Edgardo BAUZA to travel to Germany for Pablo DE BLASIS of Bundesliga

Pablo de Blasis Mainz

With Edgard BAUZA as coach of the Argentina National Team, there always seems to be someone who is getting rumored to get called-up.

According to reports, Edgardo BAUZA will be travelling to Germany this weekend to watch Pablo DE BLASIS (formerly of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata) as his club Mainz 05 play Ingolstadt. BLASIS (winger), currently at Mainz 05 in the Bundesliga, leads his club with 4 goals scored this season and also has 2 assists in 315 minutes.


  1. aditi

    total mad BAUZA

    1. tigrawaydegafi

      Well Articulated. Atleast Barca’s dependency is paying off thanks to the coaches comprehension and committment to exploit his briliance;albeit the little cost they are paying when he is marked by openents or absent due to injury.

  2. Gonzalo

    I thought about the guy. One of those about which people never talking about as far as we have Di Marias, Agueros and other top popular. But we have better players than De Blassis. He should invest in young players.

    1. EnganChe

      Yeah, I don’t get it either. I mean, we have Gaitan, Correa, Cervi, Salvio, etc. What does De Blassis offer that is so unique?

  3. tigrawaydegafi

    It is too late;except a comprehenaive plan with a vision for Quatar-2022.

  4. dollon biswas

    It is time for paredes ..He should be our next RONDON…nowadays no one better than paredes in whole Argentina players in central defender…….

    Mussachiho———— Mascarano———-Otamandi

    —-Messi——————–Dybala —————Vasquaz


    1. Maxilopez830

      My dream list for future
      Damian Martinez
      salazar Alexander Barbosa Funes Mori Alexis Soto

      Ivan Rossi Roberto Pereyra

      Messi Vazquez Giovani Locelso



    If he stays there and i get a chance to fix 11
    I would start with
    Otamendi macherano musachio
    perez pizzaro
    Buffarini dimaria
    Dybala correa


    He loves to travel…see new places…happy journey…

  7. Maxilopez830

    Damian martinez (Arsenal)played quite well last night against Reading .He should be argentina’s future Goalkeeper.Definitely better than Rulli

    1. mamoun elpipita

      Seriously? you got that from watching him play one match against a weaker side?
      Rulli’s been excellent for the last 2 seasons straight all the while playing for a mid table team like Sociedad against stronger teams like barca, real, atletico etc…
      Now I’m not saying that Martinez doesn’t have potential but he’s nowhere near proving himself to be superior to Rulli. Infact he’s not even in runner up position amongst Argentina’s up and coming GKs, not for me anyways, that honor belongs to Batalla whose doing quite well with River.

  8. Gab

    I’m done with this stupid fucking coach….seriously, he’s looking at a winger when he should be looking at central midfielders. It’s not that hard Bauza to see where our weaknesses are you dickhead!

    1. Antonio Montana

      Javier pastore is the best center midfielder we have currently. Why is he not there!!!

      1. Aslam

        Why hes not playing for PSG.

      2. nuli

        pastore has been injured for a while now that is why ,can’t rely much on him the same goes with Aguero , Di maria.its the breed of players they seem good but they are not there when you need them

  9. Lucho

    I don’t think we need another winger I think we have enough of those …….how about a well rounded centre midfielder or two….how about Leandro Paredes?

    1. pablo dennison

      and what about a young energetic striker that can move about and actually does what a striker is supposed to do and scores goals.
      we already note alr is obviously not the future of the n/t despite mr yappa telling us he is but does not pick him…I think its called window dressing..

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