Argentina list is out! RULLI, PEREZ in, ROJO, LAMELA out

Edgardo Bauza Press Conference

Okay guys,

Here is Edgardo BAUZA’S new list of selected players for the next 2 World Cup Qualifers against Brazil and Colombia in November.  As you will notice the biggest moves are the absences of: Marcos ROJO, Matias KRANEVITTER, Erik LAMELA, and Lucas ALARIO.  It also looks like Martin DEMICHELIS is still required?  What do you guys think of his new list?  Can it be worked a little better? Does it have more flexibility?

1- Guzman Nahuel (Tigres Mexico)
2- Romero, Sergio (Manchester United)
3- Rulli, Geronimo (Real Sociedad)
4- Demichelis, Martin (Espanyol)
5- Musacchio, Mateo (Villarreal)
6- Otamendi, Nicolas (Manchester City)
7- Funes Mori, Ramiro (Everton)
8- Mercado, Gabriel (Sevilla)
9- Roncaglia, Facundo (Celta de Vigo)
10- Mas, Emanuel (San Lorenzo)
11- Zabaleta, Pablo (Manchester, City)
12- Mascherano, Javier (Barcelona)
13- Pizarro, Guido (Tigres Mexico)
14- Biglia, Lucas (Lazio)
15- Banega, Ever (Inter Milan)
16- Perez, Enzo (Valencia)
17- Gaitan, Nicolas (Atletico de Madrid)
18- Di Maria, Angel (PSG)
19- Buffarini, Julio (Sao Paulo)
20- Acuna, Marcos (Racing Club)
21- Correa, Angel (Atletico de Madrid)
22- Messi, Lionel (Barcelona)
23- Dybala, Paulo (Juventus)
24- Higuaín, Gonzalo (Juventus)
25- Agüero, Sergio (Manchester City)
26- Pratto, Lucas (Atletico Mineiro)


  1. Ghostdeini

    wrong thread

  2. aditi

    Just win against Brazil

    Everything will be okay

  3. Gonzalo

    Piatti with goal and assist

    1. mamoun elpipita

      Gonzalo I’ve been meaning to ask you, what do you think of Piatti? Personally I think he’d be a wonderful addition to Argentina’s attack as he’s skillful (and really fast) with the ball at his feet, defensively disciplined and versatile.

  4. godboy_messi

    .“Argentina will now need to work towards Russia 2018 in
    order to renew their challenge. Hence, we decided together
    to work with young Argentine football players, including
    Under-23 players, to see if we really have the chance to
    renovate the team and infuse fresh blood into the national
    selection, and this takes time,” he said.
    “There is no doubt we will be the next world champions,”
    he said on an optimistic note.

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  6. Aslam

    Messi scored goal between the legs of Garay. Enzo injured Iniesta with rough tackle.

    1. Csabalala

      Half year at least, lumberjack…

    2. EnganChe

      The goal should have been disallowed cause Suarez was offside. Enzo played the ball, I think the tackle was legit, just bad luck for Iniesta.

  7. EnganChe

    I think our main goal is not to lose in Brazil. They are in form lately and Tite has transformed Brazil quite a bit. So, I would go with a defensive, flat four, 4-4-2


    Mercado——Otamendi—–Funes Mori—–Mas



  8. Ghostdeini

    From my observation through the years I have noticed that coaches don’t like competition in the squad.
    When there are 2 players vying for one stop they chose one and the other is left at home, so chose a player that is happy by being on the bench instead.
    It’s a sign our players and coaches cant cope with pressure, and it’s one of the reasons we lose crucial games, coping with pressure.
    Demichelis is not a role model on coping with pressure, in fact he is unstable, wanted to off himself because he didnt make the cut in 2006.
    why 27-30 year old need guidance baffles me, they should be the ones leading.

    from the players selected:
    –mercado—–otamendi———-funes mori–mas—–

    1. Aslam

      Excellent line up.

