Diego PEROTTI and Franco CERVI being watched

Diego Perotti Roma

The two AS Roma and Benfica players are being watched for the National Team.

According to reports, Diego PEROTTI of AS Roma and Franco CERVI of Benfica are both being watched by Edgardo BAUZA. It remains to be seen if they will be called-up or not but BAUZA is reportedly keeping an eye out on them for next month’s World Cup Qualifiers.


  1. Profile photo of dollon biswasdollon biswas

    Bazua can take it against Brazil…..


    Must be best team in the world……

  2. Profile photo of LuchoLucho

    To pick the starting eleven he must

    Pick players who are playing regularly at the highest level and in good form at the time of the games
    Pick players to play in their regular club position
    Pick players from same club especially if they play close to each other week in week out

    Don’t try to fit all your superstars on the field at once (see point about playing players in their regular club position)

  3. Profile photo of Argentina2018Argentina2018

    Bring on: “A must”
    Garay, Enzo Perez, and Icardi. Bench Romero and co.

    Just an idiot stupid coach like mr.talk wouldn’t agree.

  4. Profile photo of Argentina2018Argentina2018

    Add Aguero to the list of club bench warmer. There where he belongs considering his current fitness level. Zabaleta was awful in the game too, he should’ve gotten a red card.

    1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

      id not even have kun on the bench as when was the last time he even came off the bench to do some good at n/t level. he simply needs to be gone from the n/t as he just does not fit any more.
      the thing is the bench can be very important at any stage of a game and
      I’m far from inspired seeing kun coming on and we can add d/m to that list.

  5. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Good day: Messi x3, Di Maria, Salvio, Cervi.

    1. Profile photo of AslamAslam

      Salvio can be an option at RM spot.

        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          Yeah, you like it Bauza. I know you like the tricks;) You want to see more such tricks Bauza? Just call him up;) That’s not going hurt. Oh Ok, I know you prefer Demi.

          I watched the game. Cervi has played very mature and still has much more to show. Don’t see a reason to not call him up. Engaged in defence.

          1. Profile photo of AslamAslam

            Cervi is progressing very well…

  6. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Cervi also to start. Bauza watching?

  7. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    And Correa to start. Wow.

    1. Profile photo of AslamAslam

      Correa slowly getting on top. We can count on Dybala,Icardi and Correa.

  8. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

    at least one coach see sense “Manchester City drop Sergio Aguero to bench” vs barca

  9. Profile photo of AslamAslam

    Aguero is benched in the most important match for City. That shows what we discuss here about him is right.
    Meanwhile Mascherano playing as RB. Umiti will pair Pique at central defense.

    Bauza has to carefully analyse these.

    1. Profile photo of guledguled

      This was coming as pep doesn’t tolerate uselessness.
      But bauza would still start him as playmaker.

      1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

        I’m like you guled stunned at bauza’s stupidly and that is the polite word for it.

  10. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    A lot of us see a huge potential in Ascacibar but he is 19, I would be enormously surprised, even shocked if Bauza calls him up. I think he is more likely to call Cambiasso than Ascacibar 🙂

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      Realistically I think the same. But Ascacibar should be forthwith included to learn. He need not to play at once but should be there. It’s the future vision of coach that we see in NT like Germany but not in Argentina. I think even player like Ezequiel Barco who seems to be best thing for Argentina since Messi should be around NT. I know he is 17 but in last week another good game. And he is rather strong mentally I think. Important thing.

      1. Profile photo of AslamAslam

        Ezequiel Barco.. idont know but i believe Ascacibar will do better job than any of our current DM.

        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          I saw every single minute of the guy in his not long career and hope for the same. Every game you may see him few times closer to opponent goal than you may see Mascherano.

      2. Profile photo of thevickermanthevickerman

        Count me in on the Ascacibar fanclub.

        Now , let me clear here, Mascherano and his contributions to the NT have been unquestionable, but like Gonzalo said, it’s the right kind of opportunity to groom someone like Ascacibar in the NT with a call up and maybe a few minutes.

