Romero… Use the talent play like a champion even Peru scores more goals than Argentina…. They will run more and because of young players that will decide the match… Too… What’s Argentina advantage only messi… If he won’t… Humiliation coming

  12. Gonzalo

    Looks like there’s a chance to see both Veron (Estudiantes) and Riquelme (Atletico Tucuman) in upcoming edition of Copa Libertadores.

  13. Mafioso
    1. Gonzalo

      Again. Unfortunately players like Piatti or Benedetto are not enough popular for NT coaches attention. It’s always better back to idiotic ideas like calling up Tevez and the like.

  14. sandy

    If there is a chance for appointing a new coach (sampaoli) due to our continued poor performance, i would welcome two draws or worse provided that there is still chance for qualifying!

    1. Richard

      We need to pick up 3 or 4 points at least. If we lose to Brazil and Paraguay beats Peru we will be in 7th place with just 7 games to go. Remember that the upcoming away matches in Quito, La Paz and Montevideo will all be difficult for various reasons. If we only pick up 2 points from these games the psychological effect will be devastating.

      1. Julker9

        Agreed Richard. We can’t draw both match. 3/4 points can still save our ass.

  15. Gonzalo

    Roncaglia also scored last weekend. It was goal in Messi style:

  16. Gonzalo

    Argentina must win. But even if they win and Higuain will score hat-trick, and DI Maria 3 assists they must go together with Aguero. Enough delusions. These are not players for World Cup.

  17. SulaV

    fullbacks and midfield will decide both games for us!!

    1. Julker9

      In midfield we’ll lose without a doubt. But fullbacks like Buffarini-Mas can give us a run. Though Brazil have superior fullbacks.

  18. Romance KING 💘

    Argentina NT facing lots of critisism but win against brazil completely change the momentum even draw will be the perfact in argentina point of view but i have gut feeling argentina beat brazil, messi has 100% win ratio in this WCQ campain and it will maintain in next two matches too

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