  9. Maxilopez830

    HAPPY to see kranivitter and rojo out.But Roncaglia in is not that good. Once again Midfield full of old players. Mascherano should be substitute.In my opinion 4231is better than 442 because 4231 can be 451 but 442 only can be 4411

  10. EnganChe

    Messi vs Garay today at Mestalla 🙂

    1. Aslam

      Garay againt MSN. thats nice to watch.

      1. EnganChe

        Earlier this week it was Otamendi vs MSN, today it’s Garay. Even the best defenders in the world would have a hard time against those three. Oh well, I guess it’s good practise for our defenders.

        1. Aslam

          Enzo too there against MSN.

  11. Aslam

    May be they heard our criticism. Demichelis starting today..! 🙂

    1. EnganChe

      Lol and Espanyol is already losing 3:0 at home!

      1. Aslam

        Demi effect..? 🙂

  12. Aslam

    May be they heard our criticism. Demichelis starting..! 🙂

  13. Mackie

    With the players on the list I would like to to see a 4 4 2 diamond:







    Ruli-good with his feet and a starter for his club
    Mercado-to provide more energy
    Ota and Mori have been playing together.
    Mas-only option at Lb
    Perez-does a lot of covering (the type of player the midfield has been missing)
    Banega-(so that Messi doesn’t have to drop too deep) only playermaker and good at possession and a good passer.
    Dybla-can switch positions with Messi and has playing together with Higuian.
    Higuian-been playing with Dybla

    Subs:Pizzaro/Banega Pratto/Higuian Correa/Dybla

    1. tmisellati

      i think this is the best 11 if we want to play 442 with diamond configuration

      1. Leandro

        Agreed. I would preffer this:







    2. Julker9

      Really, really good line-up. This is the line-up I want to see against Brazil & Colombia. But you never know what our coach has in his mind!

      1. Gonzalo

        But there’s no pereyra

  14. Antonio Montana

    Early rumored line up: 4-4-2
    Buffarini otamendi funesMori roncaglia
    Mascherano banega dybala gaitan
    Messi higuain

    Messi and higuain up top….
    Banega, biglia or Perez pairing with mascherano
    Dybala and gaitan on the wings
    Buffarini lining up against Neymar

    1. Gonzalo

      Masche as RM?!

    2. Aslam

      It will be a DISASTER

    3. Mackie

      Well if Bauza going play this I think he better go with Perez over Banega. Messi will have to drop deep and do the playmaking.

  15. Gonzalo

    I don’t know who is/was @Sabellista (maybe just one of current mundo members under second account) but I want to explain that my last post to him in previous news IT WAS NOT irony or mockery. It was written heartily in all honesty and with best intentions. Just must to explain because one mundo member took the words as irony.

    1. travis

      you have to understand that some of the posters here are not really argentina fans, they’re just football fans from various places, and they do really have lots of knowledge of football especially now with youtube and all.
      they talk a lot of tactical, the science, and all that shits here most fans don’t give a fuck at all, maybe just to prove that they’re better than all of us here, i don’t know.
      so that’s why perhaps you see this kinds in all argentina pre matches in mundo. they will talk a lot about formation, system, what to do or what not to do in a match as if they’re a better coach themselves, more better than someone for instance bauza or sabella or tata whom their life depended on football only. but as soon as all their talks went wrong, you’re not gonna see them here for at least a few weeks, maybe ashamed, or don’t like to face critics from most of us here, or they’re just egoistic bunch refused to admits their wrongs or whatever.
      but i can assure you Sabellista is not one of this kind, i bet he’s busy, maybe i’m wrong.
      i am very lucky to have free internet access for now, so i abuse them by being here knocking myself out or just being awkwardly stupid whenever i’m bored with stupid japanese porn.
      so if you are looking for debates, argument, all that, not many of us have time to do that, not as lucky as you at least.
      so, that’s it.
      have fun being silly.

      1. Gonzalo


        even Gonzalo is tired for some time dabating still. Please do not to polemize with me within few days;)LOL

        1. travis

          What? you wanna stop?
          i enjoy reading you and @Ghost debates on paredes this very few days, that was insane, don’t you think?
          FYI i bet my coin on Ghost LOL

          1. Gonzalo

            Yes, that’s insane. LOL

          2. Ghostdeini

            I thought only Gonzalo and I are bumping that thread.
            it’s entertaining like the Apollo vs Rocky fight, or Isner vs Mahut tennis match.
            The irresistible force has met the immovable object.
            I am ready!