        Mascherano has a wealth of experience at the highest level, and his reading of the game is brilliant. Ascacibar, like our Masche, seems to be an absolute no-nonsense kind of player with the right attitude and spirit. There are 3 things that Ascacibar does at his level (playing the same position as Mascherano) that excites me :

        1. He take great angles on the runs to intercept attacks. He has a great talent for this. Mascherano sticks to a striker like glue , runs along with him , or reads , or tackles hard. Ascacibar has this one quality where he seems to take great angular runs towards a charging opposition player to rob the ball without actually tackling the player. He just kind of nicks the ball off the player and it’s pretty cool to watch. Now even if he doesn’t rob the ball, he hasn’t gone to the ground so he gives himself a chance to recover.

        2. He is a little under-rated with his dribbling. In tight spaces , he seems to have hte ability to wriggle out.

        3. Most importantly, I have noticed that whenever he recovers the ball, he quickly gets the ball away to a better positioned player . I feel this simple awareness is so crucial during transitional phases of the game and gives the team an edge.

        Now how all this will translate into the highest level, we will actually never know, but I hope Bauza looks at the immense potential and immediately grooms him by calling him up, letting him learn from THE MASCHE and getting some useful game time .

        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          I just want to add one more time: Ascacibar is dreamed of player of most coaches because of his ceaseless pressing on opponents what is possible by his running/stamina. And I still got the impression he could be more attacking DM (with his beautiful long pace) if only someone gives him instructions how to attack.

        2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          “3. Most importantly, I have noticed that whenever he recovers the ball, he quickly gets the ball away to a better positioned player . I feel this simple awareness is so crucial during transitional phases of the game and gives the team an edge”.

          It’s also my observations. His passes are best when he must to make quick decisions.

  11. Profile photo of GhostdeiniGhostdeini

    You have the need to protest, you have the right to protest, but so do I!
    I think you have a wrong view of Paredes.
    From your comments and the players you praise I have got the impression that you like fast or quick players, physical players or athletes.
    Nothing wrong with that.
    but not everything should be based on physical attributes.
    many teams have those physical players but no success.

    Let’s talk about Deportivo La Coruna!
    Valeron, Donato , Pablo.
    What did they have in common?
    Valeron although having injuries that destroyed his career always came back and found a place in the team and just last year retired from football at the age of 41 playing in the top flight, and so did pablo.
    Let’s look at Donato who retired at 40, although reports suggest he was even older. That guy could run 20 seconds in 100 meters.
    He always managed to get a place in his team buy being smart.
    For me a player must have both physical attributes and intelligence but I would prefer Intelligence more.

    How long have you been following Paredes?
    First of all, if you ask me he is taking this “deep lying midfielder” role to seriously!
    Just go back and watch how he played for the national team under 17 team Sudamericana or for Boca as a 10.
    He was a danger and scored goals and assists, was lively, dribbled, shot, tackled.
    He is the complete midfielder.
    the coaches see him as deep lying midfielder a “copy Pirlo” , so he tries to impress them by doing just that.
    Players do what coaches want, and Paredes needs someone to combine all the attacking experience and the defensive experience and play him as box to box midfielder.
    He is more like Ballack, with better technique.
    The other player that has impressed me in Central midfield is Ascacibar, In my opnion these 2 are the only players that can play centrally and contribute on both ends.
    Ascacibar can run all over the place and could be the perfect partner to Paredes, both are different but both are the same.

    Pairing is important!
    Mascherano in midfield needs a Riquelme in frot of him, they both lack something, Masche offensively, Riquelme Defensively.
    Biglia and Masche both lack offensively.
    Banega and Biglia are both slow.
    Surround Banega with runners and he will shine.
    Lanzini and Perreyra are for me more side midfielders LM,RM.

    After giving up on Icardi(will not be called anytime soon)





    4-4-2 diamond





    ———Otamendi——————-Funes Mori———-

    1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

      Do you think it makes more sense for Mascherano to start over Otamendi in central defence?

    2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo


      “For me a player must have both physical attributes and intelligence but I would prefer Intelligence more”.

