Poll: What do you think of the list for November?

Geronimo Rulli

Now that the list for November’s World Cup Qualifiers is out, what do you think of it?

The likes of Geronimo RULLI, Enzo PEREZ, Julio BUFFARINI and Marcos ACUÑA are in while Marcos ROJO and Erik LAMELA are out. Guido PIZARRO (despite not playing a qualifying match in October) remains in the team. Vote below!

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  1. Md abu bakar chowdhury sunny

    bouza has a problem that is ego problrm

  2. Md abu bakar chowdhury sunny

    bouz has a problem that is ego problrm

  3. EnganChe

    Bauza is so predictable that he will probably call Alario to replace Dybala

  4. Romance KING 💘

    Rulli get well deseve call up, Soon Rulli become top5 GK in the world with out any doubt will be more happy if Lanzini, Vaquazz also called called up

  5. Mackie

    Well it looks like Dybala might be out of the qualifiers. Looks like a hamstring injury 🙁

  6. aditi

    List is not important but good coaching tactics is necessary

    1. travis

      that’s crazy. list of players is as important as even the color of the shirt.
      would you like to see?
      roncaglia, demichelis, funes mori, rojo
      biglia, gago, sosa, di maria
      prato, hernan barcos

      vs brazil???
      or the remain wc qualifiers???
      surely not.
      so the list above is IMPORTANT.
      it’s either god or bad, that’s all.

  7. EnganChe

    You know, it all depends if the called-up players are actually utilized. Will Rulli, Buffarini, Enzo Perez, Pizarro start?

    1. Gonzalo


    2. mamoun elpipita

      Right on! A list no matter how fancy is still just a list and it’s how one uses that list that counts so lets see if Bauza can stop his amateurish tactics and do the unthinkable and beat Brazil at their own home (never happened in history).

      1. EnganChe

        That’s why I think a draw would be a good result for us even though we really need 3 points.

  8. guled

    Good list if used rightly.

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