          3. Gonzalo

            Like Ali vs Frazier in Manilla

    2. Sabellista

      Gonzalo, your later was genuine and from the heart.
      Travis was right about my absence. Unfortunately, my father passed away the time we were the horror show vs Peru. So my inactivity was due to mourning the past 2 weeks.

      Of course, I’m disappointed to discover that a Bauza is a one dimensional coach. I really thought that with his 2 stripes of CL, especially with limited players, that he could do a better job than the clown Tata with superior players. The team still depends on Messi. Aguero,Di Maria, Banega, Biglia, Rojo and Zaba all need replacements. They all come to watch Messi play instead them of helping him out.

  16. Rajesh Ramachandran

    It is said Tite is having sleep less nights worried about Messi, and our coach, I dont know what he thinks. We might qualify for the world cup on the shoulders of Messi, and most probably the same WC14 eleven might play for WC18 final as well. If Messi reamins fit he will carry us forward, but he wont win the final when DeMari and Aguero will get injured half way and Higuain will again waste a chance.

    Such a pity that our midfield is may be the weakest in creativity, among the top 10 ranked nations and Messi will have to manage it, means our finishing will suffer. Its painful to see that we score too little goals.

    Demichellis instead of Garay is a scandal too, even worse than Icardi.

    Its time that we understand Kranevitter is too far away from shining even for Sevilla. However Mercado is a good prospect and with more time he might become a good asset. Bauza might want to notice that LE just proved Masche is a good option for RB!

    Otamandi too is not going to be a great asset am afraid. That first goal against Mcity, every one concentrates on the slip of the player, but no body has cared for it really. Masche wins the ball, Messi takes it forward and Iniesta backheels it. At that same moment, Otamandi is in line with Messi who doesnt stop running. If Otamandi had kept running with someone as dangerous as Messi, instead of ball/Messi watching, it would not have been an easy goal or may be no goal at all.

    Am quite worried about this team, which has been sugar coated by the presence of a once in life time player.

    1. Aslam

      Even i thought same when i was watching the live match. But we are wrong. Otamendi tried to block Messi just outside the box but you know it is Messi he will somehow escape. And again Otamendi could have tried but Messi already got inside the penalty an intentional act may result in a penalty. So leave it as it is…GK is there still to block. But Messi rounded GK and scored.

  17. travis

    the forward will get better again with messi, dybala, and hopefully correa. bench both higuain and aguero who do nothing at all the past few matches.

    but at the back is most worried.
    we have zabaleta or roncaglia for rb which is scary against brazil.
    funes mori and otamendi, this two will commit many fouls i believe, and this is the worst pair of cb we have.
    so if bauza is a wise coach, he won’t go for a laughable line-up:
    at the back because that would simply kill all hope we left.

    but looking at bauza list, no other better choice at the back unfortunately.
    but i would easily go with:
    peruzzi—garay—musacchio—ansaldi or TAGLIAFICO

  18. SulaV

    Finally rojo is gone… but exclusion of garay doesn’t make any sense at all.. may be he didn’t want to play for national team during zenith days and lost his place in the team.. but he is miles ahead of average defender funes mori.. Mori at max can just be a back up.. inclusion of ruli and enzo is good,,, now bauza should show some balls and drop aguero higuain dimaira to the bench… and play dybala instead… Banega should go.. he has done nothing will do nothing …. team desparately needs a playmaker.. and banega isn’t the one..

  19. Lucho

    Icardi? Paredes? Perotti? Lanzini? Tagliafico?

    Is Mas our only leftback option? That is scary!!!

    Rojo had to be dropped he never plays regularly and his recent games have reflected that the same reason Romero should be dropped

    I don’t like the fact Lamela was dropped….the guy has always been given minimal opportunities and I feel he needs to start all the time.