      The ballance is matter of course. Running player without intelligence is useless as what we just seeing on Di Maria case. But on the other hand we have few intelligent players with briliant technical skills and passing talent (Banega, Pastore, Gago once) but they are clearly lacking of some phisical elements and energy.

      I don’t know is Paredes player who could play box to box role. Seriously I doubt about it. I don’t think so because he is heavy scamper around player now. Especially in midfield we need most versatile player. Runner, decent in passing, enough intelligent. In my language midfielder word it’s “pomocnik” what means ‘assistant/helper’. He should help both forwards and defenders indeed. As far as I don’t see Paredes attacking in his club I have not presumtion to think he will do this in NT. Maybe I’m little more prone to physical players now but it’s just because so many technical players have dissapointed us latterly. On the other hand I see how much physical is this Brazilian midfield and I think Paredes is not right player here to oppose.

      For me 4:3:3 with Masche in central and 2 box to box around. 2 of 6 names:

      Nacho Fernandez

      Absolutely I’m not Lamela fan. I don’t see him in NT on his typical club position but once someone mentioned about what if he play box to box role. It’s very virtual but I think it’s interesting idea mainly because of his physical conditions precisely.

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        Ascacibar is for me natural successor of Mascherano. One more chance for Masche. If he will play in upcoming games as it was against Paraguay should rest and then it’s Ascacibar time.

      2. Profile photo of AslamAslam

        Spot on.

  12. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    The immediate changes I would make right now is: put Garay next to Otamendi, Enzo Perez next to Mascherano, Icardi as #9, Tagliafico for Rojo, Rulli to replace Guzman or Andujar on the bench. 5 changes is not that dramatic and later on I would incorporate Gomez for right-back as well.

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      We really need better players on LB, RB. When I see what’s doing Felipe Luis on LB in Brazil I think it’s hard to believe it’s the same position as Rojo. We have not as good as Felipe Luis but we have better than Rojo. I hope Felipe Luis and Dani Alves will too old in Russia to keep the level. Gomez is really Brazil mould fullback. But somehow Bauza don’t want to have such good and modern rightback.

      1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

        We’ll see what Bauza comes up with. Unless we see the injection of new blood, stagnation and misely are likely to continue.

    2. Profile photo of AslamAslam

      That makes sense.

  13. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    What the heck does it even mean he is watching? He keeps mentioning the lists of players he is supposedly “watching” and rarely calls anybody up and when he does call them like in the case of Pizarro they don’t even play. With Bauza it’s all been just talk, no real action. For someone who is supposedly an astute strategist he sure is flopping big time in terms of his tactics.

  14. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    We are all agreed: our DMs,CMs must to be more atacking players not only defending. But then people here are calling for players like Paredes. Are they know what they do? What it means? It’s self contadiction. Why Mundo members aren’t watching players in real, full games? Not only full game our players but also full matches our rivals to compare your favourite player with his vis-a-vis in Germany or Brazil…. Instead a lot of people just blindly follow in steps of populistic statements without more critical attitude to the demagogy. Have I some special problem with Paredes?

    I have not. But I must protest when one more time people just wat to take most popular (in youngsters category) player instead best or rather right player. Do you want to make our stiff midfield more stiff? Do you want to see dead midfield? If you want so take Paredes. If you want a player who enchanted you with ball control -take Paredes. If you want to have in team handsome one – take Paredes. But do not take him if you want best midfielders in our team. If you want to fill the gape between midfield and forwards what we saw so clearly on pic that was put in here – do not take Paredes. Do you want to pair one non-atacking player (Mascherano) with another non-atacking player like Paredes? Really? Do you want this static player?
    I was saying here about Germany DMs, CM’s pair – Khedira, Kroos. We know what hey can in attack. Kroos has 12 goals in NT, 5 assists in this season La Liga, Khedira has 2 goals and assist in Serie A. Both with goals in 2 last Germany games. Khedira is everywhere on the pitch. Where are Paredes goals or assists? Where is his offensive impact? 2 goals in last season (if I remember rightly both with much dose of luck – by ricochet), 1 assist (when he is corner and freekicker)?

