Breaking news: Nicolas GAITAN out injured!

Hey guys,

AFA has confirmed today that Nicolás GAITAN has been left out of the National team’s list for the upcoming WCQ matches against Brazil and Colombia.  The Atlético Madrid player will be out due to trauma in the hip region, buttocks, and right thigh, according to the club.  This injured occurred during last Saturday’s match against Málaga.  This is Argentina’s second injury Paulo DYBALA was also left off the list due to injury.  It is not known at this time if BAUZA will be calling up another player to replace GAITAN.



    1. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

      Why not Maradona deserves Argentina recall? Instead of Messi he should play alongside Higuain Aguero Tevez.

  1. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

    Ascacibar needs to move away from Estudiantes to a team that plays football in their midfield, because he is learning nothing there. At this ate, when he will move to Europe, he will be playing central back like Mascherano.

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      Yes, but first of all he needs some rest (2 games atleast) because he is extremly exploited and near exhausted playing every 90 min game (league, Copa Arg, Sudamericana, 6 OLimic team matches) since begins of previous season. I see he was not so eneretic today. Moreover he is now also called up for U-20 NT games/camp.

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        Gonzalo I’m interested what do you think of Ignacio Fernandez, Acuna and Druissi?
        Acuna and Frenandez are the types of midfielders that Argentina could use more of. They’re both creative, attack minded midfielders who don’t shy away from their defensive duties.
        Druissi didn’t impress me in the under 20s but really seems to have hit his stride this season with River.

        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          Driussi is Milan aim. I don’t know. It looks like he is still in evolution. What kind of forward he will?

          Acuna? No doubt the guy is worth watching but to be honest he never focus my attention a much. I don’t know why? Definitely not one of my favourites. I think we have better players on his position and also in Primera DIvision. Even Gonzalo Martinez who is one of 3 most talented Primera players. He is better choice on Di Maria position IMO but still has the same mentall problem. Inconsistent.

          Nacho Fernandez is the player we need IMO. Yesterday he just back after injury so was not best but still RIver was noticable better team with him. It was his pass that provided penalty. Real box to box. NT coach apparently is not follow River games. Both Fernandez and Martinez are NT material.

      2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        It’s just a matter of time when he will Simeone player (and I’m not sure it’s good). He is Simeone favourite since his junior times yet.

  2. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

    I hope Rulli and coorporation will beat this argentinian players career destroyer Simeone. If Correa come in, I bet he will play totaly out of his position. Bravo Cholo…

    1. Profile photo of tigrawaydegafitigrawaydegafi

      I also read an article compiling cholo mistakes as Athleti coach after he admitted his latest one in UCL midweek. Failing to use Corea in last year UCL final is one from the many listed. Also you can recall our latest discourse on the matter when i cursed him for ruining argentian talents as he subed Corea to score the eqializer vs Barca and made us lost Messi in that game through Godin’s interception.

      Vietto is now looking a regreatable lone deal making Cholo’s decission unsound considering Gramero’s age and his less contribution so far this season.

      1. Profile photo of Headless ChickenHeadless Chicken

        I like Poche’s style of fotball way better than Simione. And Ruli have a good game!

    2. Profile photo of AslamAslam

      Sapaoli gives chances for Argentine players…Simeone hate Argentine players. Simeone cant coach Argentina. It wont suit.

      1. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

        Sevilla’ll win, Messi doesn’t care about this match before WCQ (he played halfhearted vs Granada and City away too cause the injuries).

  3. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Enchantment of Argentina football. To cheer the hearts.

  4. Profile photo of mamoun elpipitamamoun elpipita

    No biggie, Perotti, Piatti, Cervi or Salvio are all far superior to Gaitan IMO. Argentina’s big problem right now isn’t the personnel but rather the tactics and the footballing know-how.

  5. Profile photo of miskanmiskan

    Omg..what should we gaitan…oooh my…oh my…….ok!..i dont care

  6. Profile photo of Headless ChickenHeadless Chicken

    I got a terrible feeling that somehow we’ll beat Brasil :)Including Emmanuel mas in stead of Roho is like thousands of steps ahead from the Tata era. From nowhere but we need to trust Bazua- or your daily life will be hampered.

  7. Profile photo of Dfox1942Dfox1942

    The hits keep on coming.
    Nico never gets his due respect.

  8. Profile photo of AslamAslam

    “Higuain and Messi will start against Brazil,”
    “If you do not have a well-organised team against Brazil you can have a lot of problems,” warned Bauza. “The plan is to beat Brazil, but we know the difficulties we’ll face. If we add four points from these two games it won’t be bad.”

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  10. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Lanzini, Cervi, Salvio or Pereyra for me.

    But I think rather someone from domestic league as it was in emergency. Now Lavezzi should play.

  11. Profile photo of tigrawaydegafitigrawaydegafi

    Perotti or Peryera should be the strategic replacment calls,if not the inform Salvio or Cervi or J. Correa ?????

  12. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

    id still him over diva maria tho.
    I’m guessing bozo will go for the tactical master stroke of tevez as his replacement.

  13. Profile photo of Argentina2018Argentina2018

    hehe….who cares…’s not like Cristiano Ronaldo out injured. He’s as flop as diva Maria as aguero as higuain.

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