    Well anyway based on the players picked i would go with

    LB Mas (this is a forced choice really….even though Roncaglia has played as LB a few times this season…including in a win against Barca)

    CB Funes Mori and Otamendi

    RB Zabaleta

    CM Pizarro and Perez

    RM Correa

    LM Di Maria

    FW Messi and Higuain (If Icardi was picked he would start instead of Higuain)

    This is based on 442 that Bauza said he would use…..Why the hell would u tell how your gonna play?…To give brazil time to prepare….I hope he is playing mind games and comes out 433….Im nervous but as always cant wait for the games

  20. NoHateOnlyLove

    Something is not right here, something is definitely going on with Garay situation. I can’t blame Demichelis for the reason Garay is not in the squad. From the time Funes Mori was selected for Argentina Garay has slowly faded in the back ground. I’m not a Demichelis guy, but I don’t think he is the reason Garay is being left out. Demichelis wasn’t selected for the 2016 Copa America and so too Garay. So I believe Funes Mori selection is what keeping Garay off the national team not Demichelis. If the idea is that Demichelis helps with the locker room, then put him on the coaching staff and not a part of the selected players. I think Demichelis is being selfish, he has been around for so long, at this stage of his career he should have already retired from international football and apply his trade in the MLS or the Chinese/Qatar league. There are 10’s of 1000’s of Argentinean players (in their primes) both locally and abroad whom Demichelis selection is blocking them from getting into the NT. I just can’t understand Demichelis selection, he was awful against Paraguay giving away countless fouls around the Argentina penalty area that was avoidable, I remember a play where Demichelis tried to go through a Paraguayan attacker in order to win the ball which turn out to be a foul in a dangerous area (he did this twice in the game, even the commentator was saying it was poor judgement from an ‘’experience’’ player). It’s not like Demichelis is going to Russia so what’s the end game here? Philipp Lahm won a world cup and retired at 30 years old from international football yet the great Demichelis is still wearing the Argentina national senior team shirt in 2016. Bastian Schweinsteiger won a world cup and retired from international football at age 32 yet the awesome Demichelis is still wearing the Argentina senior jersey in 2016. When does this end? Why not call up Gabriel Milito and Nicolás Burdisso for more locker room buddy talk? Demichelis has been around since the stone age, it’s time he bows out with his head held high.

    Good call on Lamela and Rojo, that’s two less EPL players not on the Argentina NT roster. Kranevitter is not ready for prime time, good call on him also, that hunk over style of his when he doesn’t have the ball looks so weird on the pitch, it often looks like he is about to puke on the pitch or maybe he got that technique from the The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Pizarro was wasted, the coach had an opportunity to look at a new player and see if he was one of the answer for the midfield yet he was not featured against either Peru or Paraguay, two teams you would’ve expect him to at least get a game against, now the coach will be in a dilemma because it will be hard for him to play Pizarro against Brazil when he was not feature in any of the games in the last WCQ round. Roncaglia should play against Brazil, he had a solid game against Neymar in the WCQ game against Brazil earlier and another solid game against Neymar most recently when Barcelona played Celto Vigo.


    Roncaglia——–Otam———Funes Mori——Mas

    —Enzo Perez——Masche——Pizarro—–Gaitan




    Bauza did not have the guds to drop some players.but he have to show that some changes have been made.pathetic.
    Overall its a little better for sure.rulli,enzo inclusion,rojo exclusion etc.
    Zabaleta,mercado,roncaglia,buffarini..whats the purpose of including four natural right backs in a team.only mas is there as a natural left back.who is the replacement for him.if ansaldi and tagliafico was included the squad was more balanced.
    Demi is the biggest joke again and lets stop discussing it.bauza ia killed the chance of inclusion of garay or so an so.
    At last rulli in the team…not going to play though.
    About midfield pizzaro/enzo as CM is ok.
    Mache will start for sure. Hope biglia will act as a back up for him.starting both in a 4-4-2 is horrible.but bauza can do so.banega is the only player who can play like an AM even if not one of the best.
    Dimaria will start and gaitan will back up.acuna will watch the game.
    Forward options are almost the same.happy to see messi back with dybala and correa.i dont know why pratto,higuain and aguero are in the argentina national team.where is our future alario..
    Icardi,peredez,lanzini,tagliafico,gomez,perrarya,ansaldi etc are still not there.for including them bauza has to enlarge the squad to 35 at least because he didnt has the courage to drop some players..
    Now eagerly waiting to see his starting thing is sure that rulli n buffarini,acuna will not
    Romero otamendi mori mas,mache,messi,dimaria will start.
    Zab/mercado higuain/pratto will be there.
    9 slots are almost fixed.remaining two will be from biglia/pizzaro/enzo.most probably dybala and correa will be on the bench..
    My verdict: only messi and God can save us….