    Now just look at our another of main rivals – Brazil. Fernandinho is No.5 there, as Mascherano concentrated on defence. But just look at his DM/CM 2 partners – Renato Augusto and Paulinho (sometimes Giuliano). Do you see the energy? They have tall, strong, really phisical players on this postions. They can all the things you need. Every Brazlilian player can afford to some briliant passes, no need to seek playmaker by force. But first of all look at phisical aspect of Renato Augusto and Paulinho (Giuliano). THe first is absolutely complete player who running a lot. You see him many times attacking as winger, shooting, dribbling. Paulinho isn’t perfect in defense but still better than Paredes. But look at Paulinho when he attackes. He is like central forward sometimes. So many times in penalty box. Giuliano as well. Brazil has 2 real box to box midfielders around Fernandinho in their 4:3:3 formation. Look on way the midfield is still circulating, alternating positions: Renato on the left, Paulinho on the right and then vice versa (try to do this with lazy Paredes). And where from the players? Renato Augusto – Chinese league, Paulinho – Chinese League, Giuliano -Russian league. You need to take right players (even if they are playing in China) and not most popular. What we want to oppose such physical midfield? Lazy Paredes with aversion to running, who is more static than Macherano, Biglia, Augusto, Pizarro or anyone of our midfielders. Why people don’t want to recognize obiective conditions of modern football and conditions that impose our rivals. These Brazil and Germany players it’s some standard now and Paredes is far below the standard so look around for something better. 2-3 interesting passes for games it’s a lot too little (the rest of his passes it’s 5-10 m to nearest partner). Paredes is half-way line keeping player. He just want to stay and pass.

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      Now just watch the last Brazil games and follow Renato Augusto and Paulinho (or Giuliano against Bolivia) to see the truth and try to compare with last Paredes game. Show me the moments when Paredes is attacking player, when he is like the Brazilians:

      Venezuela – Brazil

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo
        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo
          1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

            Yeah I watched that game recently and agree Paredes was not very involved and too static. I think he was a better player at Empoli somehow…

          2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

            With him the gap between midfield and attack will be the same. Even best passers like Iniesta or others can’t just rip apart opponent defence with one pass when it’s tournament game. You need unceasingly movement, circulating players and run on the pitch to win tight game. But people still thinking some players are able to deal with this quickly with one pass. Banega is good passer and we see he has problems with this. Masche also gives you some passes contribution but it doesn’t work if your midfielders are not running to connect midfield with attack and attacking as forwards when your forwards are drawing back to midield (look at Paulinho, he doing the things still)

    2. Profile photo of AslamAslam

      We are trying to adjust all of our star players in one team and that makes our team unbalanced.

  15. Profile photo of Debasish DuttaroyDebasish Duttaroy

    I do not like what he is watching. He keeps watching wide players. This does not help. He will again play 2 deep #5s and then 2 wide players. Huge gap in the middle.

  16. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Cervi good option in Di Maria place. But he will need time to play his best.
    Perotti and Vazquez are maybe worth trial but I have serious doubts they are the right mans. Serious doubts.

    1. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

      Both (read anyone) should be an improvement over Di Maria. However, Vazquez is too slow to play on the wing as a typical winger. He is a very good attacking midfielder though. I would not play him as wide midfielder in a 4-4-2.

      And Perotti is a very intelligent player, who is totally able to play on the wing and be a goalscorer. But he’s got injured, so that’s that!

  17. Profile photo of WhizzardWhizzard

    people on here keep saying Dimaria needs to go but in my honest opinion Aguero needs to go first, this guy never performs for the NT but he excels for Man city.
    Demichelis Roncaglia Biglia Rojo Correa mussachio and the two backup keepers

    players who need to come in are : Paredes-Perotti-Vasquez-Ansaldi-Perreyra-Garay-Icardi-Rulli

  18. Profile photo of petropetro

    Many of us do not expect overall changes..but Bauza please inject some freshness into the team..The spark is missing now..

  19. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

    IMO the first two on the list that should be kicked out frm our squad are the players on our left ( rojo and di maria )…completely nonfunctional!

    1. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

      i agree

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