  22. dollon biswas

    Against Brazil bazua can go it…

    Julio b——Otamendi———-Mascarano—–Mas


    Tiki taka always best style for Argentina……

    This team can challenge Barcelona any day…

  23. travis

    why kranevitter got cut from the team? is that going to be forever? biglia is injury prone, no use to call him. i would rather go with krane who is younger and very talented than biglia who’ve been here since 2014. if bauza wanna talk about future, then krane is the future.

    get rid of rojo is understandable, but who will be in his position? argentina have so many talented left back but no one is here; ansaldi, and TAGLIAFICO is far more better than mas. hell, i would go for basanta if there is no other choice.

    who is pizarro, buffarini and acuna??? i don’t expect them to start at all.

    roncaglia is the worst rb argentina ever has, but in the squad. roncaglia, zabaleta, and demichelis will be in the brazillian slaugtherhouse list. 3 stooges at the back, what do you expect?
    whereas peruzzi is a total nightmare for neymar but not here. garay is obviously better than both otamendi and funes mori.

    rulli will be a bench warmer.

    thank god messi is back.

    1. nuli

      travis i find your comments interesting but one thing about kranneviter i don’t see is him any sorts of potential for the future ,when he plays he looks like a referee,he bends when he is making a simple pass

  24. EnganChe

    Some pundits in Argentina were calling for the inclusion of Belluschi of San Lorenzo, I’m not sure he is in fact better than Enzo or Pizarro.

    1. Gonzalo

      He is rather playmaker. In Banega place. Good but not better than Banega. I don’t think we need him.

  25. Prabesh

    Glad to rojo exclusion but why demichelss and not taglifiaco or garay . will he give chance to new player .

  26. Budi Susatyo

    I will not complain about the players (just t0o tired). In a team, coach is the leader. He calls player he wants. He makes players play like he wants. If we still have unexpected result that is because of the coach not the players. They play well in their club. So far Bauza cannot use maximally our players.

  27. petro

    In my opinion, calling players is 1 thing and dropping players is another thing.

    Dropping Rojo and Kranvitter is good..But he should have dropped Demi, Aguero and Di Maria..probably he is scared of dressing room if he does that..

    Calling Enzo Perez, Rulli is also good but unless they play it does not make any sense.

    1. Diego86

      If a player plays well for his club but not for his country, then there is something wrong with the coach. Either he played out of his usual position, or he didn’t have enough support from teammates. Demi is like Bauza’s god father, I think Bauza needs him for understanding team politics. Aguero and Di Maria are world class in their positions. It’s the coach who must use them properly.

      1. Leandro

        I agree, Demi is there as a lockerroom aid. Its important. And as long as he does not start, Dem is a good sub. Tons of experience and when played in a defensive line up (aka Sabella at WC) where his lack of speed is a non issue he shines. No hate there from me..

        Still.. no Perreira.. etc.. we need more dynamic midfielders.

        1. Istiaque

          Why do we need lockerroom aid? Do we have any youngsters in the lockerroom? All we have are 28-29-30 year old guys who have been playing football since their teens.

          In my opinion we need someone in his place that can play in case anybody’s injured. Demi is just an useless sub like he proved in last match.

          1. EnganChe

            I agree, Mascherano alone can handle that role very well in the locker room, no need for Demichelis, especially if he occupies Garay’s spot. I would even go as far as saying I wold rather see a young defender like Mammana on the bench than Demichelis.

        2. Antonio Montana

          Finally… a reasonable comment! ☝🏼

  28. EnganChe

    FINALLY Rulli is in the senior squad, about time. Glad to see Rojo dropped, Buffarini included and Enzo back. Kun and Fideo should have been dropped or benched. Mamma mia, Demichelis is still there, along with Roncaglia!

    We really need to win but in all honesty with the way we have been playing lately even a draw against in-form Brazil would be a decent result. Keeping my expectations low.

    1. guled

      If we get 4 points in next 2 games will be good.

  29. Gonzalo

    Maybe Bauza should play Pratto with this physical Brazil instead Higuain or the more Aguero. With Pratto there’s more movement than with Higuain. And he play against Brazilians every day.

    1. guled

      Pratto will do better than higuain but i doubt he will start.

  30. mamoun elpipita

    Well the list is out and as always there is the good and the bad so starting with the good:

    – Enzo and Rulli’s inclusion.
    – Rojo’s exclusion (big thanks to his classy performance in the WC but he hasn’t impressed since and now he’s down right awful.)

    As for the bad (and frankly VERY PUZZLING):

    – Demi instead of Garay

    I find the exclusion of Lamela strange since he wasn’t really given much of a chance to prove himself but oh well.

    As for the formation, well judging from how Bauza’s been implementing his tactics I think he’s gonna use Sabella’s 4-4-2 formation in WC against Brazil:


    Mercado Mori otamendi mas

    Enzo Masch Biglia Maria

    Hig Messi

    The formation in it’s self isn’t bad but a Masch/biglia pair has proven to be effective only when the team is down a player and needs to preserve a lead e.g. the game against Uruguay.

  31. waveride

    Personally, apart from Demichelis whose inclusion into the squad especially in Garay’s position is like a joke, the player who i wouldn’t like to see, even not on the bench, is Aguero. Not because he lost the penalty against Paraguay, these kind of shit happen to everyone, but simply because despite the fact that he is a very good player he is totally unreliable due to his injuries and fitness issues which constantly show up every time Argentina needs him. So why should we rely on a player who will be either unavailable due to injury or out of form and not taking another options when we have good options?

    Icardi’s exclusion is a scandal to me, i don’t like his antics either but footballwise which should be the factor that managers should rely on their judgement, is one (if not the best) of the best young strikers in the world. Garay’s constant omision is a scandal too.

    Bauza said that Alario is Argentina’s future. Where is Alario?

    Anyway, the exclusions of Rojo and Kraneviter make sense since they were playing bad, especially Rojo. Since Kraneviter is not selected, Biglia should be Mascherano’s back up and not his pair. A 4-4-2 formation with a diamond midfield consisted of Mascherano, Perez/Pizarro, Di Maria/Gaitan and Messi as a 10 with two strikers up front, Higuain or Dybala, or put Banega as a 10 and pair Messi with Higuain at top.

    Happy to see Rulli in the team, a huge step for our managers, common sense for every sane human being!

    1. Gonzalo

      It’s simple: Alario must be droped to call up Buffarini. it’s logical;) Bauza must cut a team on the one side to enlarge on the other.
      Besides Alario serve’s his time already. Heh

  32. Gonzalo

    I wonder how many minutes will get the new players.

    1. guled

      Enzo perez is likely to start.

      1. Gonzalo

        I hope

  33. Romance KING 💘

    Argentina need changes badly in MF although big change isn’t possible against big match like bra/col but argentina need to bulid strong MF to win wc2018

  34. Gonzalo

    ……Otamendi..Funes Mori

    But Rulli, Buffarini and Pizarro will on the bech

    1. Mafioso

      Banega will start ahead in expense of any of Enzo or Pizarro.Messi will play as playmaker may be.

      1. Aslam

        I dont think Bauza will start Pizaro in the most important match. Brazil play 4-3-3, so using Banega as one of the mid will be risky. Most probably Bauza will go for Big-Masc-Enzo in midfield. Banega can be used in play making position but that would be tough as either Dybala or Higuain has to be benched.

    2. Aslam

      As you said Rulli, Buffarini and Pizaro will be on bench.

    3. Gonzalo

      I know guys. It’s just my fantasy

    4. Antonio Montana

      Dybala can’t play at enganche position!! We found that out already

  35. Romance KING 💘

    Don’t understand why argentina fans barking for Icardi? Is Icardi scoored hattrik at club lable or scoored 30goals in season. How can any coach chose Icardi over Aguero/higuain yes they weren’t perform in final what was the garentee argenter won Icardi play final, the fact is if messi doesn’t performed at potential argentina lost and Dimaria always injured before final so bauza need to find back up to replace. If Icardi scoor more goals than aguero/higuain he will be selected, fans and coach mentality aren’t same, aguero also dropped like rojo/lamela if Icardi performed well inter but create controversy, Icardi will start over aguero/higuain if he performs better in club lable just like Rulli call up soon he replace Romero my point of view at more icardi not even close to aguero/higuain although better than pratto but can improve future

  36. aditi


    mercado. ota masche. buffa

    enzo banega pizarro

    messi dybala correa

  37. Gonzalo

    Enzo must play. WHy not usefull Lavezzi instead useless Aguero. The hardworkers Enzo and Lavezzi were propelling our team in WC final. Such players makes positive difference.

  38. Richard

    Argentina’s coaches never seize to amaze us.
    Demichelis has not started a match for his club since May. Yet he is preferred over Garay, Cuesta, Gonzalo Rodriguez

    Romero has played second fiddle for years. Happy to finally see Rulli here. Baravero should be there too.

    Roncaglia over Tagliafico?

    Injured Biglia over a fit Ascacibar?

    Messi plays best when players move around him. Pipita and Kun stand still when he has the ball. No movement, no passes, no chances created… yet they are still here.

    And we can go on and on. Sigh.

    1. Aslam

      If Garay called up, he should start. But coach trust Otamendi-Mori pair. So he cant call garay to be benched.
      Instead of Demi, Gnzalo Rodriguez can be a sub option if Bauza really want a senior player.

      Roncaglia…really i dont know why hes there.

  39. Aslam

    Bauza said he will use 4-4-2 against Brazil. I dont trust him..hes just a Mr Talk.
    I think he will use below lineup against Brazil.


  40. Romance KING 💘

    Very happy for Rulli call up will be more happy vaqueez n Lanzini called up too

  41. Romance KING 💘

    Argentina is struggling in worldcup quallifing 2018 (despite no1 in Fifa & big names) just like Brazil was struggling in worldcup quallifier 2002(no1 in Fifa that time n big names) rest is history. Winning the leauge and winning a turnement are different Bilesa topped argentina in 2002 WCQ with record 43points what happen there after, same goes to sabela both choks in crucial time. Bauza won two CL with different teams he know how to win a turnement and perform at knockout stage,lossing competive game is better than final because a team week link shows when team isn’t performing although match against brazil not less than final, now every argentina match is like knockout we don’t need to top on the group need to make strong squad like germany 2014 or brazil 2002 sometime strating with not so good benifit team portugal won 2016 euro is the best example

  42. tigrawaydegafi

    Happy to see;Rilli and Enzo but happier not to see Lamela and Rojo.

    Mr. Talk could ve retained Alario for Aguero and call Garay and Ansaldi for Demi and Zaba/Rocanglia.

    Peryera could also have add a new grit to the mid.

    But generally it is a good move to drop some futile players amd hope Bauza will improve his tactical knowladge and cease using players out of position.


    Mercado Otamendi Muscchio Mas

    Perez Maschie

    Dybala Banega Messi


    Or Pizarro for Maschie and Maschie for Muscchio

  43. aditi

    demichelis is living fossil

    1. Gonzalo


  44. pablo dennison

    uninspiring and the areas of desperate need are not addressed being the lack of creativity in the midfield and to see the same d/m/kun/demi/hig still their when at least 3 of them should have been totally dropped.

    over looking garay and icardi are 2 very bad ones.

    I’m not sure what games bauza is watching but they cant have been the last 2.

  45. aditi

    aguero higuain still there

    icardi not called. why ??

  46. MustB-Albiceleste

    My Opinions…


    – Great great to see Rulli in the team.
    – Happy to see Rojo dropped. Thats amazing news.
    – With Augusto out it’s not a bad idea to call Enzo Perez.


    – As expected young players are ignored 🙁
    – Where is the creativity in the team? Keep depending on MESSI 🙁
    – Icardi ignored again 🙁 Kun and Higuain in the team, means one of them will start 🙁 could be both  
    – Bigila in the team, means we again need to see Mascherano-Bigila pair in midfield. wow!!!
    – Where is the backup for Di Maria? He was our worst player in the last 4 matches, why to make him undisputed starter? Perotti would have a great option or Lanzini.
    – Where is Garay? Demi and Zabaleta still in the team but not our best defender 🙁
    – So Zabaleta, Marcado and Roncagilla are our right backs, seriously THREE right backs, also Buffarini and Mas is our only left back 🙁


    – Over Lamela Kranevitter and Alario’s exclusion. Bauza keep saying that Alario is our future but we are ignoring our future, wow 🙁
    – Sad to see Lanzini and Pardes are ignored but central midfield is not a easy position to try youngsters in such big matches which is understandable.
    – Havn’t seen much about Marcos Acuna, Julio Buffarini. But Buffarini is actually right back then why to consider him as a midfielder?
    – Neymar tore apart Zaba that day but Roncagilla did well against Neymar earlier. Hope he will start.

    Anyways…we must need at least 4 points to keep our position safe in WCQs table and NOT sure how this will be possible.

    1. guled

      He called marcos acuna as backup for di maria.

  47. Ghostdeini

    first thing i notice is there is zero creativity.

    he will probably play like this:

    ——–perez/biglia(if fit)—masche——————
    —gaitan——————————–di maria—–
    only a miracle will help us.

    1. Istiaque

      The presence of Messi will sugarcoat the squad deficiencies. And I bet you a grand that Bauza is counting on that too!

      1. Ghostdeini

        I don’t bet against you on this one!

  48. petro

    Why is Aguero is still there..give this guy a break..gets some tom, dick or can get even Palacio for sake of bench..

    1. SulaV

      any body but palacio.. he is even bigger choker than higuain!!

  49. Aslam

    Happy for Rulli,Enzo,Buffarini and Acuna(not impressed much though).
    Rojo,Kranevitter and Lamela deserve the ax. Alario exclusion was expected.
    Why Demichelis and Roncaglia still there ?

    List has improvement but how many youngster in the team now ? Dybala,Correa and Rulli only ?

  50. guled

    Buffarini. Ota. Mori. Mas.

    Enzo. Masch.

    Messi. Dybala. Correa.


  51. Julker9

    Who’ll fulfill Rojo’s position? Still Demichelis, but not Garay? After all this bullshit Aguero is still here! What’s the point of dropping Alario, when our coach himself said he has future with NT? Icardi, you better stop dreaming of play for Argentina again. Looks like even winning Balon D’or will not be enough for you to impress our coaches!

    Only positive thing is the return of Enzo & Rulli. Specially Enzo. No idea about Acuna-Buffarini. And finally thanks for dropping Rojo!

  52. guled

    Good to see enzo and rulli there.still others need to go but it is improvement.
    I suspect he will start enzo alongside masche and that will be great.buffarini also likely to start.
    Rulli deserves to start but I doubt he will any way bauza is improving in his selection.

  53. fouad-daman

    Missing Tagliafico Garay and Icardi.

    icardi we know why.
    what I don’t get is why is Garay keep on getting snubbed.
    Demichelis over him common….

    also I thought zabaletta got injured during the barca game any news on when would he be available?

  54. godboy_messi

    Ok rojo dropped is the biggest relief but who’s the back up for lb and still demichelis is there.

  55. Gonzalo

    Bauza lied to Rojo hehe: he said none of current player will be drop

  56. Gonzalo

    Enzo, Buffarini, Rulli, Acuna.

    Without ROjo!

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